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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Photo by Rob Williams/Daily Hive
By: Rob Williams
The Daily Hive Sports Editor

VANCOUVER - Oh no, a Saskatchewan Roughriders billboard ad has popped up in Vancouver!

The ad, presumably paid for by the Riders, reads “Roll Call” and sits in a parking lot across the street from BC Place with less than two weeks before Saskatchewan’s only visit to Vancouver on November 5th.

I’m sure it has Lions fans shaking in their boots.

The Roughriders, who have fans across the country, have put up billboards in many CFL cities.

In August, they did something similar in Hamilton…

…before getting lambasted by the Ticats 53-7.

In 2014, the Riders put up a billboard in Vancouver that read “Green is the New Orange,” which drew enough attention to get the Lions to guarantee a win for that game. Unfortunately for BC, they lost 20-16.

This billboard ambush made sense in 2014, when the Riders were the defending Grey Cup champions. But now?

Will anyone care this time around? The Riders, with a 5-11 record are a terrible football team. They’re going to miss the playoffs, as they did last year when they finished the season with just three wins.

The Lions, by contrast, are tied for the second best record in the CFL at 10-6, which is extra impressive when you consider they’ve only had a chance to pad their stats against that garbage team from Regina once this season.

Even if the Riders sweep the final two games of the season against the Lions, BC will be in the playoffs and Saskatchewan won’t.

So nice try Saskatchewan. Real cute.

Maybe fix your dreadful football team next time before you try peacocking in this city?


Danb said...

The Lions should be happy if this billboard gets the attention of some of their so called fans and gets them to show up for the game. I know there will be Rider fans there despite the poor record.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lions, try keeping your CFL team afloat. With average attendance of 20,378 fans through 8 games in Vancouver, the future of CFL in BC is in jeopardy.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Danb. It's nothing more than that. "Calling All Rider Fans" is how I read it. No "peacocking" whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

With this being the first piece I have read from this reporter I have discerned 2 things;

1) He doesn't follow the other teams as closely as BC, otherwise he would see the leaps and strides this team has made in the last half of the season after setting roster records across the board.

2) He doesn't have faith in the last two games against our "dreadful football team" otherwise why bring up losing out the season?

If this is the kind of reading that happens in other cities, it makes me that much more appreciative of your writing and time you place in this blog Rod. Keep it up and keep us informed!


Anonymous said...

Who is this piece of work? Why give him any attention whatsoever?

Anonymous said...

And this Vancouver knobs opinion matters because?

Heptiro said...

If the purpose is to call Rider Fans, why not state something like "Let's see if the BC Rider Fans can out number the BC Lions fans at the game"
At least that might get both pumped.

Anonymous said...

…and the Lions have done what in recent past?? More likely put up by BC to try and get some fans into the stands...

Anonymous said...

Jealousy is a terrible thing. Sure you're 10 - 6 but your attendance is poor. Sure, you may beat the Riders when they visit BC but you can thank Ridernation for helping to fill your stadium and provide the BC Lion's football club with revenue they wouldn't otherwise received.


Anonymous said...

This is nothing more than the Riders trying to prop up a sucky fanbase in BC. Get to the game and enjoy your 10-6 team before you don't have one to enjoy. The Lions franchise should be damn lucky the Riders are willing to help them market. How old is this blogger, 6? If so congrats to the Lions. They have one up and coming fan.

Anonymous said...

Hey Riders! Why waste money on this garbage especially when it really doesn't matter if you win or lose?
These Billboard Signs are very costly so why not save your big bucks and put it toward signing decent football players next year. Another bonehead move by this organization.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ These guys have no idea what they are talking about. The shear amount of rookie talent on this team is staggering, couple that with signing Muamba, Jefferson, and many many others throughout the season.

Don't know if people can look past the record and see the team underneath. We are in next year territory, have been for a while, but next year these nay sayers will be eating crow.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather be 10-6 with average fans, then 5-11 with a sell out

Anonymous said...

I guess what folks find funny is the riders had stopped buying billboards around the league since they got pasted by the Ti Cats. They had no stomach for billboards in WPG, Calgary and Edmonton while the team got thrashed. They play against a Lions team that has been under performing the last while and suddenly here is a billboard.

Anonymous said...

We booked our trip to BC to watch the Riders way back at the beginning of the season.

Why? Because we are true fans.

As the saying goes "we may not win them all, but we've never lost a party!

See you November 5!


p.s. we were a party of 5, but one of us suddenly passed away in September. He was excited to book his first trip to the BC stadium. We will honor him by cheering that much louder!

