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Monday, November 14, 2016


REGINA - You came here today - I'm guessing - for an update on the Darian Durant contract talks with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Well, get in line.

On the weekend I was at the till at the Rider Store and the young gentleman behind the counter quizzed, "Anything new on Durant?"

I asked him if that's what most people ask when they've come through the Rider Store lately.

"No," he said.  "But I am."

The truth is this back-and-forth siutation between the Riders and their star quarterback is like watching a turtle race.  Or a game of "Tag" between senior citizens.  Each volley moves as fast as a cruise ship across the net.

Last week in the MMG we reported that the Durant camp is seeking a new deal in the range of $350,000 per season.  The Riders were unfazed, but didn't pick up the phone to negotiate although Head Coach & GM Chris Jones said he was confident a deal could be reached.

He told reporters at his year-end news conference that he wanted to keep everything "in house".

Then in Saturday's Leader Post, Jones told the peerless Rob Vanstone "We want to try to secure (Darian) if we can, but we're going to make the right business decision.  We set the bar last year when the guys that were here didn't want to work within the financial constraints of what we're trying to get done.  We're not going to step outside that mindset."

Translation:  Accept what we're offering Darian, or move on.

That was the latest volley from Jones, and the ball is now in Durant's court.

Finances?  One member of the Durant camp feels it's preposperous to expect the quarterback to suffer for all the financial carelessness of this new Rider regime.  The up-front money blown on Maurice Price and Shawn Lemon for instance, or all the fines associated with Roster-Gate, Ratio-Gate and every other kind of Gate.

But unfortunately - if you're a Durant fan, and I'm one - it's the Riders' money and they can spend it however they choose.

One CFL power broker said to me last week, "At what point does Rider President Craig Reynolds step in and talk some sense into Jones and Murphy?"

The fact is, he can't.  So many other football people have chimed in saying, "Reynolds gave the car keys to Jones.  He has to let him drive."

It's doubtful Craig Reynolds wants the reputation of being a President who sticks his nose into the GM's business.  It's also likely that Jones came here with the guarantee he'll have a free hand to run the outfit the way he chooses.

So again, the ball is in Darian Durant's court.

Chris Jones wants him, but at a significant, significant paycut.  Perhaps down to $250,000?

It's now Durant's decision as to how much he wants to stay in the 306.

"Darian really wants to win," said another source close to the situation.  "And that's why he'll probably land in Winnipeg as opposed to rebuilds in Montreal or Toronto."

This is the scuttlebutt behind the scenes folks.

Meanwhile the popular Regina clothing company 22 Fresh - for which Darian Durant is a spokesperson - wrote on Instagram on the weekend: "Regardless of where he plays next year, Darian Durant will always be on #TeamFresh.  We can't say enough about this man and what he means to the community on and off the field.  Oh, and he loves the new jogger-sweats".

As we sit here today, I'd suggest we start saying our good-byes to Darian Durant although that could change in a flash.

It's just up to him now to send another volley back across the net.

This could very well play out until February.


1 - I don't know about you but frankly I found it tough watching the CFL Playoffs yesterday with the likes of John Chick, Justin Capicciotti, Weston Dressler, Ryan Smith, Chris Getzlaf, et al.  It's hard to believe that there wasn't a way for some combination of these Rider favourites to be back with the Green & White this season.  Still, deep down, I do believe Chris Jones knows what he's doing and he has charted a map to get Make The Riders Great Again.

Right now though, it feels like we're driving in the fog.

2 - Jones and Murphy must have a Plan B at quarterback which doesn't include Darian Durant.  However for the life of me, I have no idea who it could be.  James Franklin is under contract in Edmonton through next season and I'm told there's no way Ed Hervey would deal him to Jones and Saskatchewan.

And, James Franklin hasn't peed a drop in the CFL compared to Durant who also has several good years left in him.

3 - The MMG thought the CFL Playoff games on Sunday were very well-officiated regardless of what they might think in Hamilton.  I thought the Odell Willis hit on Zach Collaros late in the game was "borderline" while colleague Gary Etcheverry said, "It wasn't even close" to Roughing the Passer.  Judging by his postgame comments, Kent Austin felt otherwise.

Credit where it's due: the refs were good and the games were entertaining.  The video delays were no longer than what we currently endure in the NFL, NHL and now, the NBA.

4 - It's remarkable how much better the officiating gets when you don't care who wins.

5 - After Sunday's loss, I expect some sort of shake-up in Hamilton.  Although it's been rumoured that Kent Austin is on shaky ground with owner Bob Young, I can't see how they can get rid of him.  Although there will be a thorough review, and there could be some changes under Austin.

