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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Hudson Bay, SK's Glen Gulutzan has the Flames on a roll

1 - HERE WE GO: The people of this town finally woke up to the fact Regina is home to the #1 team in junior hockey, just in time for the Pats to go out on a 6-game road trip.  The last two Pats home games boasted sellout crowds of 6484 in the Brandt Centre, which is unheard of this time of year.  And now with Agribition taking over Evraz Place, the Pats have left town.

Last night in Edmonton, the Pats erased a rather nerve-wracking 2-0 deficit in the second period to storm back for a 4-2 victory over the Oil Kings.  It was the Pats' 11th straight victory, and their streak of 18 games without a regulation time loss is the franchise's longest since Lester B. Pearson was Prime Minister.

There were several Pats fans among the 5,698 in attendance at Rogers Place Wednesday night who texted me things like, "All they do is win bro!" and "There's nothing they can't do!"

It really is a remarkable story and there's no reason to expect their string will end anytime soon.

This has also become a dream for the wonderful owners of the Regina Pats because for the first time likely ever, Regina sports fans are checking their smartphones nightly to see how the Pats made out.

2 - LUMBY:  Former Pats goaltender Todd Lumbard is a member of the QCSEG ownership group and the President of the hockey club.  He was on 620 CKRM's SportsCage on Tuesday and there were two key things I took away from our 15-minute chat.  1) The Pats are not in need of an upgrade at the goaltending position.  They have all they need in the combo of Tyler Brown and Jordan Hollett, which I've been saying all along.  And 2) Both the Pats and Saskatoon Blades were fined $500 for their roles in the 5-on-5 brawl two Fridays ago which I had the good fortune of broadcasting across Western Canada on Shaw/Access.  Regarding the Old Time Hockey that night, Lumbard said on the air, "It's all good stuff."

3 - HE DID IT AGAIN!:  CFL V.P. of Football Glen Johnson was at it again Wednesday, criticizing his own officials for two perceived blown calls in Sunday's East Division Semifinal between Hamilton and Edmonton.  The biggest one was near the end of the game and the non-call on Roughing The Passer by Odell Willis on Zach Collaros.  Ticats coach Kent Austin challenged it, but Replay Official Jeff Harbin deemed it a legal hit.

"I would have preferred that it would have been ruled differently," Johnson told Drew Edwards of

Hey, Glen Johnson can do what he wants and Commissioner Jeffrey L. Orridge installed him in that position for a reason.  However that's the second time this year G.J. has thrown Harbin under the bus and I'm not comfortable with it.  It's like a Head Coach pointing out a player at his postgame news conference and saying, "HE lost us the game."  Good coaches, and leaders, just don't do that.

Johnson's clearly in "Damned if you do, Damned if you don't" territory but he has been since the first time he picked up a whistle.  I'd prefer the Command Centre bite their lip even if they do believe they blew a call.

By stating this publicly, it only gives the Hamilton Tiger-Cats validation for saying they lost the game because of officiating.

4 - ABOUT THOSE TICATS: I heard from the upper reaches of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats organization following the comment in my Monday Morning Goalie column that Kent Austin might be on shaky ground, and there's likely a shake-up to come in his staff.  They weren't mad.  They just wanted to clarify that Kent is in good standing, and he's expected to lead that team into Grey Cup contention in 2017.

That's not a surprise.  Kent Austin has single-handedly brought back the brand of Tiger-Cats football and the team hasn't missed the playoffs since he showed up.  BUT, they have some cracks and I expect them to be repaired over the off-season.  Wait until June 1 before dismissing the rumour I mentioned on Monday.

5 - DIVISION FINALS: There's considerable intrigue in this weekend's CFL Division Finals.  Will the Edmonton Eskimos be the first team in CFL history to earn a crossover berth and advance to the Grey Cup?  The answer is yes, and the oddsmakers agree.  The Eskimos are favoured by 2-points.

