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Monday, October 31, 2016



1 - Saturday was an unforgettable night in the history of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Rider Nation.

However as far as football goes, the 24-6 loss to the B.C. Lions in the last-ever Rider game at Taylor Field left more questions than answers for your friendly neighbourhood Roughriders.  We'll examine that further down in the column.

First, let's look back at some of the memorable photos from the Farewell Game:

Saturday began with a capacity crowd brunch at the Hotel Saskatchewan honouring the Farewell Game ...

Rider Hall of Famers Bill Baker and Roger Aldag ...

The Grey Cup made an appearance, as did former Rider President Fred Wagman! ...

Craig and Lisa Reynolds along with Walt Precourt from Mosaic ...

Jim Hopson with Mosaic CEO James O'Rourke.  Mr. O'Rourke mentioned during his speech that Mosaic was only one year old when they purchased the naming rights to Taylor Field in 2006 ...

Steve Mazurak and Paul Hill ..

The Past Presidents table, and John Lynch.  Lynch heard they were going to announce a contract extension for Darian at the brunch.  Apparently, he heard wrong.

Carm Carteri bends the ear of CFL Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge ...

Former Rider kicker Paul McCallum flew in from Vancouver for the game ...

Gene Makowsky poses with members of the Taylor family, descendants of Piffles Taylor, who came in from Cochrane, AB for the game ..

The last practice field pregame party ...

SK's Jess Moskaluke was amazing at halftime ...

Michael Ball hosts the halftime show on 620 CKRM with guests Paul McCallum and Premier Brad Wall ..

A final farewell ...

One last shot of our radio broadcast booth before leaving for the last time.  I didn't shed a tear.

2 - That's all the good news.  The bad news is the Roughriders were obliterated in "the box" against B.C. Saturday, giving up seven sacks while registering none and being out-rushed 146-to-53 yards.

The Riders were building some nice momentum during their 4-game winning streak but over the past two weeks, they've looked dreadful.  They took 10 penalties for 90 yards Saturday too, but miraculously the Lions took 11 for 84.  B.C. was just so much better in other phases that penalties didn't affect them.

The Riders need to pulverize the Lions this Saturday at B.C. Place because if they carry a 3-game losing streak into the off-season and a 5-13 record, they're going to be a very tough sell to the Rider Nation this winter.

3 - Chris Jones' postgame news conference had as many fireworks as the postgame ceremony.  He called the team's performance "concerning," referred to the Lions as a "good football team but not great" and referred to the play of rookie QB Jake Waters Saturday night as "boneheaded" at times.

It would've been nice to carry that news conference live but it was going on simultaneously during the postgame light show.

Either way, Jones seemed very unimpressed with the play of his team.

So were the fans!

Again, this team really needs to show something in the final game of the year this Saturday.  They cannot go out with a whimper.

4 - Jones confirmed during his press conference that he expects quarterback Darian Durant will be back next season.  He also said John Elway wouldn't have looked good behind that O-line Saturday night.

That's another thing -- the Riders are getting somewhat of a pass along the offensive line due to the season-long injuries to All Stars Brendon Labatte and Chris Best.  Their absence has felled the production of the offense, along with an ever-rotating stable of receivers and a different starting tailback every week.

Durant is poised to become the first Rider quarterback since Nealon Greene in 2003 to lead the team in rushing over a season.

It's doubtful that lack of depth will be tolerated by the Rider Nation in 2017 and beyond.

5 - Ticket prices have jumped mightily.  In fact in some cases they've doubled.  That will ramp up the pressure on the team even more.

Calgary broadcaster Peter Loubardias told us last week that the pressure on rookie Flames coach Glen Gulatzan is almost unbearable and some fans have already questioned if they should've kept Bob Hartley.  That's the fans' right, especially when they're paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for tickets.

As prices go up, the pressure goes up exponentially.  Chris Jones is the highest paid Head Coach and GM in Saskatchewan Roughriders history.

So far, he's gotten off pretty easy IMO.

Agree or disagree?

6 - As far as Saturday's postgame ceremony goes, it was sensational.  When I think back, it was the light show that made it that way more than anything else.  The "oooo's" and "ahhhhh's" from the soldout crowd were amusing as the LED wristbands they were given lit up and changed colour.  It looked pretty amazing from the broadcast booth.  I can't imagine the cost of the whole display.

The video history of Taylor Field was long but worth it.

And the ceremony involving Reed, Aldag, Makowsky and Durant was one of the finest things I've ever seen.  The kind of scene that gives you tingles all over.

What a night!