6 - TSN's Gary Lawless reported on Sunday that when Danny Maciocia is hired as GM in Montreal, he'll likely hire Geroy Simon.  It seems like a shot in the dark, but it'll be real interesting if it happens.  Geroy definitely needs to get out and spread his wings.

7 - The new commercials for the 2016 Grey Cup in Toronto seem spectacular.  Hopefully it'll make some people across Canada want to go.  It's a head-shaker that so many tickets are still available, and someone needs to answer for the ticket pricing sham which made this Grey Cup a punchline.

8 - TSN provided some great aerial shots of Vancouver during the Western Semifinal broadcast.  Why didn't they do the same of Hamilton?  Or did they and I missed them?  Believe it or not, there are some beautiful areas of the Hammer.  

9 - And was the CFL Commissioner at the games on Sunday?  That's not to pick at a wound or to bully Jeffrey L. Orridge.  I just didn't see him shown on the broadcasts.  If he was in Hamilton or BC, it would've been nice for TSN to show him.  An interview would've been even better.

10 - To reitereate, I reported Jonathan Jennings was the best quarterback present at the 2014 Roughriders minicamp in Bradenton, FL.  Instead, the football club chose to go with Tino Sunseri and Seth Doege as the back-ups to Darian Durant that season.  All was great until Durant went down with the elbow injury after an 8-2 start.

It's been hell ever since.

11 - It won't be a disaster if Edmonton makes it to the Grey Cup and faces either Calgary or BC.  65,255 showed up to Olympic Stadium in Montreal for the 2001 Grey Cup between Calgary and Winnipeg and it was a tremendous Grey Cup.  Let's not fear monger here.

12 - Two words to describe the anti-Trump protesters in the U.S. and Canada: Sore Losers.  I predicted a Donald Trump victory on the CJOB Winnipeg pregame show of the Banjo Bowl on September 10 and never wavered from it.  It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few years.

13 - Why are we celebrating Eric Lindros going into the Hockey Hall of Fame this evening?  I really have no problem with his induction but if "The Big E" goes in, then Wendel Clark better go in next year. 

14 - It's a shame to watch what first-year coach Glen Gulutzan is going through with the Calgary Flames.  They didn't put up much of a fight in Saturday's home loss to the New York Rangers and were booed by the Saddledome crowd throughout the evening and particularly at game's end.

However it's a familar refrain for Calgary sports teams:  They're just not as good as they think they are.

And if the hockey team doesn't turn it around soon, Gulutzan may pay the ulimate price.

That's what I'm reading out of Calgary anyway.

15 - It was tough to have to choose between the CFL Western Semifinal and the Regina Pats game on Sunday but I make my living in pro football.  As it turns out, I didn't miss anything out of the ordinary.  Regina spanked Red Deer 8-4 for their 10th consecutive victory.

Further evidence that Regina is a Rider town, and not a football town: 6484 packed the Brandt Centre to watch the #1 team in the CHL rather than stay home and watch the CFL Playoffs.

I think that's fantastic!

People around here aren't dumb.  It just took them awhile to catch onto how dominant the Regina Pats really are.

16 - Somebody in Moose Jaw hinted last week that some within the Pats aren't pleased with me trumpeting how great the team is.  Presumably my "boasting" is putting too much pressure on the club.

Well, there's an image of the Memorial Cup at the tail-end of the intro video they play each and every time the Pats take the ice at home.  They've shown it for two years now.

If they're not striving for the Memorial Cup, why is it in the video?

However no one within the Pats has contacted me about my coverage and they all have my number so if there's any gripes, they can't be too serious.

The Regina Pats are the best team in all of junior hockey and we predicted it was coming in the summer.

Just keep proving it.

17 - Not sure why pundits and fans seem to think Regina needs to upgrade its goaltending.  Tyler Brown is as good as there is and, ummmmm, no one can beat the Pats as it is so where is the threat going to come from?

Brown's awareness is as good as anybody's and he never, ever gives up on a puck.

He can carry them to the Memorial Cup, no sweat.

18 - DO go watch the movie Hacksaw Ridge but DO NOT go watch the movie Keeping Up With The Joneses.  

You can thank me later.





Anonymous said...

Reynolds doesn't want to be known as a president who sticks his nose in the GM's business? Good man. He knows better than to follow the example of his predecessor which is why we are in this current mess of overhauling the football team. I'm a huge Durant fan but if Jones feels that moving on is in the best interests of the team then that's what needs to be done. Obviously he's got to have someone else in mind at QB or this wouldn't be going on. If whoever the new guy is lights it up ala Dak Prescott in his first year, Jones will look like a genius. Of course if the Riders lose on account of poor quarterbacking, Jones looks like a fool. Should be interesting.

Real tough being a Flames fan these days. The team is in a huge mental funk where they expect to lose and so they do. Worst thing is that they've shown they have the potential player-wise but for whatever reason they just can't get that winning mentality.


