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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


GRETNA, La. - A lawyer for the family of slain CFL running back Joe McKnight says the player's family has met with prosecutors to discuss next steps in the legal case against his accused shooter.

Lawyer George Tucker tells The New Orleans Advocate ( ) that McKnight's mother, his sister and the mother of his child met with the district attorney Tuesday.

McKnight, who played for the Edmonton Eskimos and Saskatchewan Roughriders last season, was shot and killed Dec. 1 after a road rage accident.

The man authorities say shot McKnight, Ronald Gasser, was arrested days later on a manslaughter charge. The delay in arresting Gasser angered many residents.

Gasser is currently being held on $500,000 bail and has a hearing on Dec. 21 to try to reduce the bail. Tucker called the meeting with the district attorney "informative and very encouraging.''


Information from: The New Orleans Advocate,


Anonymous said...

Yup! Only in the USA can you shoot someone three times, claim that you felt threatened and get away with only manslaughter.. that's why Canada has the laws that it has and hopefully never allows American gunlaws to come into effect here!

Anonymous said...

The previous comment must be written by someone who does not know the law in either Canada or the US. In both countries they can only charge homicide in the first degree if the homicide was planned. Obviously as this homicide was the result of a road rage incident it was not planned, therefore charging Mr. Gasser with homicide in the first degree is not an option. Second degree homicide can only be charged if the act was premeditated. Once again as this homicide was a result of road rage, 2nd degree homicide would be not an option. Therefore, the only option left is manslaughter. The definition of manslaughter is as follows "the crime of killing a human being without malice".

We can all hope that the prosecuting attorney is successful in this case and Mr. Gasser receives the most severe sentence possible. In Louisiana, a conviction on the charge of manslaughter the defendant can be sentenced for up to 40 years of hard labour.

This is truly a very sad incident and our hearts go out to the McKnight family.

Anonymous said...

IM NOT TALKING ABOUT ONLY BEING ABLE TO CHARGE 1ST DEGREE IF THE HOMICIDE WAS PLANNED Pfft! Im TALKING ABOUT HAVING BETTER GUN LAWS!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE AS THAT!! You can say I dont understand the laws, but I say thats not good enough!! This stupid law in certain states in the US where anyone can have a gun, shoot someone and say "oh I was being threatened" and it's OKAY!.. HEY! I say I don't like Guns Period! and in the US their Gun laws are weak! PERIOD! Yes, Gasser can say whatever the F he wants and carry a bloody gun and he can simply point it at Mcknight and shoot! I can tell you this incident that happened in New orleans would not happen in Canada because our gun laws are better! And I will say that I hope Canada never ever adopts America's gun laws and that I'm happy I live in Canada!

Anonymous said...

All I will say is this.. intent or not, there are other ways to handle incidents like this one that happened on Dec 1st. But nope! US gun laws in certain states allow you to handle a weapon and in case of any incident "IF YOU FEEL THREATENED, YOU CAN SHOOT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING WITH A GUN! in my opinion.. GET RID OF THE F'N GUNS ALTOGETHER!