Realty One

Saturday, December 10, 2016


By Arash Madani

If Andrew Wetenhall gets his way, the Montreal Alouettes will structure their football operations in three tiers, similar to an NHL team, yet ownership will make all the hires.

Sources tell Sportsnet that the Alouettes want to devise a model that will include a head coach, general manager and president of football operations.

The Als have had lengthy talks with Kavis Reed about potentially being their new general manager, devising a hierarchy that would keep Jacques Chapdelaine as head coach – but add a president of football operations, that the organization hopes will be Danny Maciocia. The hires of each position would be made by ownership – the Wetenhall family – which opens up concerns on who has final say in football decisions, such as trades and making draft picks.

Because ownership would be hiring all three titles, there remain questions of who has the power in the organization.

Chapdelaine and Reed worked together last season in Montreal – and Reed remained Chapdelaine’s special teams coordinator when the Als went 4-2 down the stretch. The pair teaming together appears to be a marriage of convenience: Chapdelaine believing he’ll have more control on the roster and football operations; Reed getting the GM title, and securing employment for at least two seasons beginning in 2017.

Sources said the Wetenhall’s have been enamored with Reed for quite sometime, even though he has no prior experience as a general manager. Reed represented the Alouettes at league meetings in Winnipeg earlier this week.

Conversations are continuing between Alouettes ownership and Maciocia, who is still the head coach at the University of Montreal.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone hire 'There will be consequences' Reed? But then I guess you could ask, why would anyone hire Danny Maciocia?

Wetenhall is using a double barrel shotgun to shoot himself in the foot.

Anonymous said...

I agree. This isnt going to end well for the angry little birds.

Anonymous said...

Used to be a model franchise now a complete and utter train wreck, not good in a struggling market.

Anonymous said...

What Wetenhall seems to be wanting to do is very similar to what the Riders tried in 2011 with Ken Miller, Brendan Taman, and Greg Marshall. That was an absolute disaster. Wetenhall is clearly not ready to own and operate a CFL franchise. I worry for the future of the Montreal Alouettes.

Anonymous said...

Montreal is going to fold with these management decisions. The fans had already stopped going as much last year.

Anonymous said...

Montreal Fans stopped going because they were not dominating the East CFL. Montreal doesn't support losers. Why pay good $$$ to watch your team suck? Seems Montreal fans are used to winning not losing.Just a matter of time until they fold.This crazy idea will just move it forward.

Anonymous said...

Kavis is a class act. Maybe not ready for A GM role, but again, you never know until he's thrown into the fire.