Realty One

Sunday, September 11, 2016


WINNIPEG - The Winnipeg Blue Bombers sent out one quarterback and brought in another with a familiar face on Sunday in two different trades.

Winnipeg traded Drew Willy to the Argonauts for Toronto's first-round pick in the 2017 draft, the Argos' third-round pick in the 2018 draft, and defensive back T.J. Heath.

The Bombers also traded their fourth-round pick in the 2018 draft to Montreal in exchange for quarterback Kevin Glenn, who will replace Willy behind starter Matt Nichols.

"The opportunity to acquire a first-round pick next year along with a player we have really liked this season in T.J. Heath, and an experienced quarterback in Kevin Glenn was something we needed to strongly evaluate,'' said Bombers general manager Kyle Walters.

"Ultimately, for a variety of factors, we felt this was the right move for our football team, both short and long term. We sincerely thank Drew Willy for his hard work, professionalism and dedication to our program over the past two plus seasons.''

The Bombers have won six straight games since Nichols took over as their starter, making Willy expendable.

Willy began his CFL career with Saskatchewan in 2012 and was traded to Winnipeg on Feb. 6, 2014.

Glenn is a veteran of 16 CFL seasons, including five with Winnipeg from 2004 to 2008. He started nine games with Montreal this season, completing 222 of his 314 passes for 2,547 yards, 13 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

Glenn has played 250 career games, throwing for 48,766 yards and 270 touchdowns. He has led two teams to Grey Cup appearances, including one with Winnipeg in 2007.

He sits third on the Bombers all-time passing yardage list at 18,116 and fifth on the club's all-time passing touchdowns list.

Heath is in his first CFL season, having played in 10 games (nine starts) for Toronto.

He had a team-high five interceptions and 37 defensive tackles with the Argos. His five interceptions are tied for the league lead with Bombers linebacker Maurice Leggett.

Heath signed with Toronto in May 2016 after stints in the NFL with Jacksonville, Buffalo, Cleveland, Miami and New York Giants.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Jones you watching ???
Take note - this is what a real trade looks like not like the BS you have been getting for the riders

Evan Wiome said...

Well it is about time Jim Barker got robbed after making Chris Jones look like a fool with more than one trade this year.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Did the Argos ever get hosed on this deal. Giving up the draft picks was way over the top. Winnipeg wanted to dump over-paid Willy on the market and Barker over-paid.

Anonymous said...

Understand that the riders board stepped in and made it known to jones that DD was not to be traded under any circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah right. Sure they did. And then they called you.

Anonymous said...

Board of directors having never played a down of professional football. Therein lies the problem to that franchise and it's continued losing ways (4 team championships to a very long drawn out history), outside interference to the on field product. That whole higher up bullsh*t (behind the scenes politics) team structure has to be called into question.

mister winnipeg said...

Got a starter for a salary dump. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a win for both sides. Wpg gets some salary relief and a bunch of picks, Toronto is still in the hunt to win a wide open East. I think the argos over paid but it is a supply and demand thing. Not many starting caliber QB's (well actually maybe one in Regina too...) that are available midseason.
Objectively one of two scenarios is happening in Regina #1 DD has a no trade clause and is refusing a trade (a trade that would help the franchise for next year if he resigns) or #2 the riders aren't entirely sure DD would resign as a free agent next year if he got traded.

Anonymous said...

Wondering who the VP of FO-GM-HC-DC Chris Jones is able to make a fair trade with? Seems like he he missed the Argo boat. Jones brash ways might hurt in a small league with GMs who tend to have long memories. I doubt Wally or Huff or Ed Hervy or Barker or .... want to help "big ego Jones" out very much.

Anonymous said...

What these two trades really shows is the valuation of a young QB vs an older one

Anonymous said...

Glenn has never been a winner and if Nichols goes down it's lights out. 1st round draft picks are scattered all over the league playing on special teams. Very few ever amount to anything. Willy can't win and neither can Glenn, so it's pretty much a saw off.

The Riders would have moved DD if there was a great young QB available but there isn't. There is a shortage of good young QB's around even Toronto doesn't have any more. Nothing to trade him for.

willie said...

Put both of those Boneheads together and they cant even touch Durant. Keep him here . He's the Best. Just get him some players .

Anonymous said...

Board of directors having never played a down of professional football. Therein lies the problem to that franchise

NEITHER HAVE JONES OR MURPHY - the problem for the riders

Anonymous said...

It's the fan base that Chace played off this team and away from this province cause the fans are just as bad as the media....that's why premier players in this league won't sign sign here cause cause of the shit fans calling the shots from the stands.....of no one believe's in the rebuild...then we'll accomplish nothing as a team and fan base

Anonymous said...

So Winnipeg got a guy with more interceptions than the entire Rider roster. I'd say they won the trade.

Anonymous said...

Franchise structure the problem. It's not working as evident by the team record of 4 championships to date. Many a good highly educated man has played for the team, why arn't there any on the board? You would have to think former football player's would know the in's and out's of what it takes to suceeed to building a winner on the field of play. Present board structure???? In it for the perks and community standing????

Anonymous said...

Well done Winnipeg!!! Stepping up the defense even more with Heath!
Also getting some opportunities in Canadian Depth for the future.

Good luck TO, you just proved that you can beat the Ticats when push comes to shove in the playoffs!


3RD and 1 said...

Ok Ricky Ray has a contract of $500K and Willy's contract is $400k
So when Ricky Ray is no longer injured and his salary goes toward the cap. Then what?
Is Willy released or traded or does Toronto say goodbye to a great QB that has become to injury prone in his twilight years?