I think I follow the CFL pretty closely, but wasn't entirely sure who Ottawa's starting quarterback would be in Sunday's game.  In fact I had to text their broadcaster A.J. Jakubec for the answer, and he replied it would be Henry Burris.  Wasn't he benched about a month ago?  That tells me the RedBlacks aren't entirely set on their QB'ing but at least they've got Trevor Harris ready to go.  It's a great tandem.

In August, Jakubec guaranteed that the RedBlacks would not allow a West Division team to advance to the Grey Cup.  No one takes us broadcasters seriously when we make these bold proclamations - nor should they - but it'll make this Sunday a lot more fun.

Out West, can the B.C. Lions continue their late-season roll and upset the Calgary Stampeders in the West Final at McMahon Stadium?  The answer is no, and again the oddsmakers agree.  The Stampeders are favoured by 7-points.

6 - BATTLE OF ALBERTA GREY CUP: So if the oddsmakers are right, it'll be a Calgary-Edmonton Grey Cup in Toronto in just 10 days time.  Some say the knees are knocking at CFL head office over the prospect of this, for fear Eastern Canada will tune out.

I guess we're going to find out, and there's always the possibility of upsets by Ottawa and BC this weekend.

But for the integrity of the CFL (which has suffered mightily this season, none of it having to do with the actions of the Saskatchewan Roughriders), we should want the two best teams to meet in the Grey Cup.  If that happens to be the Eskimos and Stampeders, then so be it.

Eastern Canada, and Toronto specifically, will have to put their big boy pants on support this game.

7 - DURANT UPDATE: There's nothing new today.  Absolutely nothing.  Hopefully the Saskatchewan Roughriders respect that we need to keep the fans abreast of the situation but despite the fact we've discussed it daily on the radio, nothing's happened since the season ended.

I guess there really was no reason to open discussions way back in September.

It seems the situation remains the same: Darian needs to consider taking another huge paycut, or test his value on the free agent market which means we'll be waiting until February for a resolution to this situation.

Could you imagine Darian in Blue & Gold?  I don't think CFL Insider Justin Dunk threw that notion out on the SportsCage just for laughs.

It appears the ball truly is in Durant's court.

8 - HURRY UP AND WAIT: I contacted the Riders and inquired about season tickets because if all the people who've threatened to cancel or not renew theirs as a protest are to be believed, half the stadium will be available in 2017.

As it turns out, there are single digit numbers of people not renewing.  As in, less than 10.

And, I was told if I want to go on the waiting list for season tickets, I'll be number 6,001.

So, there's that.

9 - HEWITT BACK IN TOWN: Former Regina Pats goaltender Matt Hewitt is in town this weekend to backstop the UBC Thunderbirds against the University of Regina Cougars at the Cooperators Centre.  The good-natured netminder from New Westminster, BC realized a dream last month when he was called upon by the Vancouver Canucks to serve as their back-up goaltender on an emergency basis.

"Hewie" will tell the story on the SportsCage today on 620 CKRM.

The tale belongs in the new book by Sportsnet's Ken Reid entitled, One Night Only, which tells the stories of hockey players who appeared in one, and only one, career NHL game.  The cherry on the top of that book is literally, Don Cherry.

10 - FLAMES ON A ROLL: On the SportsCage Wednesday I suggested that the Calgary Flames won't win a game without Johnny Gaudreau who's recovering from a broken finger suffered Tuesday in Minnesota.  Lo and behold, the Flames outlasted the Arizona Coyotes 2-1 in overtime Wednesday night, without Johnny Hockey.

I'll remind you where the Coyotes are in the standings -- dead last in the NHL's Western Conference.

But this two game win streak has to be a confidence booster for Glen Gulutzan's Flames just when his bosses were (reportedly) considering giving him the pink slip.

Now if they'd just stop forcing Gulutzan to wear that hideous Stampeders hat during his media scrums.  The Hudson Bay, SK product is a diehard fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and he shouldn't be forced/asked to wear a Stampeders hat.

The Edmonton Oilers don't stop Jordan Eberle from wearing a Rider hat during his media scrums. 




Anonymous said...

