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Friday, October 7, 2016


Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order:

-- It's back to work for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The last time we saw them they were walking off the field having beaten the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for their 3rd win of the season, and their second straight, The team didn't sit idle on its bye week as Jeff Fuller, Willie Jefferson and Henoc Muamba were brought in, All could have gone elsewhere, but they chose to come here because they like what they are seeing from Chris Jones despite the record.  All three will be on the roster today in Ottawa, and while we don't how much they are going to play, they should make the team better.  I'm looking forward to what should be a game at TD Place. Going east has not been kind for the green-and-white this year, but they headed out a day early in an attempt to change things up. Let's see how that works.

-- While Chris Jones is making his team better, I don't know if the same can be said in Toronto.  The Argos started going downhill when veteran defensive back Keon Raymond was released, and now they have rid themselves of Tori Gurley, Vidal Hazelton, and Kevin Elliott.  Something isn't right there. You just don't axe your three leading receivers unless something is happening behind the scenes. Scott Milanovich didn't get stupid overnight. I'm not really sure what GM Jim Barker is doing. Does anyone?

-- So both Kent Austin and Dave Dickenson said they hated the idea of being miked up for a CFL game, so the league says hey, two teams hate it, let's do it some more. Darian Durant, Chris Jones, Trevor Harris and Rick Campbell aren't in favour of doing this so why are we? The league says it is for the fans. Fans won't understand what the h-e double hockeysticks is being said, but other coaches around the league will be.

-- What will the crowd count be at BMO Field on Monday if the Jays are playing at the same time as the Argos?

-- Week 5 NFL Lock of the Week -- Pittsburgh over Jets (its too easy to take New England over Cleveland)
  Week 5 NFL Upset of the Week - Falcons over Broncos

-- There's a lot of anger in Toronto over what happened in the American League wild-card game, and there should be. For the second straight year, it has gotten ugly in the stands. Last year, it was fans throwing beer cans during Game 5 of the Rangers-Blue Jays series and on Tuesday night, some "jackwagon" decided to throw a beer can at the Orioles left-fielder. The Blue Jays apologized and say they are changing their policies.  They will never do it because of the money involved and the sponsorship deal which has been created, but would turning off the taps for Games 3 and maybe 4 of the ALDS send a message? It won't happen, so why bother asking, but th reaction would be staggering if the Jays or any other team did that to deal with unruly fan behaviour. On another matter, are the Blue Jays the only team to sell beer cans? At stadiums I have been to, you get your alcoholic beverage in a plastic cup.  One can only imagine what it will be like there on Sunday if Toronto takes Game 2 in Texas today.

-- The Giants did it Wednesday night, and the Blue Jays did it Tuesday. Is it necessary to have a champagne celebration just to "officially" get into the playoffs?  There are many dumb things in sports, this one may top the list though, Although NHL players not touching the conference championship trophy, yet proudly wearing conference championship hats may take the cake.

-- Derek "Duke" Meyers asked a great question during Wednesday's Sportscage. What will the last song be when fans are exiting Mosaic Stadium after the last Riders home game at the end of this month? The Riders are telling people to get in their seats early, and be prepared to stay for a while as the team says good-bye to Mosaic Stadium. It will be a night to remember, but what will that last song be?  What do you think it should be?

-- Are we ready for the NHL season to get underway?

-- Yeah, I've been buying hockey cards when I stop at Tim Hortons. I haven't gotten an Eberle or a McDavid one  yet. More double doubles for me!

-- A poll done by Sportsnet amongst WHL coaches have 14 of 19 saying the Pats will win the league title. They certainly have a roster that can do it, but it would be nice to see Adam Brooks back in the blue and white. Hopefully, its not much longer. If you haven't seen this team yet, you can do so tonight against Kootenay in a 7 PM start.

-- These jerseys NFL teams are wearing Thursday nights are just horrid. The Dolphins looked like popsicles last week in Cincinnati and the 49ers outfits against Arizona last night was equally as bad. Seattle gets to trot out their lime-green jerseys later this year, No thanks!


Anonymous said...

Last song at Mosiac Stadium at Taylor Field should be 'Closing Time'

Anonymous said...

Hey Scruff, as for the last song at Mosaic, how about "Last Song" by the great Canadian band Edward Bear??? Re: Tim Horton's hockey cards, I have only bought one pack....and got an Eberle Pure Gold card!! Yeah, and I brought that up too in a posting in an earlier story.....The Blue Jays (and Giants) have not won ANYTHING yet, why have a drunken celebration just for making the playoffs?? How about having one when they actually win something, say like the World Series?? Heard that Russell Martin cut his finger or hand while celebrating the other night and got stitches.....what if it was a worse injury that kept him out of the Texas series?? one of their clutch players.

Rod Pedersen said...

Time Of Your Life by Green Day

@mrt_man said...

Yes Roddy! I had the same thought... the last Seinfeld episode has to be the best farewell going.

Anonymous said...

Keep slagging the CFL - the NFL mic'd up Peyton Manning and it became a classic when when he went off on his O-Lineman.

Anonymous said...

Who let the dogs out.

Anonymous said...

The NFL did mic up Manning and mic up many players. However, it is NOT done during a live broadcast, and is used for NFL Films productions. If the CFL wants to do something with these games after the fact, I have no problem with it. Doing this though is just another one of the many dumb moves the CFL makes.

Nice try though!

Anonymous said...

It's not easy being green --Kermit the Frog!

Anonymous said...

Beers cans are definitely still sold in Arizona. Tall boys were delicious watching he Blue Jays crush the Diamondbacks this summer.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope its not "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones!

I hope the last game at Taylor Field is on a warm day.

joe bunyawk said...

c'mon Scruffy you know you want to hear the Last Saskatchewan Pirate sung before they turn off the lights :)

Anonymous said...

I think I would rather hear a d-lineman mic'd up where one would here the hits and the trash talk. OR maybe the free safety - And for Offense - the running back.

QB calls are boring because "we don't understand them"

I really don't want to hear the coach, I just like looking at them when they roll their eyes, etc.....more fun to imagine what they are thinking!!! lol!

My thoughts FWIW


Simply the Best
Go Riders!!!

Anonymous said...

Will Scotties be the game sponsor for the last rider game of the year? Imagine all the Kleenex they could give out as fans leave Mosaic Stadium. Either because they are saddened to leave the " Grand Ole Lady" or happy with tears as they go to the new stadium. Either way, Scotties should consider as sponsorship opportunity.

Anonymous said...

"So Long It's Been Good To Know You" !

Anonymous said...

home sweet home by motley crue

Anonymous said...

No sense punishing 50,000 fans because of one donkey.

Anonymous said...

Not Ready to Go by the Trews

John Knight said...

Beer should only be sold in plastic cups

Anonymous said...

Our new stadium sold beer in cans

Jason Gross said...

I agree celebrating just getting playoffs in MLB is ridiculous as other sports don't. Not touching conference trophy in any of sports is teams business yet in hockey, football they don't celebrate like baseball IE regular season clinching division or playoff spot than winning wildcard. Last song should be Rider pride, green is colour or maybe nothing at all silence. Last time people walk out of stadium should be remembered for the game and memories of the stadium, not what was last thing they heard while leaving.

Anonymous said...

Happy Trails