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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Jones on Monday morning
REGINA -- Saskatchewan Roughriders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones held his year-end news conference Monday morning at Mosaic Stadium.  The session lasted over 20 minutes.

Here are some notes:

- Roughly half of the news conference was dedicated to the ongoing contract talks with pending free agent quarterback Darian Durant.  Jones said he hopes and expects to re-sign the 34-year old quarterback.

- Jones declined to get into the salary numbers being tossed back and forth between the club and Durant's agent Dan Vertlieb but was clear to point out, "This is not me versus Darian."

- Asked if the "Next Darian Durant" is currently in the CFL but playing for another team, Jones said that's a possibility but declined to name names for fear of being fined.

- Regarding a grade for his football club in the first year of this regime, Jones gave them an emphatic "F".  "Any time you only win five games, that's not very good," Jones remarked.

- He stated that the entire coaching staff is expected to return, and that a lot of their struggles were injury related which can't be pinned on his assistants.  He said they've won too much in the past and therefore he still has a strong belief in their abilities.

- Regarding all the injuries, Jones said they'll investigate into why the number was so high this year.  He said the bulk of the injuries occurred during games rather than in practice, which was interesting.

- He said their spring minicamp will be much more physical than last year's in Vero Beach, FL.

- He said the team will hold several more free agent tryouts camps this off-season including seven between now and Christmas.  He feels this was a valuable resource as last year's camps turned up players such as receiver Ricky Collins and linebacker Sam Eguavoen.

- Jones doesn't expect the team to be as active in free agency as they were last year.

- He said he'd like to re-sign linebacker Jeff Knox Jr. but the player would also like to explore NFL opportunities.  Jones revealed Knox played injured for the entire season, and played every play on defense in B.C. on Saturday night.

- Jones said he did learn some things in his first year as a General Manager.  With the sudden retirements of players such as Maurice Price and Bruce Campbell, they will restructure the wording of their contracts.

- Regarding all of his roles as V.P. of Football, Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator and if they were too much for one person to handle, the said it wasn't a lot different than what he was doing with the Edmonton Eskimos.

- Jones concluded the session by remarking that New Mosaic Stadium will likely be a drawing card for potential free agent signings and referred to their football facilities as "immaculate".

- We'll air the news conference on the SportsCage today at 4:00 pm on 620 CKRM.



Anonymous said...

Jones was helped by experienced assistant GM's O'Day and Murphy and other support staff so I can't understand why some reporter keeps asking him if he has too many roles to handle, expecting him to say yes.

Anonymous said...

My very first impression of Chris Jones was not a good one. It was before he came to Saskatchewan and I remember being thankful he was not on our coaching staff. Didn't like the man. Now, at the end of a very trying season he stands up to all the questions being fired at him and I find myself liking him more and more. To have the guts to take on the job of cutting our most popular players, bring in player after player, changing things game in and game out because of injury, knowing full well we were not going to be Grey Cup contenders and deal with the backlash from Rider Nation could not have been easy for him to do. I hope that the signing of Darian is soon finalized so this year can be put behind everyone involved. New contract, new stadium, new year. The massive overhaul is over and we actually managed a few wins. I'll still proudly wear my green and white and I support the decisions of the Coaches and Management to do what is best for the organization.

Anonymous said...

Jones is so Full of BULL S### that he could fill the new stadium with it. He is holding back on Durants future until he gets his new QB out of Edmonton likely.

Anonymous said...

The only way Sask gets Franklin from Edmonton is if Hervey trades him and I bet Sask would have to give an overpayment for a deal to be made but I still am unsure if Edmonton throws him your way anyways…more chance a team like Montreal or Toronto could end up with him just due to them being in the east conference. I will make this clear so all you rider fans know this…FRANKLIN IS UNDER CONTRACT UNTIL THE 2018 FREE AGENCY!!! If you don't re-sign Durant then your pretty much screwed and really makes no sense not to sign him…this is an easy decision Jones, the guy has bled these colours for his team and now taking a second cut just to stay and you still want his services at a lower price…for your crap season Jones why don't you cut your wage down to show the same love Durant is showing. I am an Edmonton fan so call me as you wish, I don't care but have some respect for your franchise guys for once…this is now like spitting in Durant's face.

dom said...