Rod said--"I don't think CFL Insider Justin Dunk threw that notion out on the SportsCage just for laughs."

Genius Jones better have a 'Plan B' that he isn't telling anyone about.

Anonymous said...

You hozers can all think what you want but the absolute reality is when it comes down to it Saskatchewan is the only place Durant can and will.

He is good. Still really good. But Toronto already has a mid-thirties QB in his twilight they need to decide something with and just acquired Willy for a first round pick. They aren't walking away from all of it. Montreal is rebuilding with Adams and Cato. What does Durant offer them? Winnipeg got ten wins from Nicholls and he was really good in playoff game. They will re-sign him and when they do he will nowhere to go.

On top of it all, my best guess is that Burris and Glenn will be available too and maybe for cheaper. Both known to be good with young QB's.

So unless DD wants to play back up somewhere he will eventually realize this is his best and only option to stay in the league as a starter.

Anonymous said...

Jones called DD "moderately successful" based on win-loss record in an attempt to justify the proposed pay cut.

Jones, who has a GM is 5-13, and gives himself an "F" in his first year here, makes more than several proven, succesful GMs (Buono, Huff, Austin)

Where's your pay cut Jonesy? At least paying for the fines you caused.

Years from now Chris Jones will be remember as the man who drove the Riders back into the dark days.

Hopefully Craig Reynolds is remember as the man who blinded supported him.

Also, if there Riders waiting list for season tickets is 6,001, why are they advertising to purchase season tickets?

william weppler said...

Was great to watch the Pats on WHLive last night and admit I had a bit of nervous stomach going into the 3rd but they have usually been strong in that period so was hoping for the same. And they were...a dominating performance outshooting the Oil Kings 17 - 4 and scoring 2 goals. Dea (#1 Star) kept the Oilys in it along with 2 crossbars and a post :))

They are a relentless forechecking Team with so much speed and smarts up front. It's going to be an interesting road trip to see if a Team can keep them off the scoresheet. I'm thinking they are good for at least 4 goals a game on the road and not many Teams have got 5 past Pats tenders this year.

Go Pats Go!

donna Campbell said...

Don't expect any news on the DD front until after the Grey Cup.

Anonymous said...

DD, at this stage, is a tad overvalued by Rod and Rider fans. I am hearing the only place DD has a legit place to start games is here in Sasky.

Montreal is staying with Adams & Cato.
If Toronto wants an aging, injury prone, QB ... they'll keep Ray.
The Bombers are signing Nichols. It's a given.

Chris Jones has all the leverage here.

Here's an outside prediction if DD walks ..... Burris is the starting QB for the Riders in '17 to help transition SSK to one of the young QB's (Waters or Gale).

Franklin is a year away from FA. It would cost us our 2nd overall pick and a starting young Canadian (St. John or Demski) to get him this winter. Not happening.

Secret Agent.

willie said...

I for one can see Henry Burris come out swinging and pull the upset of the year by defeating the Eskies and moving on to play the Stamps who will probably kill BC.
As far as Durant goes I can still see him going to Winnipeg to hook up with the rest of our "Great Players" who Jones snuffed out on us. Durant's turn to play Tit For Tat on Jones.
Grey Cup Prediction ... "CALGARY" !!!!

Anonymous said...

Good grief...whining about a Flames coach showing support for the Stamps? Could your inferiority complex get any bigger? You tell Toronto to get their big boy pants on, take your own advice.

Anonymous said...

I give Durants return a 30% chance. Admittedly I don't have the sources that Secret Agent has. Just my gut. And it isn't that big.

Rod Pedersen said...

We do not feel inferior to Calgary.

Anonymous said...

Lost in the DD story is the fact that we had the most vanilla offense in the league. That rests on the coaching staff.
Remember in 2007 when we had Kerry Joseph? Ken Miller was the offensive coordinator back then. Ken realized Kerry's toolbox was quite smaller than other QBs around the league so he adjusted his schemes and play calling to bring out the best in Kerry. We won the Grey Cup and Kerry won the MOP. Now that was coaching!
Stephen McAdoo is our current OC and he'll never be accused of being as good a coach as Ken Miller. He has his system and expects everyone on the team to adjust to it. Strong points be damned.
I don't blame DD for holding out. Why would you want to come back to that mess?

