Realty One

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Canadian Press
CALGARY - The Calgary Stampeders extended their unbeaten streak this CFL season to 11 straight games with a 48-23 win over the visiting Ottawa Redblacks on Saturday.

The Stampeders haven't lost a game since their season-opener.

Andrew Buckley and Jerome Messam scored rushing touchdowns for the hosts.

Bo Levi Mitchell threw to Marquay McDaniel and DeVaris Daniels for touchdowns. Jamar Wall returned an interception to score and Ja'Gared Davis off a fumble recovery for a pair of defensive touchdowns.

Rene Paredes added a pair of field goals for the Stampeders.

Ottawa quarterback Trevor Harris threw touchdown passes to Ernest Jackson and Greg Ellingson. Chris Milo kicked three field goals in a losing cause.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

I've disliked the Calgary Stampeders ever since the George Reed vs Wayne Harris wars.
I absolutely despised the Stamps through the Henry Burris-Nik Lewis era.
Now, I guess I'm mellowing because I just envy the entire Stamps organization.
It doesn't seem to matter who retires, who moves on to the NFL or who gets injured. Hufnagel just replaces them.
The Riders have never had that ability. Ever!
For years it was a financial thing (telethons etc.) But now that we're solvent there's the salary cap.
Even if there was no cap the Riders still can't recruit anybody anyway no matter who's in charge.
When John Chick went to the NFL we cried about it for three years and never did find a replacement. Then after the NFL cut him we got him back.
This year Brendan LaBatte goes down and 10 games later we still don't have an offensive lineman of CFL caliber. But we're sure hoping that someday he recovers.
We just can't find keepers. The folks supposedly in the know credited John Murphy for Calgary's astute recruiting. It's now obvious that Murphy was just good at looking where Hufnagel told him to look and who to look at.
Brendan Taman wouldn't know talent if it was in the same room as him. and we as an organization still don't.
This spring we were told that Murphy and Chris Jones tried out 3000 players over the offseason.
They discovered three. Rickey Collins Jr., Caleb Holley and maybe Justin Cox.
That's it folks three out of 3000.
Everybody else in this rebuild is recycled.
We've hosted about five playoff games in twenty five years and the west final once.
Why can't we have a functional organization like Calgary does?


Anonymous said...

Probably one of the best coaches in the CFL has got to be the Calgary O-line coach whoever that is. Consistently the best at protecting the QB, good at run blocking and they keep training rookies that develop into good players. WE just don't have that here.

If they don't win the Cup this year I will be surprised as they are the class of the league once again. Imagine being a first place team year after year and being the favourite to win the Grey Cup. Wonder what that must feel like?

Anonymous said...

I still think something is going on over in Calgary. How can they consistently find and plug and play players, and they all look like NFL quality?

Are they paying them extra money? What are they promising these players to play there?

Something stinks in Cowtown and it is not the cows.

Anonymous said...

A kindergarten kid in Calgary has only seen the home team lose 7 games total at McMahon in his lifetime! Stampeders home record Regular season & playoffs 40-7 past 5 years! 40-7

Anonymous said...

Anon #1: great post, totally agree with you.

Anonymous said...

It isn't just the current management, it's been going on for years.

Even when talent has accidently landed in their lap the Riders haven't known what to do with them.

Jonathan Jennings tried out for the Riders but wasn't good enough for the brainthrust of the day.

Last year's regime kept Naaman Roosevelt on the practice roster for half of the season. If not for injury he never would have got in.

Same story for Jerrell Freeman a few years ago with different eyes evaluating him. He too spent half a season on the practice roster and finally got in due to injury.

As quick as Freeman's contract was up he went to the NFL to become a star.

The same thing will happen with Roosevelt and who can blame him?

Anonymous said...

25,000 fans to see the best team in the CFL this year by a country mile. come on Calgary fans.

Anonymous said...

If you build it (stadium/Sk. Rrs team Jones), they will come. Patience grasshopper!