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Friday, October 21, 2016



The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced the following roster moves:



·       National long snapper Randy Chevrier


Chevrier (6’1 – 230) joins the Riders for what will be his 14th CFL season. The Montreal, QC native spent the last 11 seasons with the Calgary Stampeders after signing with the club in 2005. Prior to that, Chevrier spent the 2002 and 2003 seasons with the Edmonton Eskimos.


For his career, Chevrier has played 201 regular season games. He is a three-time Grey Cup champion having won in 2003, 2008 and 2014.


Anonymous said...

Qu'est-ce qui se passe ???????? Saskatchewan Roughriders signed my grandpa to their roster????????

Rene Trudeauwall

George Porge said...

Good to see Chevy find another home in the CFL. Sad that it probably means we won't see him as a guest teacher at the kids' gym class anymore. Good luck in Regina, Randy!

Anonymous said...

a 40 year old signing
now this makes alot of sense jones - like most things you do

and the circus continues

Morgan said...

Excellent signing! Bring in a veteran leader to help the young talent out. Also, Chevy has mad skills! Jones is a guru!!!

Rally Driver said...

Anonymous, Our long snapper, MacDonald, is injured and on the 1 game injury list. Chevrier is a quality long snapper who can fill in for 1-3 games as needed. Probably no one better on short notice.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a problem, he looks pretty darn fit to me. A veteran long snapper can only help.

Anonymous said...

Hearing Chevrier saying such good things about being a rider when he used to be pretty negative on the team on his Fan960 show is funny. I know he used to give it to kids too if they wore Rider gear when he was teaching.

Jeff Gordon said...

What circus. It was over a couple months ago. Having issues with the rookie snapping so get someone to try out

ARKYVE said...

I think this is a terrible signing. We have a very keen long snapper in our community who is a 2015 vanier cup champion. Yianni Cabalis is 25 years old and would give his heart and soul to this team if given an opportunity. This reminds me of the Jamal Richardson signing under Chamblin. This rider organization has made so many positive acquisitions and has earned so much respect in a difficult transition year but i think that the Riders are missing a great player in their own back yard.