Anonymous said...

I'd gladly trade st John or demski both are busts compared to where they were drafted.

Ron Taylor said...

The Flames were offering a 45% discount on Stampeders Western Final tickets at the game so I'm sure the players and coach were given marching orders to wear those ugly hats. Everyone had them on for interviews.

Anonymous said...

I agree. That hat looks awful. I love that flaming mullet though!

Anonymous said...

When will the green goggled Rider fans finally get it that DD just isn't that good, he's way past his best before date, get rid of him now.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Rider fan and I can't believe we're treating yet another Rider Legend so poorly. Pay Durant, especially since he's already offered to take another significant pay cut. Speaking of pay cuts, maybe Jones should agree to a significant pay cut for his less than "moderately successful" grade F. Or at the very least pay for the $60k roster violation fine and the other $5k for the midfield logo violation out of his own pocket. Durant has done more for the Riders than Jones ever will.

Also, in regards to season ticket availability, the "story" you received is slightly different than the story a Rider rep gave me. I was told that due to the increase in season ticket prices, many (not quantified) were not renewing some or all of their season tickets or were downgrading to the end zone. (ie people and businesses with 4 season tickets were downgrading to 2 etc.). This seems to be at least partially validated by the 11/14 e-mail from the seat transition team that states "Our 2017 seat improvement period will take place from the third week of January to mid March. This will be an expanded time frame from previous years as we expect there to be more movement this year". I can tell you this...there are an awful lot of season ticket holders unhappy with their new seats and to screw over existing season tickets holders because you have a waiting list is BS and just poor business.

Anonymous said...

For one - Eskies wanted your number 1 this year past and the upcoming draft and his stock went up. Two- Franklin will be traded away if we cannot re-sign him and it won't be to sask...Thanks for coming though.

Anonymous said...

Of course the Oilers don't have an issue with Ebs wearing a Rider hat. They don't own the Esks. Yet.

Anonymous said...

It's great that Todd Lumbard thinks his goaltenders are Memorial Cup caliber and that the Pats do not require an upgrade at goaltender. The owners of the Pats felt the exact same way back in 2001 about their goaltenders and it proved to be a glaring mistake.

2000-01 Donald Choukalos 3.32 GAA .886 SAV%
2016-17 Tyler Brown 3.42 GAA .891 SAV%

Anonymous said...

Darian Durant's achievements have been many in Saskatchewan, but unfortunately it is a what have you done for me lately world. The fact he twice had serious injuries could excuse him from the team's losing record for the last two years but it also tends to tarnish his standing a bit as an elite player. His play this year was definitely not stellar but this was a messy year in all areas. I understand how management must take the stand that they have, and I understand Darian must look out for Darian. It all comes down to how badly we want and need Darian here and how badly he wants to stay. Again, if a younger version of Darian suddenly became available would our loyalties remain with Darian? It's a game of constant change and upgrade even for quarterbacks. Until then what choice do we have? Pay the man.

Chris said...

Quoting Anonymous
"I'm a Rider fan and I can't believe we're treating yet another Rider Legend so poorly. Pay Durant, especially since he's already offered to take another significant pay cut."

And this why Jones was brought in. There is a salary cap in this league and it is not big. You cannot pay any player for what they have done in the past. DD is no longer a top flight QB in this league and is not worth the guaranteed money he is asking for. If you pay him you will have less money to fix the other things that make a team successful such as the running game or the offensive line. DD has never proven he can carry a team. His Grey Cup victory was due in large part to to the stacked team he had behind him. If he doesn't want to get on board and help this team build for the future then good riddance. You have to move on from the players that are keeping you from taking steps forward on DD is now in that class of player.

Anonymous said...