7 - On the flipside, my skin crawled when Carm Carteri kissed me on the cheek when we were featured on the Kiss Cam on the big screen.  My phone blew up right after that surprise in the first half.  Funny move, Riders.

8 - As you saw in the photos, CFL Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge was in attendance on Saturday at the brunch, and I assume at the game as well.  Did they show him on the MaxTron?

Carm chastised Orridge for not delivering a speech on behalf of the CFL at the brunch but he said he'd brought a speech, however he wasn't asked to say anything.

According to Carteri, Orridge was adamant that Glen Johnson was his hire as CFL V.P. of Football.

I think it would be great if BOTH Orridge and Johnson addressed the media together at State of the League news conference on the Friday morning of Grey Cup week.

9 - A soldout Brandt Centre watched the Pats spank the Seattle Thunderbirds 6-3 on Sunday to improve to 10-0-3 and they remain the only club in the CHL without a regulation loss.

#1-ranked Shawinigan has now lost twice in regulation time, so I suspect when the CHL Top 10 comes out on Wednesday, the Regina Pats will indeed be #1 in the country.

Take a bow QCSEG.

People ARE sitting up and taking note of the Queen City Kids.  They are home on Wednesday to the Kootenay Ice on 620 CKRM and it should be another huge crowd.

10 - With the World Series, NFL, NHL and Curling on the tube on Sunday - and the Pats on home ice - I spent the day in Milestone, SK having a family day.  We watched it all on television and got caught up while also enjoying an old school brunch at Mary's Place.  That's a restaurant where they still offer toast on the buffet and there's a picture of the Queen on the wall.

What a great day it was.

Pumpkin by Bradford Kruger


Anonymous said...

How does Jones expect anything more out of his players when he quotes: his back up quarter back Waters made some "Bonehead" plays.
You watch next weekend the Lions will Kick Butts again because of Bonehead coaches remarks of his own players.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, the crowd loved the Kiss Cam with you and Carm.

It was a great event, but a lousy game!

Anonymous said...


Great MMG as usual. Awesome photos. Any idea when the Riders will make the prints of George, Aldag, Geno and Doubles available for sale? Put me down for 2 and maybe more!!

Terrible game, but fantastic conclusion the Grand 'ol Lady. The late and great Bob Hughes of the LP coined that phrase and it sure has stuck over the years. The new digs though will be even more incredible!

Aaron Anderson

Anonymous said...

With all the planning that went into the farewell no one could think of something for George Reed to hold onto? The poor man almost fell over taking that silly coat off and then standing there forever. Not a dignified way to treat a legend and it isn't his job to ask for the help. Be better!

Anonymous said...

Boy I haven't laughed that hard in a long time when you guys were up on the kiss cam. Good job on the closing ceremony by the Riders, the place is a dump but it's our dump.


Anonymous said...

Jones and DD gave us a good indication of what the first game will look like in the new stadium.

Anonymous said...

You didn't shed ONE tear at all???? Rod, you ol' softie, you......

Rod Pedersen said...

I did on Friday.

polkabill504 said...

Great Column this morning again Rod. I was fortunate enough to be in attendance on Sat night to witness the final chapter in the long history of this stadium. My first game was that 1970 Cal-Riders snow bowl when the impossible field goal was somehow made. Although I did not expect a win on Saturday as BC had a lot to play for while the Riders , with the exception of next years jobs did not.I have much concern for this club heading into 2017.Yes there are key offensive deletions on the O Line and a few very good receivers out for the year,but the defense had zero pass rush,. Jenkins had all day. If their kicker would have been able to hit some field goals , It would have been an even worse end result.At this point I am not sure exactly how much better we were than last year.With keeping Taman and hiring say Lapo as the HC, I think we would have been a better team...Hard to say..I suppose we will find out. I was also disappointed that he would use that Waters in such a historical game to try him out for next year???Absolutely classless!!!.That should have already been done with the disaster of a year we had,not on this game.Thanks again for your outstanding year long coverage of "Canada's Team"...Polkabill from the peg

Anonymous said...

jones took all the "pressure" off the team and raised the white flag by inserting waters!

Anonymous said...

For Jones to say that Jake Waters did some bone head things at time, he should take a look in the mirror. Putting in a Rookie QB on your own 3 or 5 yard line and expecting what? You have a BC Lion Defensive Line that made our O Line a complete joke all game.

This season cannot end soon enough, are we further ahead from last year's mess we can only hope. Really expected more from this management and coaching staff this year.

Anonymous said...

Rod wrote; "He also said John Elway wouldn't have looked good behind that O-line Saturday night."

I hate seeing DD bashed by those who don't see the whole picture.

But I also think that anyone who believes the return of Best and LaBatte is the answer are delusional. The entire line needs fixing, not just 2 spots.

