Realty One

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


TORONTO - The season is over for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Carlos Santana and Coco Crisp hit solo home runs as the Cleveland Indians beat Toronto 3-0 to win the American League Championship Series in five games.

Mike Napoli opened the scoring for Cleveland with a double in the top of the first inning that scored Francisco Lindor.

Offence was a problem for Toronto all series, and this time the Blue Jays' bats were silenced by a pitcher making his second career start.

Ryan Merritt pitched 4 1/3 innings, giving up just two hits and striking out three before the Indians' formidable bullpen came in early to shut the door.

Blue Jays starter Marco Estrada pitched six innings, surrendering two earned runs over five hits while striking out seven.

(The Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

I was surprised after the game that they announced that Gibbons will be back for sure next season after the many mistakes he made with some bad decisions in the Playoffs.

Anonymous said...

I just wish Bautista would have learned from previous bonehead comments and actions. To say the Clevland rookie Pitcher was probably shaking in his boots facing the Jays line up was just dumb! Anytime you make statements in the media that can go the other way. You put yourself out there to look or sound like a fool. As was the case here. That Rookie leftie went through the Jays line up as smooth as butter. 5 innings that made the kid look like a future super star. Good for the young man.
If Bautista is a BlueJay next season. I sure hope he has learned to let his play do the talking. Somehow I kind of doubt that.

Spock Logic

Anonymous said...

As a diehard Jays fan, and now that the season is over, I would crawl on broken glass to resign Edwin, and use the money ear marked for Jose B to help with that. Jose, while a great ball player, has become tiresome. I say let him go somewhere in the NL, but do not let EE escape.

If you have to chirp, don't ever do it early.

Further, everyone is blaming the loss on a TO collapse. How about, wow, the Cleveland's are way better than I thought they were. And without two of their biggest stars. Their pitching is second to none. (Sorry Chicago). So hats off to them for winning, not Toronto losing.

It was a fun season. Period. IJ.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly.

Anonymous said...

Always next year for those beer can throwing streaking fans. W

Anonymous said...

Most Jays fans are clueless about the other teams. "better than you thought ". Really? All you had to do was pay attention to the standings. Typical.
Red Sox and Yankees will be above the Jays next year.

Anonymous said...

Well Jerry, no need to worry about having to say "Indians " now cuz you are at home.

Anonymous said...

'Red Sox and Yankees will be above the Jays next year.' RedSox were above the Jays this year, and got pummeled. Maybe it's you that needs to pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Now Blow the Jays up once and for all. Another decade before this excellence will be seen again by them in the AL East.