Anonymous said...

I'm just gonna curse us now. Burris in green 2017...

Anonymous said...

I think the entire Rider Nation including Craig Reynolds was mislead over John Murphy. For some reason Murphy was given credit for Calgary's endless supply of talent.
If Murphy had all the contacts we were told he has we wouldn't have had to audition 3,000 hopefuls at countless mini-camps last winter. Those tryouts cost money and we only landed a handful of guys with the talent to play in the CFL.
It's obvious Hufnagel is the one with contacts---Not Murphy!
Now they're boasting of having several more camps before Christmas. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

13 - Why are we celebrating Eric Lindros going into the Hockey Hall of Fame this evening?

Is the HHoF opening a 'Cancer in the locker room' wing for Lindross?

Scott Stevens

Anonymous said...

If the Riders don't sign Durant there will be a lot more fans upset than when Chick and Dresser were let go. Other starting QBs are getting $350K to $500K and Durant is the 3rd best QB in the CFL. Pay him $300K plus bonus'.

Robert said...

1. No problem with Lindros in the HOF but why would he deserve that honor before Vincent Damphousse? 2. If Jones has a plan B it had better be a stunner because we are tired of games without a quarterback, who gives us that chance to win every game. We've endured too many games without Darian in the previous seasons and we all saw what Plan A was in that last sickening game in B.C. - Robert

Anonymous said...

Cities Saskatoon, Halifax to be awarded CFL franchise's.

NikoK said...

Jones had a whole write-off season to bring in Durant's successor and failed miserably

Anonymous said...

Brown is a good tender, however after watching Sawchenko in MJ on Thursday, you can see how a dominant goaltender can change the game. If the Pats go deep in the playoffs (which they should), they will need shut down goaltending against the Everetts, Eries, Londons etc.
I think getting one more solid D man is just as important. I wonder if Calgary would make Jake Ben available?

Anonymous said...

Enough with the Saskatoon CFL talk. Where would they even play??

Anonymous said...

And how about those Dallas Cowboys Rod! What can you say about the Amazing 'Otts that has not been said. With rookies Elliott and Prescott rolling on each week, it is indeed the #1 thing that is making the NFL Great Again!

Anonymous said...

14 - It's a shame to watch what first-year coach Glen Gulutzan is going through with the Calgary Flames.

The Flames got exactly what they deserve. They had the makings of a pretty good team then they hired Brian Burke. It's been downhill ever since.

That's what I'm reading out of Calgary anyway

Anonymous said...

I could be off the wall here but I think Jones is going to try and get Rielly to join the green and white

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was one of the best days of the year for exciting football here and south of the border.

Anonymous said...

What a bloody travesty, Eric Lindros going into the Hockey Hall of Fame!!!!

Anonymous said...

I dont think Saskatoon deserves a CFL team. Alot of people don't know anything about the one team we have now.

We were in Saskatoon this fall when the Riders were playing away and could not get a downtown bar to turn on 'the game'. What game asked the server. Did not even know the Riders were playing. We asked the Manager to turn on the game. He said only after the soccer match was over and then he would not turn on the sound. We closed out our bill and left after he would not change his mind. Next downtown bar at least had the game on and a few fans watching but did not turn on the sound until the first quarter was over. Again we talked to the Manager to get the sound turned on.

Sorry but Saskatoon does NOT deserve their own CFL team. The fans who support the Riders from stoon will stay Rider fans and the team will struggle.

My wife is from Stoon and she says Saskatoon cfl fans will keep supporting the Riders.

Newt from YQR

Edward said...

Not sure if this supports your "Ridertown" theory necessarily, but coming out of the Brandt Center I wanted to hear a Pat's postgame show rather than the BC Lions chatter that 620 was playing.

I would normally watch CFL playoffs but I've been burned out on the league for a couple of years. I might be more of a Rider fan than a CFL fan at this point.

Anonymous said...

Roddy, why the hell does your employer broadcast a CFL playoff game nobody frickin cares about and not the Pats. I thought Harvard was the home of the Pats radio? No sense at all. maybe Rawlco deserves the Pats broadcast rights. Bloody well pathetic. Harvard should be ashamed.

Rod Pedersen said...

Contractual obligations to the CFL. Plus I have nothing to do with programming.


Anonymous said...

Saw Hacksaw Ridge on the weekend. It is a must see.

Anonymous said...

Jonsey is the smartest man in footbal...... Just ask him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster talking about Pats radio and CKRM. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Someone told me Pats were being broadcast somewhere else but my question is, why can't the Non-rider playoff game be broadcast somewhere else? I could care less about Non-rider CFL and want to listen to Pats. Stupid, fix this Rod, they'll listen to you.

william weppler said...