Wa wa wa... incessent riderville cry babies year after year. Most comment on the Roughriders current rebuild sound very familiar, bunch of imposing know it alls. Recollect... a few short seasons ago... Regina Pats... New ownership regime. Mr. John Paddock comes on scene... rebuild... same know it alls had the gall to question this franchise direction along with Mr. Paddocks credentials. Patience starting to pay off as the Pats now #1 in all of Junior Hockey - Canada. Same situation now being "played out" with the CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders new regime... Reynolds, Jones, Murphy, patience needed. New regime on the right path compared to past accepted rudderless direction. (Anyone ever wonder why TSN CFL website shut down their comment section? answer - incessent senseless imposing over whelming day after day, year after year over the top Saskatchewan know it all opinions.) Mr. Reynolds, Mr Jones, Mr. Murphy know what they do... building a "long term" professional football franchise top to botton... that doesn't happen over night, CFL Gey Cup Championships on the horizon. Current regime has a time table as mandated by personal contract, on field results will speak at end of the term or otherwise. Year one, marginal improvement compared to previous year... check mark - accomplished. Year two, vastly improved team needed... to be determined. Year three, high expectations, nothing but a championship will suffice. Got it?

Anonymous said...

The other "posturing comment Jones made to the LP was that DD was injured a couple times this year. YES HE HAD LESS THAN 2 SECONDS TO THROW THE BALL BEFORE HE GOT RUN OVER EVERY GAME ALL YEAR THANKS TO THE MOST POROUS O-LINE IN SK SINCE THE LATE 1900'S! Try again Chris.

Bart in Regina

Anonymous said...

I do have to say that my perception of Jones has waffled back and forth throughout his first year in Sask. I was not a fan of his before he got here and also felt he was less than up-front with the handling of the Chick and Dressler situations. 3/4 of the Rider season consisted of horrendous pre-season calibre football that was almost un-watchable. I felt, and still feel that he has bitten off, (at least a little) more than he can chew with FOUR titles. Time will tell if he settles into that large of a role.

That said, you can at least see some true talent on the team and some glimpses of a potentially very strong team that could come to fruition over the next few seasons (maybe, just maybe even next year if injuries don't hit as hard).

However, the handling of Durant's contract status, so far, is truly bothersome to me. As another poster pointed out, some of the comments Jones has made to sell his position are pure bunk. To go into more depth:

1.To describe him as "Moderately successful" on a pure W-L basis, fails to recognize that in years like 2011 and 2016, the TEAMS that Durant had to lead were sub-par at best, which piled excessive L's into that column. When given a strong supporting cast Durant is "Very Successful".

2. The notion that Durant has a concerning "history with injuries" is also smoke and mirrors. The elbow injury in 2014 came from a hit that would have decimated any, and every, human being's arm. Since coming back from that injury his throwing arm has looked and performed as well as ever. The Achilles injury was really the only "chink in his armour" since taking over as the starter in 2009. But again, his rehab of that injury appears to be very successful.

3. He missed or didn't finish games this year due to his age and injury issues - This is garbage. He was the victim of a dirty hit, (that again would've impacted most players similarly) that sidelined him early in the season. It is true that he was banged up numerous times later in the season, but that has more to do with his O-line allowing more sacks than any other team in the league, and DD selling out to give his team a chance, like he always has, except unfortunately for him this season, most of them were meaningless games.

4. All of this rationale also ignores the thing that most of us love about DD - the intangibles. He's a winner. A clutch performer. A true leader. A general, a la #23. You can see how his teammates respect and follow him.

5. His age is not really a concern. He maybe 34 years old, but its plain to see he's got a least a few good seasons left. We are now at the point where we can be productive under Durant and develop the next guy, who will have a foreseeable succession path - IF we can find him.

However, its pretty plain to see that Gale is not the next guy - capable back-up for sure, but likely not much more. Kinne and Waters looked weak. Bridge is intriguing, but definitely too raw to tell at this point.

