Realty One

Saturday, October 8, 2016


John Woods/Canadian Press
WINNIPEG - Blue Bombers quarterback Matt Nichols threw two touchdown passes and even caught one himself in a trick play as the Blue Bombers defeated the B.C. Lions 37-35 on Saturday.

The Lions got to Winnipeg's four-yard line with 56 seconds to go, but on third-and-one tailback Chris Rainey was stopped by Winnipeg linebacker Maurice Leggett.

The turnover ended with Bombers receiver Weston Dressler conceding a safety with one second to go after scrambling around in the end zone.

The victory ended Winnipeg's two-game losing skid and upped its record to 9-6 in front of 24,284 fans at Investors Group Field.

B.C. is 9-5 and the teams who are tied for second in the CFL West Division face each other again next Friday in Vancouver.

Winnipeg had a 24-3 lead early in the second quarter, but the Lions closed the gap to 24-20 by halftime.

(The Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

The last ten minutes of that game both coaches were out of challenges. Was it ever nice watching it then.

However, the refs sure screwed up on Harris' fumble and it was automatically reviewed by the Command Centre because it may have been a turnover.

I'm not a Lions fan and certainly not a Wally fan but they got shafted by the so called experts in the Command Centre.

Unbelievably incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bombers have their best team in 5 years and best team so far in IGF but they can only get 24,000. Pretty pathetic for a team starving for success and playing some entertaining football. Guess they only care when they play Saskatchewan and nothing else.

John Knight said...

The command center is and has been a joke all year. They need new people to review these questionable plays. Also its time to get rid of the offence and defence pass interference challenges. They have proven to be too long and reverse decisions on the slightest touch

Stuey Regina said...

I agree! Even the TSN panel agreed it was a game changing bad call. Not a Lions fan but they got robbed of an opportunity to kick a FG and win it.

Anonymous said...

Terrible call by Command Center! They've been brutal and inconsistent all year.
If they want to continue with the charade, they should put a TSN camera in there to see who's making the rulings and how drunk they are!!

Anonymous said...

2 things:

The Command Centre made a mockery of the league (detrimental to the league)

Bomber fans should be ashamed drawing 24,000 a game with a Great team finally

3RD and 1 said...

I agree 100% that the CFL command centre shows incompetence on a weekly basis. I also agree with Rod Pedersen from previous articles that having a past referee hold the power he does in changing (ruining) our incredibley exciting Canadian football game is gross incompetence at the highest level. As much as the Lions were shafted I just can't feel sorry for Buono In his own big bubble called Wallys world. He's one of the reasons we have this challenge atrocites happening.
On a different note 📝. I am enjoying watching the Bombers play high above their
Level. I want the Bombers to do well. Hell I would even cheer for them to win the GC but their fans are the biggest A-holes in the league. They verbally attacked our group of Rider fans at the GC in Winnipeg. It was none stop from the minute we walked up to the stadium to the second we pulled off our jerseys back at the hotel room. With no word of a lie we even had senior men an women swearing at us like drunken sailors. If my Mother or Granny ever spoke the way those old gals did st the GC I would disown my Granny. WOW.... just foul beyond belief. I never knew Granny's would suggest fornication with farm animals because you wore the colours of your team and Province. Don't these bone heads realize we are their supporting their club by buying tickets and eating and drinking very expensive wobbly pops. If Bomber fans could act less like shaved head Banjo picking deep forest Ozark Mountain deliverance type dudes. I might of cheered for them all the way. Instead I read about them attacking one of their own 12 year old boys during the Banjo Bowl. Pouring beer on his head. Time to grow up Manitoba football fans.

Anonymous said...

At least they are consistently bad for all teams, hard to enjoy an otherwise tight game when it ends that way. Saskatchewan fans feel your pain BC. Maybe Winnipeg is the team to get a few good bounces their way this year.