Anonymous said...

"Hey Riders! Why waste money on this garbage especially when it really doesn't matter if you win or lose?
These Billboard Signs are very costly so why not save your big bucks and put it toward signing decent football players next year. Another bonehead move by this organization."

Because bonehead annon, this helps the entire league. The Riders help the whole league and are Canada's number 3 sports brand ahead of the Raptors and Jays and Oilers and Flames and Canucks and Jets. Think about that for a minute. We are what we are because we take care of the ENTIRE league not just ourselves, without us the CFL would basically die. So when we put up a billboard I dont care if that mutherf'er is in Timbuckphuckentoo. You appreciate it and the genius that is behind the Riders and ultimately the CFL.


Barry BigWheel from Timbuckphuckentoo

Anonymous said...

Use your manners and say Thankyou to Rider Nation because even as a terrible football team we continue to support our team at away games. We agree with this reporter, our team was terrible for most of the year, but we're working on that and sooner or later BC will take their turn at the bottom of the heap. Good luck in the playoffs, I might just cheer for you.

Chris said...

Hey Barry BigWheel...I have mad respect for Rider fans. In alot of ways they do help the league because of the way they turn out for their team. The Riders, as an organization however, are a complete joke and let their fans down annually. It is an organization that despite being in an 8-9 team league has never been able to put a consistent and credible product on the field year over year. So why do you continue to market like gangbusters to an existing loyal fan base. Why?...because they care more about the Rider brand than Rider football. So like the Maple Leafs, the brand is strong, but if the product is weak, it makes it irrelevant to anyone not a fan of the team. And that is the point of the article. The reporter is not taking offense, he is laughing at the team for the extreme measures it is taking to pump the brand in the Vancouver market for a game that by the time it is played will be absolutely meaningless to everybody. It is an absolutely pointless bit of marketing that will return no tangible benefit to anyone. Seems like someone is just making sure they spend all the $$$ left in the budget, just because.

Anonymous said...

Why are rider fans so full of themselves. Total attendance doesnt count in standings if it did the leafs would be winners. Remember in the 90s when garage sales and childrens penny jars and the rest of cfl bailed out the riders... Lions have 6 cups despite being in the league only half the time the riders have been around.

Anonymous said...

"I'd rather be 10-6 with average fans, then 5-11 with a sell out"

The problem with this statement is that it's not average, it's below average, and after Toronto the worst fans in the league.

Fan rankings
1) Sask
3) Winnipeg

Anonymous said...

The Riders will likely win both these next games,and shut the haters and bloggers down.Football attendance in Bc should be the real story? Their so called great fans cheering a great team forget to show up..pretty pathetic.And wow!? A whole 6 cups compared to 4 for the Riders isn't much to brag about either losers.

Anonymous said...

We'll be there with you on the 5th. Got our flights booked.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the riders purchased the billboard long ago. They have purchased billboard space in the past, so it's not new.

The only reason vancouverites are mad is because it wasn't Trudeau fluffing a fart in their direction for them to soak in!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely. They should be happy they'll make money from the real fans in BC. The Rider fans. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

It sucks if you are not a Rider fan.

BP said...

Ahhhhh to hear from the few BC fans that are so jealous of the Rider fanbase. My question is....WHY ARE YOU ON THIS BLOG POSTING???? GO ONTO THE BC LIONS FAN PAGE BLOG AND POST ON THERE. Oh bad.....BC Lions probably don't have a fan page blog. LOL

Anonymous said...

The Vancouver Blogger should be "THANKING" the Riders for putting more fans into B.C. Place then any other CFL team?

Anonymous said...

The numbers show that wherever the Rider's go, attendance trends upwards. These other markets that downplay this fact, in the CFL, are kidding themselves. They need fans to show up and spend money to keep afloat, whether that's home team fans or away team fans, money is money.

As for the dill weed above talking about the Rider's and being bailed out by everyone, we were down, but not out, the fans and supporters came out, donated there hard earned dollars to keep this team afloat. What these people don't realize is that this is what true fans do, you care so deeply about something you give. Not jumping on the bandwagon when it suits you or your team has a winning season, then a couple losses and poof gone are the supporters, but I don't blame these fans, living in a disposable world, very few of the new generations actually care about what's around them.

With a second place team BC and their fans can't stomach the fact they lag behind the Rider's so far in attendance. It's laughable really, get used to it, next year we're gunning for number one, and it will happen!