Realty One

Monday, October 17, 2016


TORONTO - Mike Napoli homered and drove in two runs and Cleveland survived a bizarre, bloody pitching cameo by Indians starter Trevor Bauer to defeat Toronto 4-2 Monday night, burying the Blue Jays in an 0-3 hole in the American League Championship Series.

It was more of the same for the Jays, their bats rendered near useless by Cleveland pitching. Toronto has scored just three runs in three games against the Indians, who have done just enough offensively to win.

Star reliever Andrew Miller, who had struck out 10 of the 12 Jays he faced in the first two games, came on with four outs remaining. He got a strikeout to end the eighth but gave up a single to pinch-hitter Dioner Navarro to open the ninth.

Miller struck out Kevin Pillar and Melvin Upton Jr. and Darwin Barney grounded out to extinguish the rally.

Napoli, who came in the game mired in an 0-for-25 drought against right-handers, homered and doubled. Jason Kipnis also had a solo homer for the Indians.

Michael Saunders homered for Toronto, which is now in do-or-die mode for the rest of the best-of-seven series. Both teams had seven hits.

Cleveland pulled ahead 4-2 with two runs in the sixth. The Jays have yet to lead in the series.

Bauer, playing with 10 stitches in his right pitching pinky after a freak drone repair accident last Thursday, lasted just two outs and 21 pitches. Blood was dripping from his unbandaged finger like a faucet and his uniform was stained with crimson drops when umpire Brian Gorman walked out to the mound and summoned Indians manager Terry Francona for a pitcher who wasn't leaking red.

Even before the game, Bauer's finger looked like someone had taken a razor-sharp ice-cream scoop to it. But the 25-year-old seemed unfazed, using his right hand to flex a whippy exercise bar outside the Indians dugout.

Bauer had a strikeout, walk, flyout and walk before making his bloody exit. He only managed nine strikes.

Dan Otero came on in relief, the first of six Cleveland relievers. Bryan Shaw (1-0) got the win.

The Indians have won nine straight dating back to the end of the regular season while extending their franchise-record post-season streak to six victories.

Toronto used four pitchers in relief of starter Marcus Stroman (0-1). Closer Roberto Osuna had men on first and second with one out in the ninth but pitched out of it.

Game 4 goes Tuesday with Toronto's Aaron Sanchez against Indians ace Corey Kluber, pitching on three days rest. Francona had planned to go with rookie Ryan Merritt if Bauer had managed to pitch deep into Tuesday's game.

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Anonymous said...

To Quote Nelson "Ha ha".

Anonymous said...

I can see Gibbons, Bautista , Upton and Smoak gone from this team next year. They are not the Blue Jays we saw last year at this time. How that Upton hit 20 home runs I will never know. It looked like he couldn't hit in slow pitch .

Anonymous said...

Done like dinner….put a fork in em...

Anonymous said...


@mrt_man said...

So much blood! Kinda surprised they sent him out to pitch... drone accident... kind of a lame way to crush your mlb dreams. He obviously knew it was bleeding, but surely he didn't think it was gushing quite to that extent. In any event that's something we can't unsee.

I also enjoyed the bird from francona

John Knight said...

I don't think a "Ha ha" is warranted. Just because you don't like the Blue Jays doesn't mean the majority of Canadians agree with you.I am proud that our country as a whole got behind the Blue Jays in hopes they would get to the world series

Anonymous said...

Line by the long ball. Die by the long ball.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Most of the Blue Jay "fans" are just bandwagon jumpers. They don't know squat about or care about baseball.

mister winnipeg said...

Hey John, how are the Blue Jays "my team" any more than the MN Twins which are a hell of a lot closer to me than Toronto is?

Yesterday's RP post shows you how much solidarity Toronto feels with the rest of the country. Eff them. I hope the Blue Jays never make the playoffs again.

Anonymous said...

Toronto's American dream is over. The bandwagon fans will find another American team to become the team they cheer for. Toronto and the wannabe attitude are an insult to the rest of Canada.

Anonymous said...

Trying to pull pitches two inches off the plate is laughable. Francona put in a game plan Gibbnutts couldn't match. Cleveland's pitching a little too good. The Jays can tear the hide off of good to mediocre pitching. When they face good to excellent pitching they revert to .125 hitting team. Problem all year so it was bound to surface again. Can't manufacture a run to save their souls. Gibbnutts managing style is to say and do nothing; just let your big bats come up and swing yard every pitch on the plate or off. Simply not good enough.

Anonymous said...

John Knight the "majority of Canadians" are shameless bandwagon jumpers so I don't care what the "majority of Canadians" thinks. If all sports fans were in jail it would be bandwagon jumpers that would be the bottom of the pecking order, the people getting jumped in the yard and Sanduskied in the showers. You see Jays attendance and TV ratings figures other than these last two years? Pathetic.

If you're so damn patriotic then why do you line Rogers' pockets? Rogers has and is actively trying to kill the CFL. This is not paranoia or hyperbole; this Canadian corporation is against the existence of the most Canadian pro league in the country, all so that it's precious Jays can get more attention and because they are under the delusion that Toronto should/could have an NFL team.

If patriotism was really your aim behind who you cheered for then you'd be hoping for the Jays' elimination in this series as well as a general lack of success going forward.

As I said to the idea of the Jays being on the brink: GOOD!

Anonymous said...

For a team hungry for a win they seemed flat last night and when they did hit the ball it was easily handled. Last gasp tonight, we'll see what they're made of.

Anonymous said...

To Quote Nelson "Ha ha".