Another dominant game by the Pats...when will it end?
This road trip will be super great for 2 reasons...
1. the Team will get to meld even more although Hobbs says it's like spending 10 days/24 hrs/day with your best friends...that about sums it up from a player perspective and
2. they will be playing a lot of other very good Teams...may the cream come to the top!

Great to see the large crowds the last few games. Gotta make the Owners feel very good after all the earlier complaining about the parking problems and the ticket price increase when they took over. Guess it shows that if you have the product the fans will show up...with very few whiners (on this blog anyways).

I agree Brown is a good goalie but not a great goalie; and wouldn't be against Hollett seeing a bit more action. I think he has been as solid as or better than Brownie this year. But agree that when you are undefeated in regulation so far in the season what holes are there to fill? That being said I am sure that Paddock is always on the lookout for players/prospects that can make a difference, if not this year but further down the road.

Being a true Blue Pats fan I will ride this high as long as it goes, knowing that there will be some bumps along the way.

Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Pats games can be with another station. If CKRM won't have Pats games there's gotta be other stations that will. Move the Riders as well then.

Curt Dittmer said...

As someone who lives in Saskatoon my entire life I have never heard anyone from here state a desire to have a CFL team located here. The Riders are enough. Period.

George Porge said...

"Durant is the 3rd best QB in the CFL. Pay him $300K plus bonus."

As a Stampeders fan, I hope you fans get your way. Every year that you continue to overpay for Durant and start him in meaningless games instead of developing his successor is another year the rest of the CFL can enjoy a Rider-free postseason.

Durant is on par with Travis Lulay at this point in his career. He is not worth a $300k+ guaranteed contract, and Chris Jones is one of the only people in Regina that seems to know this. Durant will be offered an incentives-based contract on any team that signs him. He may make north of $300k if he actually plays, but his primary job now is to develop a younger quarterback. His days of leading a team to the playoffs are over.

Rally Driver said...

"Jeff" was at the Lions/Bombers game. He sat with Pastor Rick Garrison, formerly of Mossbank.

Rhett Burgess said...

I think Jones is winging it and doesn't really have a plan. His ego is blinding him to the realities of the real world. He truly believes he doesn't need star players to win and that HIS SYSTEM is genius in that he can just plug anyone into any position and get results. This mindset is running the ship aground. Until Jones is gone the Riders will not be a good football team.

Anonymous said...

Jones is going to talk to Reilly about joining the green and white...are you that stupid? For one he cannot talk to Reilly because Reilly is under contract for two more years with Edmonton which leads me to number 2...Jones would have to talk to Hervey, Hervey won't trade Franklin to you guys so not even a chance Reilly...Hervey gets a good laugh at Jones and then hangs up. 3 and last is that Reilly wants to make his stay in Edmonton a dynasty so good luck with that bud.

Anonymous said...

Matt Nicols, Ricky Ray new and improved 2017 Saskatchewan Roughriders qb's.

Adrian DeCorby said...

I'm also a YXE Rider fan, and although the sound of a CFL team in Saskatoon is exciting, it is just not possible. Lifelong Rider fans would not support a Stoon team over the beloved Riders, and fact is CFL just gets trampled on by NFL and other major sports by everyone here.... there are very loyal Rider (& CFL fans up here) but their support is Riders first... no need for a second Sask based team in the same league.

Saskatoon ppl can pride themselves on supporting the Rush as a professional provincial team. So far so good, but they are back to back champs.... what happens if a losing season or 2-3 follow... stoon the event city, and currently all games are events. Let's wait and see how they do in the long haul before we blow their horn too hard.

- Adrian in Saskatoon (Rider & Rush season ticket holder)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this but DD is not in the Rider plans moving forward. We are rebuilding, and you don't do that with an old QB. As one other poster said, he is in the same boat as Travis Lulay. If he accepts it then he stays otherwise go for the money elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

No, he's not.

Anonymous said...

You'd think with Murphy's vast network of contacts they should have been able to improve the CFL's worst ever O-line. Instead they just kept bringing in new receivers.

Anonymous said...

Hall of "just better than average ".

Anonymous said...

Wendel was a great all around leader. But Lindros,,, there's only been one guy that tough and skilled and HUGE. And that's the big E-

Anonymous said...

Totally agree.

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Jones and if he doesn't actually negotiate with DD, my head will explode. I do not trust one word that comes out of Jones and will believe whatever DD says about the negotiations. Jones needs to realize that without DD we will be another losing team. This year was a disaster after what Jones did at the beginning and it will continue if DD isn't back. I am really tired of paying good money for nothing!

Anonymous said...

