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Friday, December 2, 2016


The man who shot former USC football player Joe McKnight in Louisiana has been released from custody and no charges have yet been filed, according to officials from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Department.
Col. John Fortunato of the sheriff's department confirmed to Eyewitness News 54-year-old Ronald Gasser was let go overnight but the details surrounding his release were not immediately known.

Witnesses told investigators that McKnight was involved in an altercation with another driver at an intersection in the New Orleans suburb of Terrytown Thursday afternoon. Both motorists were standing outside their vehicles when McKnight was shot.

McKnight, who played for the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs between 2010 and 2014, died after an incident that was being investigated as apparent road-rage, according to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

Gasser remained at the scene and surrendered to authorities.
The incident remains an open investigation.

News of McKnight's death was followed by an outpouring of condolences.


Anonymous said...

And people wonder why there are riots in the U.S.?

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't he be arrested and charges filed?


Anonymous said...

In the US south, Black Lives Still Don't Matter! Sad!

Anonymous said...

Look at the picture cap above. What do you see?

Anonymous said...

Multiple witnesses saw McKnight trying to apologize, this guy shoot him, then stand over his body, and shoot him again.

If this guy is not charged with something, I am getting on a plane, and joining in on the riot!

And, I hope McKnight's family sues this idiot for every last penny he has!


Anonymous said...

He must of cold calculated murdered Mcknight after all isn't what all whites do? Lunatics...

Anonymous said...

People like you are very sad.

Anonymous said...

Hard to imagine the same scenario whereby an African American man sitting in his car seat in Louisiana pulls a gun and shoots to death an unarmed white man standing outside his passenger side window and then being sprung free this soon without charge.

Anonymous said...

Standing over another human being who you have already shot once, and executing him with a second shot should be life in jail