Wow another blogger who knows so much about the Riders management team and their dealings. Let's see what happens and who cares if he pulls another quarterback into the mix. Why wouldn't you with Darians health problems. If they brought in franklin it could only better the talent on the team. I think I am more concerned with out mediocre o line. In Jones We Trust!!

Anonymous said...

Shut up. Just shut the hell up. Can't believe one team can have so many stupid followers.

Anonymous said...

I finally agree with something that Jones said and that is that the team and their coaches deserved a big "F" on this season. We may have a few players who can play but we are a very long way from being a contender. Very disappointed they are not making some coaching changes. There are too many coaches and assistant coaches and they clearly aren't doing their jobs. There is a lot of work to do in the off-season and it begins with getting our QB signed to a contract. Without Darian, we will be in ANOTHER rebuilding year. We do not deserve to have to go through this every season.

Anonymous said...

A week ago Jones indicated he'd be evaluating both players and coaches in the final game out in B.C.
Obviously he didn't or the OC would be gone.
Our rebuild isn't going to work with the current staff intact.

eman said...

If you guys don't resign DD, I hope you will give Armanti Edwards a look at QB. He's an accurate passer and makes good decisions. He threw for over 10,000 yrds and rushed for over 4,000 in college. He was a human highlight reel every game, so much fun to watch. He has a huge heart and I know he would relish the challenge!

Anonymous said...

" In Jones We Trust "

Anonymous said...

Professional sports is a business, it has no place for sentimental value. Darian's Roughrider time has come and gone. Goodbye! Cherio toodle oo.

Anonymous said...

Remember folks, this is the same Chris Jones that had to pay three fines before he figured out that his Eskimos had to be on the field for the National Anthem.

stephen preston said...

In Jones we trust - playoffs or bust in 2017 and I have faith they will make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Why does cfl not show up on sites lite sportrac where fans could find out what salaries are paid to players and how long they are signed for. The major sports have this info for fans and then people will know who is signed, length of contract and team totals. Is the cfl that minor league

Anonymous said...

I'd take ole Burris aneedae over ole Durant.

Forrest Gump

Anonymous said...

Riderville! You see that picture cap above? That's a serious man! He knows what he's doing. Don't be telling him how to run his team. Buy your tickets, shutup and watch as the Roughriders rise to prominence. If you fon't have the patience, cheer for some other team to your delight and pleasure.

3RD and 1 said...

Go ahead take Burris, take him with you and close the door behind you.
Ottawa has a Solid Oline and a dangerous recieving crew. They also have a great defence. As well as Trevor Harris to make sure when Burris isn't winning than Harris is winning. So the should be at least a 14 win team in 2016.... Right
Don't forget how good Ottawa's special teams are as well. A very well rounded team. Except at one position.
With everything just said, having 2 starting QB's and Ottawa only wins 3 more games than the Riders did.
So ya sure Burris is the answer isn't he! Give your fricken head a shake. The only position that held Ottawa back in 2016 was the QB.
The East division sucks so bad that for the 1st time in the history of the CFL. The 1st place team has more losses than Victories.
If Durant had that Oline and that recieving core and that stellar defence. Darian would have had a far superior year than both Burris and Harris combined.
Ya have to love these QB comments were the poster has zero clue on what they are talking about. Just blabbering with no thought or even taking the time to look up stats or facts. Just wanting to see their comment in writing.

John Knight said...

Why don't you Esk fans stay in your own blog and stop trying to tell us what to do and to the autonomous poster, you can take the stupid out of your post and keep it in Edmonton. You just can't stand to see a team have far more followers the your team

3RD and 1 said...