I agree with some of the posters about the Pats hockey game not being broadcast. Big fail! If the station has a obligation to the CFL, put a game that no one cares about on a secondary channel and have the Pats game on the main channel. Or at least, have some decent commentators calling the game. Those yahoos that were on yesterday (I assume they were the BC broadcasters) were horrific! Listened for a couple of minutes and turned it off. Makes you appreciate what we have here in Saskatchewan. GO PATS GO!

Anonymous said...

Hacksaw Ridge sounds like a good title for the Rider's 2016 season!

Anonymous said...

FYI Rod, Orridge was in Vancouver yesterday and participated in the coin toss with Army vets.

Evan Wiome said...

Any idea/speculation what tomorrow's big CFL announcement in Regina will be?

Anonymous said...

Jones will do it all his way. He has the keys to the franchise. Like the previous poster said Jones thinks his system and his coaching skills are enough to win anywhere anytime. This years record proved otherwise with only a very slight improvement of the team. I look forward to seeing what the Riders will look like in the next two years. Only time will tell. But he definitely deserves a couple more years to accomplish the rebuild. I would say that from what has been shown so far, there is better coaches in the league than Jones.

Anonymous said...

Either Ricky Ray or Henry Burris will be the starting QB for the Riders in 2017.

Anonymous said...

In 2001, the Regina Pats made a bunch of trades because they were hosting the Memorial Cup. However, they forgot to upgrade their goaltender because they thought Donald Choukalos was good enough. They were mistaken. It would be a terrible mistake and an absolute shame to let history repeat itself. The Regina Pats need an upgrade at goal tender and at least one or two high end defense men if they want to take a serious run at a Memorial Cup Championship.

2000-01 Donald Choukalos 3.32 GAA .886 SAV%
2016-17 Tyler Brown 4.42 GAA .891 SAV%

Christopher Evans said...

Evan... speculation is that the big announcement will be Regina hosting the CFL Combine in the Spring.

Anonymous said...

The Hockey Hall of Fame lost their credibility by admitting the biggest spoiled brat in hockey.

Anonymous said...

From purely a business perspective, it would be interesting to understand exactly how far apart the Riders and Durant are. If, for example, they are only $50k per year apart in guaranteed money then how does that compare to the amount of annual revenue at risk should they fail to find a suitable replacement? How are merchandising revenues impacted by the inability to market a recognized name at the most prominant position on the field? What is the overall cost/financial gamble of having to prioritize time and resources locating and securing that next CFL marquee QB? How long does it take for that QB to acheive "marketable" status and positively impact gate and merchandise revenues? History shows that the QB position is not just another WR, LB or RB that the Riders can easily replace with someone from a large (and cheaper) American talent pool. Outside of Dressler, it would be tough to argue that any of the other players released or traded had the same potential as Durant for impacting the Riders bottom line. Contrary to what Jones stated to Vanstone, this is why the conversation around Durant must be treated differently than the others. Regarding Reynolds... he is accountable for all matters dollars & cents, and therefore should absolutely be consulted if the outcome could meaningfully impact business operations. Having said this, maybe any potential revenue loss is negated by the excitement aorund year one in a brand new facility... who knows... as fans we simply have to trust that the organization is taking a broad view of this and not just drawing a hard line in the sand using apples & oranges comparisons.

Evan Wiome said...

Ok well that's.....not a fine...

Sorry I was hoping for the 2019 GC in Regina.

Thanks, much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

But, not a hall of famer.

Anonymous said...

Well, Saskatchewan does know combines. LOL

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow pending canadafl announcement;

Toronto will temporarily cease operations from the league due to ongoing financial reasons. Other announcements to follow forthwith.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I fear Jones has decided to replace DD without thinking of the consequences of his actions.
I just hope he's not like the voters of Canada that decided to Stop Harper without considering the results (Trudeau).
Or the Albertans that had their belly's full of PC entitlement. They put a stop to it all right, but they're paying the price now with Notley in charge.

Randy Dandy

Anonymous said...

"In Jones We Trust"

Anonymous said...

Along with the news from Tor, Regina (mosaic stadium) will be awarded a GC title game.

Anonymous said...

The mouthbreathers just don't understand the word "contract" it would seem.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders are on 620 CKRM with games going to Yorkton, Saskatoon, Prince Albert and North Battleford. The Regina Pats are just on 620 CKRM and no other channel.

In a contract, it states certain things must be done and some of those things that CKRM must live up to is broadcasting playoff games over the "Rider Radio Network" which pays a good chunk of $$$ to have the games on their stations I'm guessing.

It's OK. I understand you idiots who are already staking out a spot for the Memorial Cup parade and likely can't get on Mom's computer to listen to the game are upset. You could just go to the game, but then you would have to ask Mom or Dad to drop you off/pick you up or steal money from your sister's panties drawer to get bus money.

