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Saturday, December 24, 2016


It's an early Christmas present for Brett Smith.

Sources told on Friday the Edmonton Eskimos have added the 24-year old free agent quarterback.

The Salem, OR product and former Wyoming Cowboy spent all of 2015 and training camp in 2016 with the Saskatchewan Roughriders before being released in June.

The 6'1", 206 lb slinger became a fan favourite in Saskatchewan despite his 1-7 record as a starter.  In his last appearance, Smith came off the bench in Week 18 of 2015 at Montreal to rally the club to an overtime victory.

After being released by the Riders, Smith subsequently spent part of the 2016 CFL season on the Ottawa RedBlacks' practice roster.

Smith's football resume also includes stints in Tampa Bay (NFL), Toronto (CFL) and San Jose (AFL).

The Eskimos currently have three quarterbacks on their roster: Mike Reilly, James Franklin and Jordan Lynch.

They released veteran pivot Thomas Demarco earlier in December.



Anonymous said...

The next great Eskimo!

Anonymous said...

Franklin coming this way with Durant going the other.

Anonymous said...

Smith might do okay with the Eskimos' o-line.
He sure got happy feet behind our line though.
But, who could blame him?

Anonymous said...

Cue the Franklin rumours

Anonymous said...

Thomas DeMarco will lead the Riders in 2017. In DeMarco Sask Trusts.

Darren Popowich said...

Only a stunned bunny would think this means anything other than a QB to challenge Lynch for #3. Highly doubt this facilitates a Franklin trade unless a team is willing to give a massive package for Franklin.

Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tired of the Franklin rumours.... no one knows if this guy is as good as everyone thinks. You get a couple Rider fans who think they are pro scouts and get tunnel vision on a player and suddenly he is the next great quarterback. If we did get Franklin those same fans would turn on him in the first game he throws a couple interceptions. There are a lot of American quarterbacks down south let's just find one on our own. We are spending a lot of time running camps and scouting down South if we can't find the players perhaps we did not hire the right scouts?

Darcy from Regina

Anonymous said...

Darcy you are wrong about the keyboard GM's. They would turn on Franklin after a couple of "incompletions". Just like they do with any other QB with the Riders.

Anonymous said...


I totally agree except I'd add "and/or offensive coordinator." to your last sentence.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Lynch is the real answer.

Anonymous said...