Realty One

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


REGINA - Sam Steel and Filip Ahl each scored twice as the Regina Pats routed the Lethbridge Hurricanes 6-1 in the Brandt Centre Wednesday evening.  It was the third victory in a row for the WHL's Eastern Conference leaders.

Regina jumped out to a 4-0 lead in the first period, chasing Lethbridge starting goalie Stuart Skinner from the net.

Regina led 4-1 and 5-1 by periods on the way to outshooting the 'Canes 37-23.

Also scoring for the Pats were Rykr Cole and Nick Henry.

Tyler Brown made 23 saves to collect the victory in the Regina net.

The Pats (7-0-3) were 0/3 on the powerplay and 8/8 killing penalties.

Skinner and Ryan Gilchrist split time in goal for the Hurricanes (5-4-1-1).

The attendance was 3,548.

The Pats are next in action Friday evening when they host the Spokane Chiefs.  Puck drop is 7:00 on CKRM2 (


Anonymous said...

Champions haven't lost a game in regulation yet

Anonymous said...

Yahoo another Packed House to watch the Patsies and so many comments pouring in on this site. Must be Millions of Pats Fans in Regina.

Rocker said...

Another good game by the boys. All the trades made a couple of years ago are starting to look real good. Too bad there was only 3500 people there.

John Moore said...

Team is great! Weather is good. What is keeping fans away??? Is it the price? How does that compare with the other sask teams?

Anonymous said...

There are no fans because there is no marketing or advertising. Lots of workers hired with so little work getting done. They need someone, anyone, that knows anything about marketing......

Anonymous said...

I wonder how life at Sports Cuts is.

Dan ( season ticket holder) said...

Tyler Wong's Charging another gutless hit from the side on a Pats forward with the intent to injure.

After leaving his skates like a gutless wonder, all Wong received was a two minute penalty. WOW!

Wong pulled the same crap in the playoffs last season and the league continues to let him get away with this until he hurts someone real bad.

Complete stupidity on the officials part as Wong came cross ice,left his skates and took a head shot on the Pats player.

How does he get away with this crap? Is it because of his name or what? With a hit like that and being a repeat offender the League has failed badly.Wong is a complete idiot!!!

Once again the Pats were victim to eight penalties, as Leth only received three.In the past two games with the Pats had 16 penalties and Leth had 6.

I guess that tells the tail of the WHL blind mice in stripes.

Anonymous said...

Pats need someone in management that knows sports and knows marketing.

Cliff Mapes (like him or hate him) was great at that. The current management staff has no sports background.

The social media and marketing the Pats do is a joke. The price of tickets is way too high (I am still pissed my 9 yr old daughter pays the same price as I do now) - a pure cash grab to pay the high salaries of the suits that are not doing anything.

Great product on the ice but poorly ran. You cant just throw money at a problem and hope that people will come.

william weppler said...

Here's a link to WHL attendance stats:

Remember that this is comparing only a few games in 2016-17 to entire season 2015-16, and I would think that as the season continues and CFL/NFL comes to an end the current seasons attendance will increase per game. I also assume the increased attendance (39%) in Edmonton may be the new arena?

william weppler said...

I don't know why some people worry, or comment, so much on the attendance? IF you attend the home games you will see great entertainmet for a reasonbable price. Sure it is not "professional" like the CFL but well worth the money as are the Rams, Thunder, UfR Cougar, etc. games. I see very few comments, if any, about attendance at these sports events on this blog - why is that?

The current Pats are a very good Team (no losses in regulation in 10 games), have moved from 8th to 5th in the overall Oct. 19th CHL rankings ( with a record of 4-0-2-0, and now they are at 7-0-3-0, so assume next week will be even higher in the rankings.

Possible future NHL players like Hobbs, Brooks, Steel, Zborovskiy, Wagner are a treat to watch every night, and they are backed up by a lot of non-drafted youngsters who are maturing into great players as well. Visiting teams also have some great players (drafted and non-drafted) to watch.

There are lots of reasons why some people choose not to attend the games and they are all valid (for their own reasons), but it should not be because they think there is not a great product to watch. Just look at the WHL standings and WHL Stats where the Pats are amongst the leading scorers; highest +/- for defensemen; leading rookie scorers, etc.

If you attend a game and you are not entertained that is your problem not the Pats players or Pats Mgmt. If you have a beef, contact the Owners/Mgmt and let them know what it is. Can they satisfy everyone? Noone can, but they will listen.

Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

Pats are ranked #2 in Canada. There's your marketing people, give it a rest, ticket prices are cheap for the entertainment we're getting. This is a special team thanks to ownership bringing in professionals to run the team.

Anonymous said...

Fact: You will see more top level athletes in the WHL than the CFL. More players graduate from the WHL to NHL than CFL to NFL. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Officiating was terrible throughout; Pee Wee Tier 3 at best. Seemed as if integrity has disappeared. The Stripes sure tried to tilt the ice against the boys.

Having said that Paddock had better get ahold of the penalty situation (even the phantom calls). 16 minors in two games is unacceptable and will soon bite them in the donkey..Lack of disciple and crappy officiating isn't a recipe for success….

Anonymous said...

Mr. Weppler great comment and observation. You make way to much sense for the trolls on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Wong commentor. This little punk gets away with way too many questionable intent to injure plays!