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Saturday, November 5, 2016


Postmedia/Ed Kaiser
EDMONTON - James Franklin threw for four touchdown passes, including a pair to rookie Brandon Zylstra, as the Edmonton Eskimos finished off the regular season by beating the Toronto Argonauts 41-17 on Saturday in a game that meant nothing in terms of the playoff picture.

The defending Grey Cup champion Eskimos (10-8-0), who rested several of their starters, won their final two games and five of their last six. Edmonton moves on to a cross-over East semifinal game against the Tiger-Cats in Hamilton next Sunday.

The Argos (5-13-0) are done for the season. Toronto lost its last seven games and won only one out of its last 12.

Toronto quarterback Ricky Ray engineered a long opening drive, capped by a two-yard touchdown run by Brandon Whitaker. Ray was making his 200th career start in the city where he began his CFL career.

Edmonton tied the game two plays later as Franklin, getting the start at QB with the Eskimos resting Mike Reilly, found Zylstra for a 28-yard passing TD.

The Esks went up 14-7 to start the second quarter with Shakir Bell reeling in a four-yard TD pass.

(The Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Could Franklin be on the Rider's radar?

Anonymous said...

Jason Maas once again gave the middle finger to the CFL and TSN on the live mic issue. He is acting like a big baby and he needs to be spanked again by the CFL!

Anonymous said...

It seems quite possible, if not likely, that O'Day with be the GM in Toronto next year and will then proceed to sign Durant for the Argos, trade for Dressler, Bagg and Getzlaf and hire Bob Dyce as head coach.

Anonymous said...

The only one being a big baby about the situation is you whining about it…they did mic up the QB and Head Coach for that game so they did as they were asked to. Ed Hervey is the GM and it was his choice not to have Jason Maas as head coach for this game or Mike Reilly to play…the league cannot force teams as in who plays or coaches on teams. If you did watch the game then you would have noticed that Jason Maas was not the head coach for this game.

Anonymous said...

Also you can give it up on the Franklin situation for another year unless you trade for him and have fun paying the ransom the Eskies want for him…he is not a free agent until after the 2017 season just so you know and that is if the Eskies don't re-sign him which I believe the Esks will so go use your great scouting system that is working out so well for you guys hahaha. Ed Hervey signs all his rookie Qb's to three years and this is Franklin's second year.

Anonymous said...

Franklin can be on the Riders radar all they want, he is not a free agent until after the 2017 season and that is straight from Ed Hervey's lips so if you want to trade and I would bet he is traded to Montreal or Toronto before Saskatchewan. I thought Jones was and company were the greatest scouts ever and the gift from God hahahaha. The thing you people don't realize is when he was in Edmonton it was Paul Jones and Hervey that did the scouting.

Anonymous said...

Funny to see the lonely Eski fan again polluting this comment section on Rod's blog. He came on this site when Jones arrived and like a bad case of herpes, won't leave.

Anonymous said...

Huge Riders fan and I'm saying go TiCats

Anonymous said...

Esks fans. Coming to Rods blog for their CFL news. Love it!