Realty One

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


BC Lions

Player: Jonathon Jennings
Defensive: Solomon Elimimian
Canadian: Shawn Gore
Offensive Lineman: Jovan Olafioye
Special Teams: Chris Rainey*
Rookie: Antonio Johnson*
Edmonton Eskimos
Player: Mike Reilly*
Defensive: Almondo Sewell
Canadian: Sean Whyte
Offensive Lineman: Justin Sorensen
Special Teams: Sean Whyte
Rookie: Brandon Zylstra
Calgary Stampeders

Player: Bo Levi Mitchell*
Defensive: Charleston Hughes*
Canadian: Jerome Messam*
Offensive Lineman: Derek Dennis
Special Teams: Rene Paredes
Rookie: DaVaris Daniels*
Saskatchewan Roughriders

Player: Naaman Roosevelt
Defensive: Otha Foster
Canadian: Tyler Crapigna
Offensive Lineman: Thaddeus Coleman
Special Teams: Tyler Crapigna
Rookie: Justin Cox
Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Player: Matt Nichols
Defensive: Maurice Leggett*
Canadian: Andrew Harris
Offensive Lineman: Travis Bond
Special Teams: Justin Medlock*
Rookie: Taylor Loffler
Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Player: Andy Fantuz
Defensive: John Chick
Canadian: Andy Fantuz*
Offensive Lineman: Ryan Bomben
Special Teams: Brandon Banks
Rookie: Brandon Revenberg
Toronto Argonauts
Player: Brandon Whitaker
Defensive: Shawn Lemon
Canadian: Lirim Hajrullahu
Offensive Lineman: Greg Van Roten
Special Teams: Lirim Hajrullahu
Rookie: Sean McEwen
Player: Ernest Jackson
Defensive: Damaso Munoz
Canadian: Brad Sinopoli
Offensive Lineman: Jon Gott
Special Teams: Tristan Jackson
Rookie: Jason Lauzon-S├ęguin
Montreal Alouettes
Player: Bear Woods
Defensive: Bear Woods
Canadian: Sam Giguere
Offensive Lineman: Kristian Matte
Special Teams: Stefan Logan
Rookie: Jonathon Mincy


Anonymous said...

Interesting......Chick and Lemon.........two disgruntled ex-Riders

John Knight said...

You can't count Lemon as a Rider and he didn't want to play in the system, he just wanted to play to get sacks

Anonymous said...

The best punter in the CFL wore green and white. I think Bartel should have got the nod over Crapinga, not to say that he was not solid as our field goal kicker for 90% of the year.

Anonymous said...

Interesting ... you commented on Chick and Lemon but left out Jackson, Messam, and Fantuz. I don't see your point?

I see the point as when you rebuild you have to have a direction. Chick would have most definitely helped this year and cost you you in development. No Willie Jefferson with Chick! Found out early that Lemon is one dimensional pass rusher. Gamble failed, move on.

It is only a loss if we aren't contending next season and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Besides, through 17 games...Lemon is the best defensive player on the teams that's given up the most points in the league. A dubious distinction at best.

Anonymous said...

You can count Lemon as a ex Rider, he did want to play in the system, that changed, he plays to get sacks, nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

John Chick (HAM), Tristan Jackson (OTT), Jerome Messam (CGY)and Shawn Lemon nominated for #CFL awards... All #Riders last year

Jones is an idiot

Anonymous said...

You can bet money that there will be no rider players on any all star team.

Anonymous said...

No winners for Sask, BC and Toronto this year

Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you Jones hater, but last year the Riders were a 3 win team. Its time you get over your jilted feelings probably starting when Jones jumped ship from your Eskimos. Whether you like it or not, there are better times ahead for Rider Nation.

Anonymous said...

Off season quarterback aquistion Ricky Ray to Sk.

George Porge said...

So many ex-Riders.... few people who realize that the reason these players are so good has more to do with the two letters before the hyphen than the five letters after.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod, what does the asterix beside some of those player's names mean??

Rod Pedersen said...

Unanimous selection. Thanks for reading!