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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Just hours after announcing the signing of Canadian linebacker Henoc Muamba, Roughriders Coach & GM Chris Jones stated Muamba will make his Saskatchewan debut this Friday at Ottawa.

Actually Muamba announced it himself following Wednesday's indoor Rider practice, saying he'll see action primarily on special teams against the RedBlacks (5:00 pm ST, TSN, 620 CKRM).  Chris Jones said the St. Francis Xavier product will also become part of their regular linebacker rotation due to an injury to Korey Jones.

Muamba joins WR Jeff Fuller and DE Willie Jefferson as CFL stars who will make their Rider debuts against Ottawa.

Muamba's also another player who has ties to the new Rider regime. He and Jones both told the story on Wednesday of Muamba attending a football clinic Jones was hosting in Truro, NS when Muamba was an underclassman.  Jones recognized Muamba as a player with a lot of potential and the pair stayed in touch.

Jones also explained the Riders are going to the nation's capital two days in advance of this week's game because their prior two trips to the East Division were their worst games of the year (41-3 loss in Montreal and 53-7 loss in Hamilton).

The Riders will also stay down east between their Week 16 and 17 games as they visit Toronto on October 15.

Jones said they'll do fun things like practice in Ottawa and go on a team visit to Parliament Hill.



Anonymous said...

"In Jones We Trust"

Anonymous said...

As a season ticket holder I have quite enjoyed watching the 2016 Rider Revitalization Project unfold. A key piece still remains to be the signing of Durant to a new contract. Building a Grey Cup contender requires an elite QB and Durant is that man.

Old Hank

Anonymous said...

The Leader Post says he's signed through 2018.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the "Green" "Green" grass of home Henoc!

Anonymous said...

Let us hope he is not another player with good credentials but ends up being an epic fail here.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Signing. Wish he would have won the superbowl with Cowboys, but winning Grey Cup in Saskie will be fun too

Anonymous said...

One two three and four, do the Muamba dance.

Anonymous said...

Muamba a is a very good signing. His strength is the MLB position. We have a solid MLB in Greg Jones so I hope one of these guys don't mind playing strong side Linebacker as they are both talented. I have listened to discussions of Henoc's many travels for such a young player. I just hope that HC Jones can settle Muamba to the point that he becomes a mature man and a good teammate. Sometimes understanding the team comes 1st and the player second is hard for a young desirable player. In the NFL Henoc was training camp fodder but in the CFL his Canadian status makes him much more desirable. Once in the new Stadium with a very football hungry crowd. How could a CFL player not want to be a big part of that. By Henoc signing a long term contract he's proved that he wants to be here. We're as the recent acquisition of Fuller on a 2016 5 game contract proves he's not convinced this is where he wants to be.
I just hope 2017 starts out much stronger than 2016. It was painful watching the Bombers first 2 years in their new stadium. The Riders need to be super competitive next year. The stadium already has great Karma from the Huskys and Rams both scoring big points in a great game. Unlike the Dark cloud that seemed to settle over Taylor field 100 years ago. The Regina Rugby team (not the Riders) must have been blown out the first game and created a Taylor field home team bad voodo spell. Anyone know the score of the 1st ever game played at Taylor field?

Spock logic

Anonymous said...

I would bet that he can still try out for the NFL if he chooses too but Sask did the right thing by binding him to only playing for them if he did choose to try out for the NFL again and having to come back but who knows he may just give up on the NFL dream finally. His contract will be done as Jones goes to the NCAA or NFL to coach.