Realty One

Saturday, October 15, 2016


Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press
CALGARY - The Calgary Stampeders extend their unbeaten streak this season to 15 straight games with a 22-8 win over the visiting Montreal Alouettes.

The Stampeders, now 14-1-1, are already assured first place in the West Division and the division final at McMahon Stadium on Nov. 20.

The Alouettes are not yet eliminated from playoff contention in the East Division at 4-11.

Calgary quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell threw a touchdown catch to Anthony Parker and a two-point convert pass to Jerome Messam.

Backup quarterback Andrew Buckley scored on a one-yard rush. Rene Paredes kicked a field goal and Rob Maver added a pair of punt singles in the win.

Brandon Rutley scored Montreal's lone touchdown with 16 seconds left on a two-yard run.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

BLM played the whole game. Boy I hope he gets dinged up just on time for the West final.

John Knight said...

He's just adding to his stats. With him, it's all about ME. I would love to see him dinged up and the Stamps lose in the west final. Go Riders, we will now root for the Bombers

George Porge said...

Classy Rider fans cheering for an injury to another team's quarterback. Enjoy watching the post-season on your living room couch.

Morgan said...

Remember last season when Durant was injured? I remember stamps fans rejoicing at the news that he would miss the entire season. Calgary deserves all the bad karma it gets! Shut your pie hole George!!!

George Porge said...

Which time, Morgan? When it happened last year, most Calgary fans (and CFL fans in general) were still gobsmacked by the side-show that Regina became after Durant was hurt the first time and could really manage nothing else than a "here we go again" eyeroll. I'll readily admit that every team has its share of shitty fans, and for those few in Calgary, I apologize.

Aside from that, though - I will say you should take care when you wish for karma. Recall that it was only a few short seasons ago that shitty fans on your side of the fence were happily cheering the repeated injuries of another quarterback by the name of Drew Tate. Perhaps karma already happened, but not in the way you think.

I can't speak for other fans, but I spent most of last year shaking my head at Taman's infamous "well we're not in the business of developing quarterbacks" remark when he suddenly found he didn't have a capable backup and there were none to be found on the trade-block. I'm a fan of the league as a whole and understand we need our star players to be healthy.

Perhaps you're of another mindset. If you are, I'll mention again - take caution when wishing for karma, dude. It has an uncanny knack for showing up when you least expect it.

Chris said...

I am puzzled by why people think that BLM should have been pulled. Its not like they were blowing the Als out. Game was still technically within reach for Montreal until the last few minutes.