6. It's easy to see that Jones is a "systems" guy . He likes prototypes, with cookie cutter size and skill. We get it - and that's okay, we can actually use some of that around here. But I, and many others, have no interest in watching the Riders audition a bunch of unknowns for another year, just to "go young". It's not about giving up my tickets - its about running Jones out of town if he thinks we'll keep watching that garbage much longer.

Negotiate a fair deal, absolutely. But have a little class and be straight. If Jones really wants DD back like he says he does - this should be an easy, win-win negotiation.

SaskSlam said...

Don't count out Burris in the East Final. The chip on his shoulder has grown even larger this year - after he lost his job to Harris. Would not surprise me at all to see them back in the GC!

Anonymous said...

Hey anon questioning Lumby, he played the position and was drafted by the Islanders, he knows more than you and the Parker's about goaltending. Lumby, Paddock and Struch know more than anyone.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh, the cesspool of stupidity has come back with a vengeance.

RP says he wants to outlaw the anonymous comments, but he gets some strange thrill out of it.

Keep flip-floppin Roddy! Run for Saskparty leader when Wall moves on.

Premier Pedersen. If Trump can do it, so can you!

Anonymous said...

There was nobody wanted rid of Taman/Chamblin more than I did.
I was also pleased with the Jones/Murphy signings.
I didn't even lose it when Dressler and Chick were released because I believed Jones/Murphy could find replacements. How delusional!

I started wondering about Jones in week 3 when his coaching cost the Riders a game in Edmonton. He made several more questionable calls as the season bore on.

When the injuries started piling up I began to doubt Murphy as a recruiter. The truth is they've viewed 3,000 prospects and uncovered 3 guys with enough talent to start in the CFL. They had the worst O-line in living memory and just kept on bringing in injury prone receivers. Yeh, a new receiver will fix the O-line!!

Why would you play hardball with Darian when there is no replacement in view? Even if there was a bright new prospect in sight you'd still want DD to serve as a mentor.

I feel this tire fire will keep on burning until Jones and Murphy are history.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Durant is a goner in SASKIE

Anonymous said...

So where was Glen Johnson when Jeff Harbin was making these bad decisions? Why wasn't Johnson watching the monitor? There was only two games to watch.

Anonymous said...

John Paddock is the best coach the province has seen in a long time . No ego at all.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Premier Pedersen. I'd vote for Rod Pedersen, Hear! Hear!


Anonymous said...

In other Regina Sask news today.

Riderville buffoons extremely let down once again as Boy George & Culture Club cancel forth coming concert. Maybe next time guys.

Skipping my dishes tonight.

Anonymous said...

Difference between Edmonton and Calgary is the the Oilers don't own the Eskimos, where as the Flames do own the Stampeders.

JPR said...

Rod can you please get rid of the Anon posters! Maybe then we can have intelligent conversations and weed out the basement dwellers

Anonymous said...

If Jones thinks that DD has been moderately successful, what does that say about Jones. His 1st season he wasn't exactly "successful" in any way, shape or form. He failed both as a coach and especially as a GM.

They need to have a better season next year both on and off the field or those people on the supposed waiting list will be changing their minds as will some of the current season ticket holders. Money is tight and they may decide to spend their hard-earned dollars somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

"DD has never proven he can carry a team"
Are you suffering from short memory loss? Or do you even watch any games? Perhaps you just like to comment and see your words in print? May I suggest you go back and watch the 2013 playoffs. Particularly the semi and western final. If it had not been for Durant, the Riders would not have been in the Grey Cup game. Doubles carried them there. In 2014, Durant was leading them to a winning record and a certain playoff position when he went down after a brutal hit in the banjo bowl. For the next year and a half we were subject to the Tino Sunseri/Brett Smith show. In 2016, Durant was back and healthy but the team was so decimated, it was like asking an ant to carry an elephant. No O line to speak of, (traded away one of the remaining good ones late in the season in Fulton), inconsistent running game, young running backs that could not block, a revolving door on receivers, many of whom could neither block nor catch nor run the right pattern. Add to that an OC that refuses to base plays on players strengths and you have a very predictable result...a diasasterous season. Doesn't sound like a QB problem to me. Sounds like a coaching problem. So many believe everything Jones says. Well, Jones is throwing Durant under the bus. Durant could not carry this team; no one could have. But that is not on Doubles; that is completely on Jones shoulders.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have said it better myself.
Fulton was the only good o-line man.
Oh but the Jones crew can plug anyone into their special system? What a crock.