If the Pats were so upset, they probably would cite an offer from CJME, but Pats mgmt is smart enough to see what a joke Rawlco Radio is and wishes not to associate themselves with them.

Thanks for playing the game!

Anonymous said...

Some of the best years of a quarterback are when they hit their twilight years - Tom Wilkinson, Bruce Limerman, Anthony Cavilliao, Russ Jackson, Henry Burris. It is fact that as they gain experience, they begin to use their head more.

I agree that Jones has made a number of mistakes that would suggest that he is no better than Marshall, outside of one Grey Cup. Giving Jones full control was foolish as we have found out.

I found it interesting how Hamilton lost its 3 best receivers and still made a game of it on Sunday. Jonesy would be bringing in a bus load before he settled on any one replacement.

I say sign Durant before the lynching mob is let loose.

Anonymous said...

Roddy - comparing Wendel Clark to Eric Lindros is nonsense. Lindros was the most dominant player in the world for a few years, a Hart trophy winner and a scoring champion. I love Wendel Clark, but he is not in the same league.

Also, for the other comment regarding Lindros vs Damphousse for the HOF - WOW is all I can say.

Chris said...

Randy Dandy...I think that Jones knows exactly what he is doing, CFL teams (and NFL for that matter) do not have the luxury of paying guys for what they have done in the past. They are not building this team around DD. He is a bridge to the future, that's all. In terms of QB rankings in this league, he is at best 5th. If you pay him you will delay franchise success. He is not the guy that will be hoisting the next Rider cup.

Anonymous said...

I hope he is not!

Anonymous said...

A while back, I was watching the panel on the NFL channel debate what it is that makes a QB elite. The common consensus was that an elite QB is one that can carry his team on his back and lead them to victory. If you are a Rider fan, how can you possibly deny that Durant has done just that? One game that should stand out in everyone's memory was a playoff game against BC.
As for Reynelds not interfering because he doesn't want that reputation, perhaps he would rather have the reputation as the president who let the Riders hit rock bottom and had to organize the next telethon to keep the franchise afloat. Don't think it can't happen. History does repeat itself.
As for Durant being the QB for a rebuilding team, he is exactly the QB that is needed; one with the experience and talent to bring together a team of youth and veteran players that have no relationship with the guy playing beside him; some probably don't even know each others names. What are you going to do, give some American QB with no CFL experience the ball and tell him to go win some games? We don't have a young QB in that can replace Durant. If they find one this year, he would have to ride the pine for at least one year, probably two or three, and Durant would be an excellent mentor. If great new QBs were so easy to find, why didn't Jones have a handful of them on the practice roster this year? Along with some good starting O line men. Me thinks Jones and Murphy's ability to find talent is highly over rated.
When Marshall was fired, it was said that he had lost the locker room. What does it say of Jones when some of his players are on social media saying "Pay the man"?
Pay Durant or I am very afraid we will have a 2 and 16 season in 2017.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Jones, it is great to see this Weyburn product starting tonight on Monday Night Football!

Anonymous said...

It was nice while it lasted but that Weyburn product was injured before half time.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, the posting of the century;

Rhett Burgess said...
I think Jones is winging it and doesn't really have a plan. His ego is blinding him to the realities of the real world. He truly believes he doesn't need star players to win and that HIS SYSTEM is genius in that he can just plug anyone into any position and get results. This mindset is running the ship aground. Until Jones is gone the Riders will not be a good football team.

Tricky Dickie

Anonymous said...

Too bad Brett Jones from Stampeders hurt after 8 snaps (first four minutes)

Garry Husum said...

