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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Bagg on Tuesday
Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver Rob Bagg is still wondering what he might have said to rile up the Montreal Alouettes so bad prior to Saturday's game at Taylor Field.

Following Montreal's 19-14 win, Als defensive end John Bowman thanked Bagg on TSN for providing them with bulletin board material leading up to the game.

"I haven't figured out specifically what he was upset about," Bagg said after Tuesday's practice.  "All I can come up with is maybe one of my interviews earlier in the week where I said the best six teams should make the playoffs.  Maybe he didn't like that idea."

Bagg said he's been inundated with questions from friends and family who watched the game, wondering what he possibly could have said.

"My Mom did!" Bagg laughed.  "She was like 'What are you doing out there picking fights with boys that big?' and I said 'Mom I really have no idea what he's upset about!"

Meanwhile the Riders practiced without running back Joe McKnight who continues to go through the Concussion Protocol after being decked with a helmet-to-helmet hit by Montreal linebacker Winston Venable on the game's last play on Saturday.

Riders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones was asked why there was no penalty called on the play.

"That's something you'll have to ask (the CFL)," Jones advised.  "Again, it looked like a shot to me but the official was standing right there on the play.  It would've given us one more play - which I would've liked to have had - but the league deemed it was a legal hit."

It appears McKnight will be replaced by sophomore Canadian running back Greg Morris this Saturday when the Riders host B.C. in the last-ever game at Taylor Field (5:00 pm, TSN, 620 CKRM Rider Radio Network).


The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced the following roster moves:

·       International wide receiver Philip Bates

·       International wide receiver Kadron Boone
·       International defensive lineman Kaelin Burnett
·       National defensive back Randy Roseway
·       International offensive lineman Lawrence Walker

·       National long snapper Daniel MacDonald

·       International wide receiver Diandre Campbell
·       International wide receiver Ryan Lankford
·       International defensive lineman Kendall Montgomery
·       International defensive lineman Davon Walls
·       International defensive lineman Nick Woodman


Morgan said...

Unlike the als the riders actually have a future. Someone just needs to flush the toilet on the the als. They've been rotting in there for too long. To put it literally, that franchise is in the toilet.

Randolph Charles said...

How can Anthony Calvillo teach a quarterback to be....Anthony Calvillo?

Anonymous said...

I'm very curious with the incredible amount of in and out international players this current regime is going through. Yes I understand they are rebuilding a team and need to see a multitude of players. Given the time frame of the players in and then out. Can you truly make a proper assessment. Current BC QB comes to mind with a Riders fast tracked tryout. Good example would be Cameron Wake. It took Cameron a few games to adjust to CFL style of play before he became a beast.
I don't know one 1 millionth that Chris Jones knows about football. I'm just hoping that what we are seeing isn't a further waiste of money that Jones and Company have been so quick to do this inaugural year.

Spock Logic

Anonymous said...

No wonder most CFL fans cannot stand the rider fans, talking the Montreal franchise is going no where and they should flush the toilet cause they have been rotting in there to long...are you seriously that dumb? I am no Montreal fan but just a quick fact for you Montreal 3 grey cups since 2000 and two in the past 10 years and 7 in franchise history...Riders have 2 in since 2000 and 4 in total franchise history so which team has been rotting in the toilet here? One more quick fact, Montreal just outplayed you with a rokkie QB and no All-Star receiver except the veteran Nik Lewis so glad you feel the riders are going so much farther right now, whatever keeps you warm at night bud.

Anonymous said...

Spock Logic, the Rider's unofficial accountant! LOL

Anonymous said...

You mad bro?

Anonymous said...

haha he's clearly a 'rokkie' at trolling

Morgan said...

Classic rider hater. Just bash the riders and their fans even though you know nothing about the CFL and probably haven't even watched an entire game in your life. If you had watched a game before, then you'd know that the riders are decimated with injuries much more than the allouettes. The entire riders receiving core and oline are pretty well out with injury. Don't comment if you don't know what you're talking about.

3RD and 1 said...

Spock Logic has a good point. The Riders have blown 30 grand here and there with player signing bonuses that never showed or were released or traded for nothing. St least he has a legitimate comment. Unlike a stupid comment about being an accountant. No LOL intended.