Morgan said...

Looks like that SK football god is a mere mortal after all... a loser to be correct. 7-12 this season (playoffs included)... so much for taking the steeltown knuckle draggers to the promise land!!!

George Porge said...

"May I suggest you go back and watch the 2013 playoffs."

Durant was decent in 2012 and 2013, but don't kid yourself - the single biggest reason the Riders did so well those seasons is because you had a stacked team including a powerhouse running back by the name of Kory Sheets keeping defenders one step behind Durant. It only takes a glance at Durant's stats from 2013 (his best year as a QB) and realize that he was at best average (his 2013 stats would be middle of the road this year).

"In 2014, Durant was leading them to a winning record and a certain playoff position when he went down after a brutal hit in the banjo bowl."

Durant's record in 2014 was propped up by playing some godawful teams early in the season - people like to brag about the 8-2 record that the Riders had prior to the Banjo bowl, but the majority (five) of those wins were against teams that didn't even make the playoffs. The schedule deserves more thanks for those wins than Durant does.

George Porge said...

"Now if they'd just stop forcing Gulutzan to wear that hideous Stampeders hat during his media scrums. The Hudson Bay, SK product is a diehard fan of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and he shouldn't be forced/asked to wear a Stampeders hat."

Perhaps if he can get his team playing more like the Stampeders and less like the Roughriders, he can have the luxury of choosing his own headgear. Until then, he should thank his lucky stars that the organization who owns the team whose logo is on that aforementioned hat continues to offer him a paycheque. Thus far, he certainly doesn't appear to be earning it.

Chris said...

@Anon - 2nd post up

The 2013 team was a stacked team, best team that money could buy. He was a very good player on a good team. The 2014 team was also a good team. Yes the season went south when DD got hurt but that was not because DD was gone. It was because Taman didn't have a decent QB behind him as you admitted yourself. If say a Kevin Glenn had been there that team would have been OK.

And that is the whole point I am trying to make. If this were a good team, DD would be just fine here. But this is not a good team and it does not project to be a good team for a couple of years at least. So why would you spend a whole bunch of guaranteed money on a QB that will not make you appreciably better for the term of the contract he will sign. You will be sitting here one year from now with a 5th place 6 win season and you will have added one more season to your rebuild schedule. Instead take that money and use it to fix your problems and find a young QB that can grow with this team.

So to summarize I don't think he is bad QB. He is a very good QB. But he cannot make up for what this team currently lacks on his own and he probably has only about 3 productive seasons left. So do you want to take one last, albeit unrealistic, shot at GC glory with DD. Or do you want to do this rebuild correctly and build a team that can be competitive for years to come.

And for those of you that want to lay all of this at Jones door, he is only trying to clean up the mess that was left by the previous regime. Taman had no problem overpaying for players. That is why Chick and Dressler had to go and that is why you can't sign DD to a massive guaranteed contract now. Its bad business.

Anonymous said...

suddenly Rody cares about the Pats since they are winners. What a tool this guy is

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you say that the 2014 season record of 8 and 2 was because they had played some god awful teams. Well, now the Riders are the god awful team. And the 2013 team was stacked. That is what everybody was saying early this year, that Jones had brought in some exceptionally good talent. Yep, after playing more than 100 players, they don't have bonafide starters in a lot of key positions; never mind talking depth. As I understand it, Durant is not asking for a huge salary. If you want to talk about huge contracts, then check into Cappicotti's contract, who was reportedly signed here in the 200,000 dollar range. That worked well, and wasted a lot of cap money; did it not? Certainly, bring in a good young QB. They haven't found one yet. But let him learn under Durant. I have yet to see a kid take over a team and be successful without an experienced vet on the roster to mentor him. Pay the man!