Realty One

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Buono on Friday in Regina
The B.C. Lions will provide the opposition for the Saskatchewan Roughriders in their last-ever game at Taylor Field on Saturday (5:00 pm, TSN, 620 CKRM Rider Radio Network).

The Lions arrived in Regina Friday afternoon and Head Coach & GM Wally Buono was asked if he's enjoyed being the visitor for so many years coming to Regina.

"If you win!" Buono laughed.  "If you lose, it's not that much fun.  No, it's football the way it's meant to be.  You go on the road, you know it's a disadvantage and the club that's on the road has to be able to focus and not let the crowd dictate what goes on."

Buono has been a particular target of the Rider Nation whenever he's in town, with the fans chanting loudly, "WALLLLLLLLY".

"I think I'm the only coach who gets chanted for," Buono smirked.  "I just take it that the fans appreciate what we do and when you come here, you know you'll get a warm welcome.'

The Lions were front-and-centre for one of the more memorable events in the stadium's history.  It was September of 2008 when the eastside fans pelted the Lions bench with beer cans, prompting Buono to take his team out to the middle of the field.

"That's one of my fondest memories," Buono grinned.  "What I was really nervous about was the players getting out of control.  I wasn't afraid of anything.  We had guys like Rob Murphy and Jason Jimenez and I've seen where players went into the stands.  That gets way out of control.  By pulling the team to midfield, the security got it under control."

Geroy Simon is travelling with the Lions on this trip, working as a club ambassador and as scout.  He wasn't going to miss this game.

"For a long time I never really liked coming to this place but after playing a season here and being embraced by the people of this province, it's great to come to the final game.  It's going to be really special," Simon said.

"I've had beer cans thrown at me, pennies, batteries, and there were a few occasions with lots of beer spilled on you but that's what makes this place special."

Simon caught two touchdown passes for Saskatchewan in the 2013 Grey Cup which is lauded as the greatest game in Taylor Field history.

As far as the game itself goes the Roughriders announced their roster Friday morning and they've got six changes from last week's 19-14 loss to Montreal.

IN are RB Marshaun Coprich, DB Royce Adams, WR Phil Bates, WR Kadron Boone, WR Josh Stanford and DL Greg Milhouse Jr.

OUT are QB Mitchell Gale, WR Shamawd Chambers, RB Joe McKnight, LB Greg Jones, WR Joe Craig and WR Ryan Lankford.


George Porge said...

Michell Gale is out? So I guess Chris Jones is following Brendan Taman's old "we're not in the business of developing quarterbacks" adage, then?

Anonymous said...

Gale is on the one game list. Coaches have seen what he can do. Time to look at the others

Anonymous said...

Chambers and Greg Jones won't be here next yr. IMO

JPR said...

George porge we do have other QB's other than Gail you might want to keep up with the team

Anonymous said...

Working the game.....and still couldn't sleep last night. Going to be an great day.

Anonymous said...

A loss today would sure look good on Wally.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wally the best in the CFL. He'll let his pet Lions out of their den and they'll make a quick merciless snack of the lowly Roughriders right in front of all riderville.