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Sunday, December 11, 2016


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Regina – The Regina Pats wrapped up their busy week with a 2-1 overtime loss to the Saskatoon Blades Saturday night at the Brandt Centre.

Robbie Holmes gave the Pats an early 1-0 lead with his first of the season but Logan Flodell shut down the Regina offence from there.

Gage Ramsay tied the game for Saskatoon in the second and after a scoreless third, the two clubs went to overtime.

35 seconds in, Jesse Shynkaruk potted his 10th to give the Blades the extra point and a 2-1 final score.

Flodell stopped 39 of 40 shots for Saskatoon while Tyler Brown made 29 stops on 31 shots in the defeat. Regina exits the weekend with a 21-2-6-0 record, and were 4-0-2-0 in the six games in eight days stretch.

Quick Hits
- The Pats finished their busy week of six games in eight days with a 4-0-2-0 record.
- The Pats record against the East Division is now 7-0-2-0 on the year.
- All three of Robbie Holmes' goals in the WHL have come against Saskatoon.        
- The Pats outshot the Blades 40-31.
- Regina was 0/2 on the powerplay and 4/4 killing penalties.
- The game was a sellout, at 6484.

What’s Next?
The Pats return to action Friday in Moose Jaw against the Warriors at 7 p.m. on 620 CKRM. The Pats return to the Brandt Centre Saturday in a rematch with Moose Jaw at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at or at the Brandt Centre Box Office.

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Anonymous said...

Wow ! Such a small write up on this game after the Patsies got beat by the Saskatoon Lacrosse team. Let's see what Mr. Weppler has to say about this one other than the fact the Pats were tired after the road trip, to many games lately, wrong person in goal and so on.

Anonymous said...

Lol, the future MC champions get schooled by the lowly Blades!

Anonymous said...

What is this. They lose a game and nobody on here . I love it.

Anonymous said...

Ya pretty low point of the 2016 season losing to a team that should fold like the blades. But I guess the glass half full attitude is Pats still 21-2-6 on the season. Keep the faith Pats fans, the future is much brighter than the bankrupt Blades hopes.

Anonymous said...

Please let the Blades enjoy this victory. After all this is like a memorial cup win for them.

Anonymous said...

The Pats aren't going to win and play perfect every single game.

I wasn't at the game but was told they played awful (but Brown played well). I for one am still happy with their first place record!

It'll be an interesting weekend coming up with them missing 4 of their top players to WJ camps.

GO Pats!

Anonymous said...

Current Pats club, while good, nowhere near the Pats edition led by Dennis Sobchuck and crew. Hockey now a days played by gurly "Sally Boys" with cell phones.

Anonymous said...

Ya right, back in those days, athletes didn't train like today's athlete. Even guys that played back in that era will admit they couldn't compete with today's 365 days a year trained athlete (all sports)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Patsy Fans Saskatoon Blades beat Moose Jaw 5-3 tonight . Beat Regina last night , that should lead to some more whining on here . That is if they print it...NOT.

william weppler said...

Yea it wasn't the game we have been used to at the Brandt Center but not a bad game in my mind. At times defensive but still interesting.

In answer to the 1st Anon - ".... the fact the Pats were tired after the road trip, to many games lately, wrong person in goal and so on" - I would say that after 6 games in 8 days, with some road games included, any Team (Blades, Pats or whomever) would be tired. The Pats had the correct, and their only, Goalie playing, as backup (Hollett - 6 wins 0 losses) is injured. We still faired okay though going 4-0-2 in those 6 games, and 6-1-3 in last 10.

Fact: The Blades are coming on - played last 6 games in 12 days going 3-2-1, and are 4-5-1 in last 10.

Both tenders played well (obviously) and deserved their Star status. Interesting tidbit - each Team had a disallowed goal, and the goal posts were friendly (3 hit by each Team by my count). As Rod mentioned, and I agree, Brown did "stand on his head", with his only goal against in regulation going in off a Pat DMan that went down to block a shot. While Flodell "stopped" all but one (39 of 40) I would say that 10 of those shots he didn't see because of traffic (which the Pats did well) but the puck happened to hit him...guess we can blame the boys for not picking the corners :)).

Anyways it is going to be tough slogging til we get the injured back (vets Zablocki & Harrison) and the World Junior tourney is over (4 of our best hopefully playing). Our 1st test are the Warriors next weekend, back to back. They too will be missing some very good players in Howden and Popugaev, so should be interesting weekend.

Fill that Bus Friday night Pats Fans!

Anonymous said...

If they had today's training resources they would have. Back in the day they could play and then some 365/24/7, work all day, come to the rink, play hard, then do it all over again next day. Playing for the shear love of the game sun up sundown, sundown sun up. Today's gurly Sally Boys can't or won't take a hit or go into the corners, few and far between lf you find a guy in today's hockey like the back in the day clubs. Today's hockey... a selfish product of a me first my personal interest above all, including the team organization.