Realty One

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Woldu on Tueday's Huddle
Nine-year CFL veteran champion Paul Woldu was our studio analyst on Tuesday's In The Huddle on Access 7 and the three-time Grey Cup champion offered his opinion on the latest hot topic in the CFL; Kent Austin contacting official Tom Cesari in Saturday's game at Saskatchewan.

As of Tuesday evening, the CFL had yet to hand down any discipline towards the Hamilton Tiger-Cats GM & Head Coach, and Austin himself told reporters earlier in the day he doesn't expect any will be forthcoming.

Woldu doesn't agree.

"Absolutely he should get the maximum dollar fine," Woldu said.  "And I think he should be suspended for a game.  The reason I say that is because we have to hold (the coaches) accountable just like we do the players.

"If he would've been given the maximum fine and been kicked out of last year's game against Toronto when he contacted Dave Stala, guaranteed he doesn't go close to the ref (this time)."

Austin was fined $5,000 for the incident with Stala, and issued a public apology.

Paul Woldu retired following the 2015 CFL season and is currently working as a successful realtor in Regina.  He also moonlights as an outstanding postgame analyst on Rider Radio 620 CKRM.  It's clear he has some strong opinions on Austin's actions.

"You have to set a precedent," Woldu continued.  "That way it will dictate your actions.  I'll give you an example involving myself.  I was fined two years ago for running into a referee on a play.  He actually got in my way in the endzone, and I didn't even see him.  They fined me the max and said while my intent wasn't there, I still happened to run into him.

"(Austin) knows his space.  He could've said what he had to say within space but instead he was close and he did what he did and he should be fined for it."

Austin was irate over an Illegal Procedure penalty when Hamilton centre Mike Filer was called for moving the ball forward a few inches on a 3rd-and-inches situation in the fourth quarter.  Austin appeared to have swatted the hand of Cesari while arguing the call, but said on Tuesday it was accidental.

"If you want to prevent this from happening again, you got to set the bar here," Woldu concluded.

Personally I'm not surprised the CFL hasn't yet made a ruling on Austin's actions.  We're told the league is reviewing the incident and talking to all sides involved in the matter.  League discipline isn't usually announced until the following Thursday.

Sportsnet's Arash Madani said on Tuesday's SportsCage that the ultimate decision on discipline for Austin will rest with CFL Commissioner Jeffrey L. Orridge.



Anonymous said...

Penalty applied during game, move on Mandani, (get back under the rock you crawled out from). Penalty cost the Tiger Cats field position, probably the game. Sincere appropriate apology forwarded by Mr Austin to all concerned. Case closed, game over 5 days ago.

3RD and 1 said...

I agree with Rod in that Commissioner Orridge will continue to be porridge on issues such as this. It's ok to call out a community owned team for practising in a manner that all teams do now and then. Yet he will be all creamy when dealing with a single owner team. I think Orridge doesn't want to piss off the owner of the TieCats and Austin receives a small fine. Amount will not be disclosed and the league moves on.
Orridge only gets heavy handed when he knows he is appeasing those teams that have individual owners. Which in this case none of them give a rats ass. We care here in Riderville because how the Commissioners office singled out the Riders organization and said we were damaging the integrity of the league. There is no question how much the league owners hated the relationship between the Riders and the last 2 commissioners and have done everything possible to make sure Orridge thinks very little of the Riders orginization. Madani is correct in his assumption on what Austin should get. However just like the Cater incident the league will once again botch the outcome.

Anonymous said...

A lot of judging and pointing fingers without 100% facts. Making judgements and to mention the situation of all teams practicing too many players, maybe they do but not in the extremes of about 40 or more players above the amount allowed...and yes your riders did have 40 or more above the amount, it is like practicing two teams...they bought two houses for them also, why not just buy a section of Regina for them...I got a name for it, LOSERVILLE.

Anonymous said...

Ask Tom Wright how it went for him when he didn't side with single ownership teams.

Anonymous said...

Everyone on that field, players coaches and refs are expected to maintain control of themselves at all times. Period. Kent lost control trying to figure out the moved ball penalty. Without an explanation on the call, I can understand why he was baffled. That loss of control ended with an aggressive swat that caught the officials hand. If he attempts to say it was controlled emotion, then it was intentional.

