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Thursday, October 20, 2016


The sun came out for Thursday's Roughriders practice at Taylor Field.  It was Day 3 of their work week as they prepare to host the Montreal Alouettes Saturday at 2:00 pm.
Vernon Adams will make his first pro start at quarterback for the 4-11 Alouettes and if nothing else, the Als have the element of surprise on their side in this one.
"We watched the film of him in the preseason and he's a very, very elusive guy," said Roughriders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones.  "We've got some college film on him too.  He's a guy that you gotta keep in the pocket.  He's a lot like Mike Reilly.  If he doesn't have his first or second read, he's going to get out and use his mobility."
Rider middle linebacker Henoc Muamba said Adams poses a bigger threat than your average rookie.
"We know he's a runner, from what we've heard," Muamba offered."  He's a good runner but we don't know how accurate he is yet.  We're going to try to make him uncomfortable.  We have to be disciplined in the Front 7 and keep him in the pocket."
Meanwhile the reality is starting to hit home that Saturday will be the second last-ever game for the Roughriders at Taylor Field.  It has veteran players like Rob Bagg starting to get reflective.
"I keep looking around and trying to figure out what I can take and put in my house," laughed the 9-year veteran.  "But there's not a heckuva lot to choose from!  Just running around on the field, the field's hard.  There's a lot of things I look forward to if I get that opportunity to move across the street and play in the new barn, that this team's going to enjoy for years to come."
With Canadian safety Jeff Hecht down this week, the club is mixing in fellow non-imports Matt Webster in that spot.  Canadian DB Tevaughn Campbell will replace the injured Justin Cox at halfback.
"Tevaughn's as good of athlete as anybody on this field, regardless of nationality," Chris Jones explained Thursday.  "He's one of the top speed guys that we have, and we have good speed.  Tevaughn's just got to understand how much physical talent that he possesses and when he goes out there and plays with confidence, he's a very good football player."


Anonymous said...

Did the city move the wrecking ball on sight, can't be fast enough before that old eyesore is gone.

Anonymous said...

Forget prep. Here's the scoop! A starting qb will recieve a very lucrative playing contract via free agency. sk won't be in the equation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you oh wise one.

John Knight said...

To the wise one about the starting QB, how can you breath with your head up there.

Anonymous said...

Breath in, breath out.