I believe that Jones and his coaches bring us some of the best CFL Football minds available. This year might have brought different results had Best and Labatte, played the whole season. I would have thought Durant might have a better season if he had this support. Labatte and Best are All-Canadian/MVP level players. Yes they were replaced by good American players but not All-Canadian/MVP caliber. Other Canadians were moved into spots to maintain the legal ratio. Consequently our loosing record appears. All this made Durant underperform. Just my opinion. But this group of Football minds must be seeing something else and I guess we need to Trust. My preference would be to keep Durant. These great Football minds must have a plan B. personally I feel pulling a Casey Printers type of Quarterback out of Jones magical hat would be a long shot. I stand by my previous comments we need a Free Agent top Quality Lineman and we need to draft in First round another lineman with potential. I would expect the round 2 pick to maybe be another lineman. If the football minds see a lost step by Durante it is a sad day in Saskatchewan.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Jones seems to be a very reactive coach. I haven't seen any part of a plan come together.
The Calgary fan talking about Durant means absolutely nothing. He has no knowledge of this team or what is going on. Even Calgary's Bo Levi Mitchel would have failed miserably behind the Oline that Jones tried to patch together. Our Offence had even less talent than the Ottawa Redblacks did their first year. Burris looked like his career was over. Just like Ricky Ray was thought to be finished in Edmonton. It wasn't until Ottawa signed several veteran receivers and bolstered their Oline during their 1st off season. Then they certainly came together and Burris went from the bottom of the barrel to an MOP season and made it to the Grey Cup. Ricky Ray was plucked from a sad sack EE team and was air dropped into Toronto. Were Ricky was fortunate to have a good Oline and decent receivers. Low and behold he wins the fricken Grey Cup his 1st year in Toronto. Both of the mentioned QBs were older than a 34 year old Darian who is perfectly healthy. So don't us anymore of your useless Cowtown manure pile comments. Stick to your own team and hope they don't choke in the Western final like we have seen them do so many times in the last 10 years.
If Jones thinks players are going to come in here and play for league minimums because we have a new stadium. Then he us truly mistaken. The amount of money Jones squandered away in 2016 with worse than Rookie GM and Head Coach mistakes could have more than paid the difference on Darian's Contract.
Rumour has it that Jones and Murphy are bragging within the CFL ranks that the Riders are in the best position out of all 2016 CFL teams. If that's the case; use some 2016 Cap to supplement Darian's contract. Use it or lose it Jones. You can't stock pile one years cap space to the next year. So use it smartly. Unlike the 12 biggest bonehead blunders of the 2016 CFL Season. Unless of course the team is not really in the cap position you say they are. It wouldn't be the 1st or even the 10th time you haven't told the truth.
When are you going to learn that Rider fans are not as naive as the fan base you have dealt with in your previous 4 stops.

Spock Logic

Anonymous said...

Jones has a plan that he can't say a word about do to tampering rules... ie Franklin... Hervey might as well trade him now and get something now as opposed to losing him for nothing next year. Besides the damage is done between Durant and Jones how can you come back and play for a guy who doesn't totally believe in you

Anonymous said...

Like he had a plan for this year? He can brag all he wants; he hasn't produced results. I am sure the coaches and GMs are having a laugh at the great Jones and Murphy. At the time of his signing, it was rumoured that Cappicotti was making 200,000. If that was true, what happened to his fiscal restraints there? Offering Durant less than 350,000 is a joke. Get over Franklin. He is under contract and Jones doesn't have a friend in Edmonton that will trade him here. Jones is a joke and the Riders and the fans are the ones losing because of his egotistical and idiotic plans.

Anonymous said...

Yes look at ridiculous "Man in Black" costume Jones perpetually wears. That says it all.

Anonymous said...

Chris Jones has been quoted as saying he isn't trying to win a popularity contest.

Well, he's got that part right.

Anonymous said...

I think Durant is the best option but to the guy that said he's third best in CFL I would ask this, if all QB's were free agents in February at equal cost who would sign Durant ahead of?

BL Mitchell?
Mike Reilly?
Zach Collaros?
Jonathan Jennings?
Trevor Harris?

Fact is Durant is the fifth or sixth of NINE starting QB's and coming off this year Matt Nicholls is nipping at his heals. Unfortunately none of those other guys are free so Durant is the ebst option and the Riders need to sign him.

George Porge said...

"Even Calgary's Bo Levi Mitchel would have failed miserably behind the Oline that Jones tried to patch together."

Were you around last year? You know, when Calgary had O-line injuries pretty much every game of the season and had to put D-Linemen and third-stringer into the O-line just to have *someone* on there? Do you remember how Calgary ended the season last year? Tied for first in the West behind the one better team that eventually knocked them out of the playoffs in West Final.

Sure, Mitchell wouldn't have made it to 15 wins this season behind Regina's O-Line, but he wouldn't have been limited to five, either.

"Burris looked like his career was over. Just like Ricky Ray was thought to be finished in Edmonton."

The only relevant comparison that exists between Ray or Burris and Durant is age. Durant's best year (2013) is incredibly average by Ray and Burris standards. That by itself should tell you something about why those two manage to look great by comparison to Durant. Even Durant will admit that he can't hold a candle to the other two.

"So don't us anymore of your useless Cowtown manure pile comments."

Hate to break it to you, I'll be "us"-ing you with plenty more comments unless Rod wants to ban me from his blog (which he's perfectly entitled to do - your loss if all you really want is an echo chamber). I'm not going anywhere.

"Stick to your own team and hope they don't choke in the Western final like we have seen them do so many times in the last 10 years. "

At least they're in the game, as they are most seasons. If they lose, they will lose to the second best team in the league. I'll be there in the stands, in my city, watching live. You enjoy watching the other teams in the league go at from your couch. Again.

"If Jones thinks players are going to come in here and play for league minimums because we have a new stadium."