Very good post from an EE fan. Even he sees how crappy Jones is beingvwith Darians contract. If Jones doesn't sign Darian than I believe there will be an up roar like never before in Riderville. That new Stadium is not going to hold this fan base together if Jones goes into 2017 without a proven starting CFL QB. The only one available is the one that leads and bleeds for the Green and White. If I didn't know better I would have thought Darian was SK born. His passion is the same as anyone who ever grew up a Rider fan. I think if you ad up all the lost revenue this year Chris Jones. On bad contracts, retirements and fines. You will find half of Darians Salary right there. So quit this stupidity and sign the man.

Anonymous said...

Seriously John. What makes you think some of these comments are from Eskimos fans? Or any other team for that matter. Most of these comments are from unhappy Rider fans.We are entitled to be unhappy after this season. I won't even mention the whole #4 thing. Have more kool-aid young man.

Anonymous said...

Anon posted; "Most of these comments are from unhappy Rider fans."

I feel the same way. I'm tired of posting some stark reality and then having the next five postings call me an Eskimo fan.


3RD and 1 said...

Actually guys take a chill pill. The number 4 Comment is in deed from an EE fan. How do I know this for sure? Simple... I read each and every comment and #4 states he is in fact an Eskimo fan. Plus his comments read as such. A good comment by an EE fan!
Ironically he understands the dilemma the Riders are in right now concerning the QB position. How could Jones honestly say that within the stable of current Rider QBs. That there is one of them that could lead this team. Other than 1 game when Gale made his 1st start and looked poised and made reasonable decisions at Mosaic against Ottawa. I have not seen any other QB step up and show that he has what it takes to take over the starting position. Darian needs to be the starter and they need to groom someone right underneath him. A great example of what started out well then went really bad for both the Riders but more so the QB when he rushed to be a starter. Would be Drew Willy. Had he resigned in SK. He would have continued to learn in the 1st half of the 2014 season. With the Riders at 8 wins and 2 loses. Willy would have taken over for a seriously hurt Durant on a whistle blown dead ball blind side hit from a Bimbers D-end. Willy would have had the confidence with a great winning record. He would have had a great tutor the 1st half of the season. He certainly would have had the confidence of his team mates. Instead he is traded to Winnipeg in order to get something fir him because he was leaving in free agency no matter what. Willy felt he was starting material. Man he couldn't have been more wrong! He was no where near ready to lead a team. A bad offence to boot. After getting hurt Willy tries the next year and gets hurt again. Then Drew demands a top tier QB salary the next year (2016) and gets his undeserved 400K. Then we all know what happened. Drew Willy fell flat in his face. Was replaced by his back up who looked like a far superior QB and Willy was shattered. Rumor has it he couldn't even look players in the eyes in the huddle during practise. According to Gary Lawless Willy's confidence was destroyed. Even after his trade to Toronto and keeping his $400K pay cheque. Willy proved again that he rushed to be a starter and is not ready and now will probably never be more than a back up. Had Drew stayed in SK I guarantee you that he would have grown into a much more confident QB. Plus SK wouldn't have had to embarrass themself by bringing Kerry Joseph out of retirement. So it just goes to show that it's not that easy being green. Wait a minute... I mean it isn't that easy growing into a well paid starting QB. Everything can be put into place but if you confidence isn't there. You can forget about being a starter for very long. Plus Mike OShea learned that you never ever anointe someone else's back up QB your starter. You make him earn that position in camp.

Anonymous said...

The mouth breathers are out in full force today.

Anonymous said...

A bit of friendly advice to "3rd and 1":

Please use paragraphs. Your long essays are unreadable in their present format.

Christopher Evans said...