Either he is punished for losing control and contacting a ref in an aggressive manner, or he is punished for doing it on purpose.

There cannot be grey area here.


3RD and 1 said...

What a Friggen Hypocrite. Calls out people for judging then slams a team with zero proof on houses. Posts Anonymously. Just because Dunk said "A" house was purchased. Which later came to nothing. Then you embellish to 2 houses. Sure the Riders are going to spend a million dollars on buying a couple houses. Give your head a shake. purchased. Listen azzhole. Go back to Alberta or Ontario or Manitoba or where ever the hell you came from. Your just an out of Province troll.

Anonymous said...

Of course the puke apologized. he also apologized to Stala last year. He should have ben handed a one game suspension last year, and this incident would not have occurred. Just apologize and it makes everything OK?

Duron Carter bumped into a coach and got a 1 game suspension. he too 'claims" it was unintentional but still got a game. How can players and coaches be held to different standards? In Austin's case he's a repeat offender when it comes to contact. "NO" major sports league anywhere would tolerate this towards an official.

Before any loud mouths try to defend, just watch the video replay again. Watch his out of control rage as he rushes the official and watch him make deliberate contact with that official. He has no right to get in the officials grill, into his space, and has no right to contact him. Under the Criminal Code of this country, Austins actions could have been construed as a common assault and charges could be laid.

To think this man wouldn't get a fine and at least a 1 game suspension puts the entire league into even deeper disrepute. It's looking more and more "Mickey Mouse" every day. Like the rich kid who wanted a Mickey Mouse outfit; so his dad bought him the CFL.

Two many buffoons running the CFL. Orridge and Johnson have to be replaced.

Anonymous said...

Who says the Riders bought two houses?

Anonymous said...

"got damn! penalty? for what?" he said as he motioned his arm/hand forward/downward in exasperation in the process tipping fingers with a sideline judge. Another penalty flag thrown, game time panalty applied. Game moves on, end of story.

(This CFLeague has turned into a joke with JLO at the helm! Real... Bush League, To quote Mr Gretzky, "Micky Mouse organization".)

Anonymous said...

There is a slight difference in my opinion between having a 'few' too many players at practice and slapping an official. On one hand, the rules were stretched a little, something every team in the league is doing, don't kid yourselves there. But to SLAP an official because you don't like a call? No other coach in the league does that. The league has/had an opportunity to make an example of Austin like they did with the Riders and their roster issues. I can only hope Orridge puts his coloring book and juice box away and hands down the discipline that is clearly required in this situation. Anything less than a game and $20, 000 fine is a joke in my opinion. And let's not kid ourselves the league will make a mess of this. Turning a blind eye on a repeat offender of contact with others is inexcusable in my eyes unless he struck that stupid grin off Bo Levi Mitchell's face from halftime on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

The Old Okskaweeweezers will rally around their coach much like we do here in Rider Nation.

Anonymous said...

Austin couldn't control his rage and never has been able to. He berates and abuses officials every game, all game. The video of the incident doesn't in any universe back up a contention that it was an accidental contact. If you believe that I have some Ocean Front property in Arizona you might be interested in.

He left his position, went over and abused the official. He then made contact with the same official. This is a continuation and pattern of behaviour that he has always done. His contact with Stala last year was as bad or worse than Carter's on the Ottawa coach, yet a suspension happened. Two very different sets of standards. There is no grey area here, none at all. He is a repeat offender.

This is not an oh shucks type situation where you can say was no big thing, forgive and forget. All is well so lets move on. No harm no foul. That is total BS and the league is being looked at. If the CFL had suspended Austin last year like they did Carter this year, this would have never happened. The league had better make a strong statement about contact of an official. Pretty soon it will be open season on those guys.

There are no doubt goof balls running the CFL but for a lot of different reasons.

Bradford Kruger said...

Suspension and fine just came down from the league.

Christopher Evans said...

Judgement has just come down from Orridge... $10k fine & a removal from the sidelines for the next game... Austin is allowed to be in the spotter's booth.

BLaz said...

The wrong penalty was applied during the game. If that was the end of it there wouldn't be no such a thing as fines.