As for all the outstanding receivers on our injury list. They were available because they're not durable. We need some "TOUGH".


Anonymous said...

There's a seven and a half minute tape of George, Roger, Gene and Darian with the Grey Cup on Well worth watching.


CM said...

Nice coverage and pics. As for the team, havent won since Fulton was traded. Worst oline in the league and to count on Labatte and Best next year isn't that solid. When was last time Best played 18 games? If the oline isn't fixed they will be last again next year.

Anonymous said...

Jones got a free pass this year because fans were well aware of the mess left by the previous regime.

There have been enough glimpses of what could be next year that he will not have the same slack on the rope come the 2017 season.

It is quite clear that there is way more talent on this years team than the previous 2. Given another year to get more talent in, and the new players getting a year of cfl football under their belt, I am confident that the heat won't be that hot for the next couple years.

Simon said...

My interactive wristband was a dud, but so was the game. On east concourse they pretty much were out of everything by halftime. Had to leave for son's hockey game at 3/4 time and sadly missed the sendoff, but was so disgusted by the Rider's play leaving was't actually that hard. Can't wait for new stadium with the nice seats and beautiful new concessions. Hopefully the product on the field will be as solid as it is off. I have faith in the Jones plan, Go Riders 2017...

Glenn said...

The sacks were frustrating to watch. With all the changes at receiver and rb, the new guys were not experienced enough at recognizing the blitzes so DD could not hit any hot patterns. Bagg was covered very well. Holley and Collins are rookies. There will be an improvement in BC. I'd like to see DD re-signed before then.

Anonymous said...

The ghost was here!!

Anonymous said...

There have been a number of bonehead decisions made this year:
* Hiring Jones at a high dollar figure while giving him complete control.
* The Hiring of the complete Edmonton coaching staff (surely there had to be a coach or two in the group who didn't make the grade). For example, the offensive Coordinator who didn't know how to establish plays to move the pocket, so the defensive opposition couldn't pin back their ears and put pressure on our quarterback consistently.
* The dismantling of virtually the entire team (unprecedented)and the revolving door syndrome of players.
* The addition of Lemon with a signing bonus only to be let go to flourish elsewhere.
* The strategy of the defensive coach to only rush 3 players for much of the first half of the season.
* The strategy to play players out of position thinking they could be simply anointed as seasoned players at totally new positions (AC Leoanard, Francis, etc). How about the reluctance to not play Jeff Knox Jr regularly until forced to do so after his not uncommon exemplary play.

I could go on, but it only gets the blood boiling.

The Riders have a number of good quality players, but if the coaching doesn't get any better, the first year in the new Mosaic could be a bust. This could bring terrible consequences. Has management any idea how many season ticket holders are planning to take in one season in the new stadium and then let them go because of the price increases and/or seat allocation. The number of seats being charged the same rate as those on the 55 yard line has increased substantially. I am not making it up that the numbers talking about this is very significant. Now if the Riders don't make the playoffs next year, the number of season ticket holders will be affected even more. As a 40 year plus season ticket holder I can assure you this is serious matter not to be overlooked.
Can't help thinking how Gregg Marshall was let go after starting 1 and 7 and what did Jones start with 1 and 10. Interestingly enough many of the players on Marshall's team were on the team for our Grey Cup win. Chamberlain didn't dismantle the whole team he kept a nucleus. It makes you think that Jones thought he had higher powers much like Chamberlain after his Grey Cup win. The question really is who was responsible for bonehead decisions.

George Porge said...

Good to see the Riders celebrating their 2013 Grey Cup win. The way things seem to be going, they'll be celebrating that one for a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

Confucius say;

It is impossible to evaluate a QB with that O-line.

It is possible to evaluate recruitment and coaching with that O-line.

Anonymous said...

Excellent gesture by the Rider players to throw footballs into the crowd before the game started. Thank you Riders!

Anonymous said...

Question: If both the Riders and the Argos finish the season tied with the worst record (as is the case now), who will get to pick first in the college draft in 2017?

Devo said...

To say it was a memorable night is a BIG understatement!!! The "kiss Carm", some dude proposing to his girlfriend, the overall environment was second only to the 2013 GC. That post game show will forever be engraved in my mind. My arm around my girl, watching the amazing tribute to the history of the team/stadium...the legends from the GC winning teams, light show, etc. Well done Riders...well done...thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

Anyone thinking durant is the answer at qb better give their fn heads a shake. Ha hasn't produced at his position three seasons now.

Anonymous said...

