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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


TORONTO -- The rumour mill is in full swing here at Grey Cup 2016.  TSN's Gary Lawless is reporting free agent receiver Duron Carter has narrowed down his list of potential teams to Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatchewan.

The flamboyant receiver - and the son of NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter - was released by the Alouettes with three games left in the season due to bad behaviour.

Lawless is betting Carter ends up in Saskatchewan.

Meanwhile Justin Dunk of is reporting free agent coach Corey Chamblin is open to a return to the CFL.  Chamblin hasn't coached since August of 2015 when he was fired by the Roughriders.

He, along with former Rider GM Brendan Taman, still has another season left of being paid by Saskatchewan.

You can read the Dunk story here:



Anonymous said...

No, No and NO!

Mr. Know-it-all said...

A small town might be the best place for Carter to land. Bring his mind closer to the soil in the heartland. Roosevelt, Carter, Holley, Fuller, Collins ... now if we can restore our O-line to greatness to protect Durant and open holes for McKnight, who knows, the Riders might emerge as a decent and competitive team in 2017. At the end of the day is about building to be as good as or better than the Stamps. Not much else matters.

Victor Isted said...

No thanks. Has talent. But an all about me attitude. Don't need that kind of cancer here.

Anonymous said...

Hell no!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Victor your profile pic is of a player who had that exact attitude. There's a reason why he can't get a job in football anymore.

If Jones can reign Carter in like he did with Odell Willis, I'm all for it.


Anonymous said...

No, No...a thousand times, NOOOOOOO.

Lewis Grant said...

We already have Roosevelt, Holley, Fuller, and Collins. Why would we need a troublemaker like Carter?

I was willing to give Jones a chance. But if he really does bring in Franklin and Carter, he should be fired.

He got fleeced in several trades last year.

He let go of Chick and Lemon, who both became all-stars. (We had ZERO all-stars on our entire team.)

He made plenty of questionable play calls (and challenge calls).

He let go of players who could provide leadership. That doesn't show strength - it shows insecurity.

It's like when Tillman (in Edmonton) got rid of Ricky Ray or Mike Kelly benched Kevin Glenn in favour of Stefan LeFors. How well did that work out for those teams? Answer: several consecutive years out of the playoffs.

That's not the kind of Coach/GM we need.

Anonymous said...

In hindsight, the decision of Tillman to trade Ricky Ray was a good one for the future of the my Eskimos because it resulted in Mike Reilly who is the second best QB in the CFL.

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah yeah ... sign Carter. Franklin will have a full out air attack at his disposal, plus a run game. This long term Saskatchewan Roughriders team offense will be a full out blitz krieg on their opponents as they run up the scoreboard accross the league. No mercy. Yah hoooo!

Anonymous said...

So do tell! What is the type of coach we need and who is this coach?

Anonymous said...

Bang on! Yes Ray won a cup with Toronto immediately but Reilly won one a year ago and is on the upside of his carreer.

Anonymous said...

did you enjoy watching steven jyles take over for ray?

Anonymous said...

I am an Edmonton fan also and what are you smoking?^^^^^Ricky Ray being traded for a kicker pretty much made fans lose interest of the team from missing play-offs more often then not and was really tough to waatch other then Fred Stamps...thank the lord Hervey came in and brought if we would lose Franklin but Mike Reilly is Mike Reilly and stays as our franchise guy. Don't even mention Tillman, he destroyed our team as Jones is the riders for now

Anonymous said...

Several trades? Dont over exaggerate.

Anonymous said...

He let go of players who could provide leadership. That doesn't show strength - it shows insecurity.


I'd take a bunch of young guys who won 5 games that will get better with experience and grow into leaders than the players he let go who "led" the team to 3 wins the year before.

Anonymous said...

Nichols was supposed to take over for Ray. Nichols got hurt, they got Reilly from BC. Now both of them are starters who led their teams to the playoffs.

Change is good donkeys -shrek

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want that cancer in the locker room?

Anonymous said...

Reilly second best QB? Who's # 1? Smilin Hank?

Anonymous said...

The 2016 season saw the arrival of Chris Jones and with his arrival a few Edmonton trolls spending too much time on the comment section of Rod's blog.

Lewis Grant said...

1. Wow, some people think it was best for Edmonton to get rid of Ricky Ray so that, years later, they could luck out with Mike Reilly?

Was it good for the Oilers to get rid of Chris Pronger so that, 5 non-playoff years later, they could get Taylor Hall/Ryan Nugent-Hopkins/Nail Yakupov?

As a Rider fan, how long do you really want to wait for the playoffs? With Franklin at QB, it'll be a long time.

2. As for being fleeced in trades, three players retired after being traded here. Hmm - why doesn't that happen to other GMs?

3. Finally, if you want to say Chick and Dressler were bad leaders because they were stuck playing under Corey Chamblin....then I don't know what to say - except that Hamilton and Winnipeg are very happy to have them.

2016 All-star selections:
John Chick - 1
Saskatchewan Roughriders - 0

I rest my case.

Sue said...

Let's go Riders 2017!!!! Let's go Henry!!!! #greycup

Anonymous said...

A reminder to you Eskimo fans that think Ed Hervey found Mike Reilly.
He didn't, he stole Reilly from Wally.

Anonymous said...

And a reminder to you smart guy^^^^^...if your talking about the Hervey brought him in comment he did, brought is different then found him. Just so you know Reilly was on his way to free agency so all Hervey did was smartly make a trade for him and 'BROUGHT' him over before any other team could try talking to him when free agency hit. Franklin on the other hand still has a year on his contract so it is a whole different situation. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Also he never stole Reilly, Wally knew Reilly wanted a starting job and Lulay healthy was not going to happen so he one took what he could just before free agency started so he never lost him for nothing so give it up. Stealing is what the riders did of our coaching staff, looks like that worked out for ya hahaha.

George Porge said...

Chris Jones lets go of the quarterback everyone hates and signs a receiver everyone loves. Yeah, I guess that's one way you can put your mark on a team.