Jones doesn't think that. He thinks he's going to play players based on their recent performance and current ability. Durant wants a guaranteed salary. Jones wants to give him a performance-based salary. You want to compare Durant to Ray and Burris? Each of those QBs have performance-based contracts *right now*. Sure, Durant's worth $350k - provided he plays the games and doesn't get hurt or benched.

"The amount of money Jones squandered away in 2016 with worse than Rookie GM and Head Coach mistakes could have more than paid the difference on Darian's Contract."

He could have done a bunch of stuff with that money. He could have bought a nice car. He could have opened a new Rider gear store in that one mall in Saskatoon. He could have bought Durant a plane ticket to BC for the last game. The thing is, none of those things will help your team win any more games or develop a sorely-needed new quarterback. Jones was an ass a number of times this season, but that doesn't mean he has to *continue* wasting other people's money.

CM said...

Riders bottom line must look bad this year given they've run through 100 players. Jones isn't always right or the team wouldn't have been 5-13. If he has a QB plan without DD its not on the roster. Plus it seemed there was no oline plan as that group was brutal start to finish. They only won when Fulton was back. Jones has 1 year to turn this around or hes toast so he must have a QB plan we just don't know it.

Chris said...

Well said George...Calgary fans may be disappointed should their team not win the West Final or the Grey Cup this year, but that disappointment will be tempered by the fact that they know that every single year they are a contender, if not the favorite because their football operations team is, by far, the best in this league and will continue to be as long Huff presides over it. So we will be here, continuing to host West Finals and playing for the Grey Cup, while the Riders are counting $$$ from jersey sales and winning 5-6 games. Because that is what it will be if you are thinking that the DD of 3-6 years ago is still around. He isn't.

Whether it is DD or Drew Willy running this team they aren't a playoff team next year either. So go cheap, invest the money in an offensive line and start developing the next BLM/Jennings/Harris/Collaros/Reilly to be there when the rest of it comes together.

Anonymous said...

I will give you that Bo Levi and Reilly are the top two QBs. I would not take Collaros. He hasn't looked good this year. Jennings looks very promising, for sure. If you are concerned about being injury prone, Trevor Harris is falling into that category. He was out more games this year than Durant with a better O line and far less sacks. As for Nichols, I don't believe he has ever won a playoff game in his career; so what has he done? Considering he had the worst O line in the league and a revolving door of receivers and running backs, Durant's stats were quite respectable this year. He gives the Riders the best chance to win. Roosevelt and Edwards know that; that is why they are on social media asking to have Doubles signed. Who would know better than the ones catching his passes? ,

Anonymous said...

Fix the O-line and everybody else will get younger, stronger, faster and smarter.

truenorthern said...

c'mon George Porge, the Stamps used 8 or 9 o-linemen last year, primarily guards not tackles or centre. Riders went through 15-16, including losing 2 key Canadian all stars, and losing 3 long snappers. Not comparable.

George Porge said...

truenorthern - If you believe that, you obviously weren't paying any attention to anyone but the Riders then.

The first two O-Linemen to go down for the Stampeders last year were National Centre (and 2014 first-round draft pick) Pierre Lavertu and his backup Karl Lavoie (2015 first-round draft pick). This is after already rebuilding the O-Line after the departure of 2013 Most-Outstanding Rookie and 2014 Most-Outstanding Offensive Lineman Brett Jones (also Centre).

Sure, we didn't lose the "15-16" guys that the Riders have, but the guys we did lose were important enough that the entire O-Line and ratio players on other parts of the team had to be re-tooled on an almost weekly basis.

It's still a much closer comparison than you guys trying to compare Darian Durant to Ricky Ray or Henry Burris. And I stills stand by my assertion that Mitchell would have won more than five games with that kind of an o-line.

3RD and 1 said...

George... So you seem to think your a spin Doctor. Give your head a shake. Even the so called great Riders coach and GM has said that Tom Braidy couldn't play behind the Riders Oline. Calgary's Oline replacements still gave Bo 4 to 5 seconds on every pass play. The Riders Oline couldn't pick up a blitz and a LB was through before Durant had even had a chance at his 1st read. The Riders had zero depth at Oline and were using Americans. Huffnagel was never desperate. He has been running that team for how long. Huff has things in place where as the current HC/GM in SK is nothing but reactive right now.
Every fricken color person covering Rider games would talk about how brutal the Riders Oline was. A different Running back every game. New receivers every game. The Riders had zero cohesiveness. No Big bruising Running back to hand off to like Mitchel has in Calgary. But your going to come on here and state otherwise. Give it up. The Riders are a joke right now and no QB in this league would have had any better success. In fact there probably would have been even more injuries than the 2Rider back up QB's.
Your comebacks are flawed and full of holes.