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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Courtesy TSN's Gary Lawless, here's the list of Saskatchewan Roughriders' free agents heading into the off-season.  Lawless warns this may be a partial list since the CFL hasn't officially released the full slate, but this was pieced together from various sources:

DE Dylan Ainsworth
DL Gregory Alexandre
WR Phil Bates
DB Tyron Brackenridge
DL Ivan Brown
OL Bruce Campbell
WR Shamawd Chambers
LS Randy Chevrier
OL Thaddeus Coleman
K Luca Congi
DL Rory Connop
QB Darian Durant
DB Otha Foster
WR Jeff Fuller
QB Mitchell Gale
DB Jeff Hecht
LB Jeff Knox Jr.
LS Jorgen Hus
DT Corvey Irvin
DB Anthony Jackson
DE Willie Jefferson
DB Andrew Lue
DB Terrell Maze
FB Bryn Roy
OL Matt Sewell
RB Curtis Steele
RB Matt Walter
DB Matt Webster
DT Jonathon Williams


John Knight said...

not much of a list when some players are not even with the team. Brackenridge, Congi fo example

Anonymous said...

QB Darian Durant only must sign in the group. The rest would not be missed but they will be back as other teams have enough 2nd stringers.

Anonymous said...

WILLIE JEFFERSON is a second stringer?!? What do you know about football? Please NEVER comment on hear please. You're clearly not a fan who watched a game of his. Dare is say him and Henoc are the cornerstones of our Defense going forward. Dare I also say he's top three DE in the cfl.

Anonymous said...

Don't care about any of the free agents anywhere but DD. If we don't sign Darian, we can forget about 2017. Jones needs to climb down off his high horse and get it done.

Anonymous said...

The number of players on the list is misleading. The ones they really need to sign are Durant, Jefferson, Steele, Foster, Fuller and Mitch Gale. Some of hese guys didnt even play last yerar or were on the injury list.

Anonymous said...

Durant and Jefferson are the only ones I'd get in a panic about.

Anonymous said...

Tired of hearing about Durant. He is not the only "free agent we need to sign". Odds are he is gone. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

The most obvious player missing on the Lawless list is Jeff Knox Jr. so you have to wonder how accurate Gary's other lists are.

Paul Owens said...

Wait...Darian is a Free Agent?!? Why hasn't anyone said anything yet???

Anonymous said...

A free agency list for the anonymous armchair GM's to showcase the football knowledge they think they possess.

Anonymous said...

CFL website now has the official list:

Newt from YQR

George Porge said...

Don't sign Darian and you can forget about 2017.

Do sign Darian, and you can forget about 2017, 2018, and probably another year after he retires. Darian is a decent quarterback, but a lousy mentor. And he's no longer a Grey Cup caliber quarterback.