Good stuff 3rd and 1!! In regards to the Durant contract, this is just the way the new regime runs things, I believe. They low-balled St.John to start, there was bitching and moaning from both sides in the media! When clearer heads prevailed, a deal was sorted out quietly. The only reason the Durant talk will be quiet is that both he and Jones will be US bound for most of the off-season. In all honestly, Durant has most of the upper-hand in this negotiation, but I doubt he will get a contract with a lot of money up front.. .the business side dictates he gets a performance laden contract after his last three years, but the team must make HUGE strides to get a competent & healthy o-line in front of him, as well as a bonafide starting RB that can block like a mofo! An older QB cannot take a lot of punishment and be successful through a full season!

Anonymous said...

The hindsight GM's and "what if" crowd sure know football, just ask them.

Anonymous said...

everyone that would like to hear the Franklin situation on contract wise then go to and go to episode 21 on the waggle - it's play-off time. Listen from the 28:20 mark until the 28:40 mark…clearly stated that James Franklin is NOT a free agent this coming free agency so that should give you a better judgement on what your riders need to do…also It sounds as though sask offered him close to what he wants but he is not signing for anything less.

Anonymous said...

I think Durant is feeling like Chick did. Insulted that the Riders lowballed him in his opinion and he will sign for similar money elsewhere. His ego has been bruised and like he said he is not "their" guy.

On the other hand Jones says he can win with "any" of the 4 QB's on the rider roster. Yeah right Chris...good one. Chris Jones gets an "F" for his efforts this year. Like he said himself, 5 wins is deserving of an F. Look back at the poor clock management, poor challenge record, poor coaching of undisciplined pre snap penalties etc. I was optimistically hoping for 9 wins this year but 5 and a handful of close overtime losses and games along with the usual injury excuse is somewhat close to the same thing.

So the reality is I have to give the coach support for the next couple of years an cheer for the team like always. This is a rebuild. Jones works hard and takes responsibility for his actions. If he improves his coaching and learns from his mistakes the Riders could be great again in two years.

For those previous anons that have not heard, Jones and Reynolds are all in for two more years and I still expect the team to keep improving. But without DD for the reason I mentioned above.

Bart in Regina

Anonymous said...

You can bet you sweet bippy that an old friend named Dressler has been wooing his best bud Doubles to hop on over to his Blue Bombers who are a team on the rise in the CF of L with a nice stadium to boot!

Anonymous said...

Durant coming to Mosaic in a Bomber uniform with his pal Dressler would make for one heck of a Labour Day Classic!

Anonymous said...

Who are all you wizards going to use to replace DD?

Anonymous said...

There is always Kerry Joseph Saskatchewan hahahaha

George Porge said...

"Franklin is NOT a free agent this coming free agency"

No, he's not, but that doesn't mean he can't be traded for the right price. The two problems, of course, is that the Riders have *nobody* to offer, and even if Ed Hervey was in the trading mood, he'd likely be shopping Franklin to every other team before even returning Jones' voicemails. Jones burnt a serious bridge last offseason.

"Jones says he can win with "any" of the 4 QB's on the rider roster. Yeah right Chris...good one. "

Well, to be fair, he probably can't do much worse than he did this year (okay, maybe you could have 2 wins instead of 5 - the result at the end of the season doesn't change, though). It is easy to point at the revolving door and makeshift team that was the Riders this year, and say "that's not Durant's fault", while also saying that the fact that the team faltered under the other QBs as proving they are incapable.

"With the Riders at 8 wins and 2 loses."

That is a stat that a lot of Rider fans like to point to when talking about the collapse of the 2014 season, but when put into perspective, it doesn't really tell the whole story. Five of those eight wins were against teams that didn't make the playoffs in 2014, and all of those wins were against teams that didn't even finish above .500 mark. One of the losses was also against a non-playoff opponent. That stat has as much to do with a very easy early-season schedule than it had to do with good Rider play.

"Jones and Reynolds are all in for two more years"

Jones' contract is for two more years. We all know how much stock we can put into a Chris Jones contract.