West side was out of smokies before the game started, in 2nd Q they were selling hot dogs but ran out of buns (really?!) and by 3Rd only the pink vodka was left to drown your sorrows while the team quit on the field. Can't wait for a new and hopefully professional stadium...

Anonymous said...

Great last night. Everything but the game and the running out of everything at the concessions. Everything else was top notch!!! Bravo Riders!

Anonymous said...

Wow dude. You do realize this was the first season he's played since winning the grey cup, then having us at 8-2 in 2014, before being injured for a season and a half, right?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget...they brought in their BEST ref! I nearly died laughing over that one! One more time to stick it to the Riders! Lol
Ol' Andre didn't do too bad of a job with his boss watching!

Anonymous said...

Excellent celebration show to close the stadium! Great having the G Cup handed to a player from each win. And the lite bracelets were a huge hit.
Our O line certainly needs changing. I was told not to worry when they traded Xavier, the Riders had it covered. NOT TRUE. How many sacks since he's gone? Not that it's all Coleman's fault but imo, he isn't nearly as good as Xavier. Having LaBatte & Best back won't solve all the O line's problems.
RBs - when they scout them, can't they tell from film or talking to previous coaches if they can block? They aren't worth having if they can't block!!
Coach Jones is touted as a great defensive mind - sure can't tell it from our D this year.
And Offense - the play calling appeared to be anemic most of the time. WHY? Certainly not sold on McAdoo.
With the high season tix increases for /17, Jones better do a lot better off season scouting than they did for this season. Cause imo he sure didn't do a very good job! And I'm not paying a $250 increase in tix for what we saw this yr - especially when Jones is being paid top $s!
Re concessions - west side out of coffee at beginning of half time - told to come back in 10 mins. From all the stories of what they ran out of, they obviously didn't want ANY leftovers.

3RD and 1 said...

Anon states.... Anyone thinking Durant is the answer at QB better give their fn heads a shake. He hasn't produced at his position in 3 years now.
I think you are delusional pal. In 2014 Darian had his team at 8-2 when he was lambasted on a dead ball play! He didn't play last year. So how the hell can you blame him for 3 years? This year was a total write off. Not one fricken QB in this league could have done anything on the offence Chris Jones and Company had on the field this year. Time to grow up and learn something about football before you go spouting off. I don't ever comment on Hockey posts because I don't understand the intricacies. I would suggest you do the same on football posts.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to all the players in town for the World Broom-ball Championship!!

Anonymous said...

Well if WPG loses Friday, Saturday's game against BC will be like watching peewee football as both teams will play 2nd and 3rd stringers all game. This season was marginally better than last year. Repair the o-line, hope the receivers stay healthy, McKnight should be good at RB if he can stay healthy, find a solid backup to Durant and they might be a .500 team next year. Thank goodness the Pats look to be terrific which will give us something to be excited about over the winter.

Anonymous said...

Football has intricacies? Who would have thought. Throw the ball, catch the ball, move the ball. Durant can't throw a ball fast enough for the assembled talent at receiver the Roughriders have, never could, way too slow to read the plays. Couldn't even get them inside the BC fifteen all game this past weekend, pathetic display at that pivotal position, ten years in the league? Lack of leadership! Always rolling the eyes in blame. You would think by now the man would know the intricacies of the game in a nine team league, don't you think? Sooner or later, he's gone. Hopefully soon.

Anonymous said...

Well, if anyone should know about bonehead plays it would be Jones. He has made enough of them this year. Some fans have been patient this season. Some..not so much! If he pulls off more bonehead moves next season, the leash (from the fans) will be very short. We cannot have another season like this one. I am paying a lot of money for my season tickets next season. I want to be entertained by a solid team.

Anonymous said...

Great celebration. It's unfortunate that the volunteers get so little recognition. Some have been there for 25 years or more. They used to be such an important part of the organization. Not so much anymore--it's easier to pay.

Garry Husum said...

Rod I started attending games as an 8 year old in 1961 and have maintained Season Tickets all these years. My Dad started attending games in 1949 when he came to Regina moving off the farm. At University in 1972 I wrote a paper with a colleague titled The History of Football in Saskatchewan. The Highlight of this paper was my Interview with Dinny Hanbidge former Lieutenant Governor of the province, but more importantly a member of the First Roughrider Team. His stories left me with memories, you will never imagine. Mr. Hanbidge rewarded me by including my paper in his personal Papers in the Saskatchewan Archives. As a young boy I studied all seasons from the very beginning. Because of this I feel a connection to the Riders back to year one.

Anonymous said...

"John Elway wouldn't have looked good behind that O-line Saturday night."
McAdoo has to go.

Anonymous said...

Jess Moskaluke is overrated. Jack Semple is awesome though.