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Friday, September 9, 2016


Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order.

-- I'll get to the Riders first, but first, how about the Regina Rams. Whether you were at Mosaic Stadium, watched it on Access/SHAW or heard it on 620 CKRM, it was a game to remember on Thursday night as the Horns came back in the final seconds to beat the University of Manitoba Bisons in a heartstopping 41-38 win over Manitoba.

For the 2nd straight week, it looked as if Regina was going to lose a lead in the 4th quarter and the game, but a fumble deep in their end late was all Noah Picton needed. He calmly led the team down the field for the winning touchdown ending a night in which he threw for 490 yards and four touchdowns. In two games this season. he has thrown for just under 1000 yards and eight TD's. It was asked after the game if the 490 is a Taylor Field/Mosaic Stadium record. It is not as Doug Flutie threw for 547 in October of 93 (thanks to Rob Vanstone for that). The win is Steve Bryce's first (putting him one ahead of Mike Gibson in Rams lore) and it won't be his last. It is wins like that which can propel a team to the next level. It is wins like that that players will remember for a long time. What a night!

-- The Saskatchewan Roughriders are back at the place where things started to unravel for the organization in 2014 as they are in Winnipeg for the Banjo Bowl. We will never know what the fortunes of this football club would have been like if Darian Durant doesn't suffer a season-ending elbow injury in that game, Sadly, Rider fans know the rest of the story.

Durant's future with the football club has been discussed as this is the last year of his contract. I can't see the Riders having another quarterback to take the first snap for the team at the new Mosaic Stadium than number 4. Yes, at 34 years of age, you have to start thinking about what life post-Durant will be like, but we aren't at that stage yet and shouldn't be. It sounds like Chris Jones wants his marquee player in green for a while yet, and Durant has constantly said this is where he wants to be. Get it done and get it done soon so an announcement can be made in the second half of the season which brings some positivity in what has largely been a negative season.

-- Why is the Banjo Bowl being played on a Saturday instead of the traditional Sunday? The Bombers usually have their version of Fan Fun Day like the Riders had last weekend.  If Winnipeg thinks this will keep Rider Nation away, forget about it. God help the Manitoba capital if you unleash the green-clad fan onto the streets after a Riders win. It may never be the same!

-- Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge is not going to come to Regina for the Plaza of Honor dinner later this month. It was mutually agreed upon between the league and the team that Orridge should perhaps stay away. This is the right move. There is a great deal of tension between the league and the football club right now. Plaza of Honor night is to induct Matt Dominguez and Ivan Gutfriend and to celebrate their time with the green-and-white. It is not the time for ill will and perhaps have something occur that shouldn't from some fan who does something which will ruin the evening.  It should also be noted Orridge wasn't here for the press conference last week when the keys to the new Mosaic were handed over. Don't you think he should have been in attendance for that? I do!

-- Orridge may not get any heat from Rider Nation at the Plaza dinner, but I am guessing it will come his way at Grey Cup. His "state of the league" address during Grey Cup week to both reporters and fans may be the highlight of the week.

-- As the 2nd half of the season gets going, everyone seems to already be declaring the Calgary Stampeders champs. There is no doubt they have been the best team in the first half, but apparently people are forgetting about Zach Collaros and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Don't give the Stamps a coronation yet folks.

-- Week 1 NFL Lock of the Week -- Bengals over Jets
                        Upset of the Week --Titans over Vikings

Playoff Teams AFC: Patriots, Steelers, Colts, Chiefs (Wildcard: Bengals, Raiders)
                        NFC: Redskins, Packers, Panthers, Seahawks (Wildcard: Cardinals, Falcons)

-- I know the trolls will be out when I say this, but when it comes time to hand out the Vince after Super Bowl 51, it will go to the Seattle Seahawks. They will enact revenge for their loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl 49 by beating the Patriots to win their 2nd NFL championship.

-- Speaking of the Seahawks, Regina's own Jon Ryan has been named a captain of the team for the 3rd straight year. Well done Ginja Ninja....well done indeed.

-- CFL fans be honest. When the clock hits 11 AM Sunday morning, are you watching the Alouettes-Argos or the early slate of opening week 1 NFL games. Be honest! If you are truly watching the Montreal-Toronto, good for you!

-- Will there ever be a musical act for Grey Cup halftime that everyone can agree on?  We all know the answer to that. I am OK with "One Republic", but I do agree with those who ask why the CFL is all of a sudden abandoning Canadian acts. There are many of them who could grace BMO Field. Many in all different styles of music. I am not a Drake fan, but you can't tell me, he wouldn't go over in Toronto. There are also many great Canadian country acts which could be showcased as well.  This is the Canadian Football is a chance to celebrate the Canadian game so why not use Canadian acts when doing that? It shouldn't be that hard!

-- What is happening with the Blue Jays? Could they miss the playoffs altogether? This weekend against Boston is one or two levels beyond huge! Here's an idea---don't pitch R-A Dickey!

-- Congratulations to Phil Andrews. He is moving from being a co-worker with me at 620 CKRM to take on the position of director of media and communications for the Regina Pats. Good things happen to good people. Phil is obviously the exception of the rule. KIDDING! It will be different not seeing him around the station around the time, but he will excel with the Pats.

-- Congratulations to Trent Cassan. He is leaving the SJHL's Yorkton Terriers to become an assistant coach with the Calgary Hitmen, During my short time with the SJHL, Cassan and Humboldt's Dean Brockman were two of the better guys to work with and were complete professionals. It isn't surprising to see his career move on to the next level.

-- No congratulations to Canada's national mens soccer team. It will be another World Cup missed as they were eliminated from contention this week. Canada has been to one World Cup. ONE!! That was back in the 80's when the event was in Mexico. I guess we know what we are doing with the womens program, but not the mens.  It's sad to think we can't even beat the Honduras' and El Salvadors of the world, but that is the stark reality. SIGHHHH!!!

That's all I got. GO RIDERS!  and oh yes, GO SEAHAWKS!!


Anonymous said...

So you want the commissioner at your opening of the new stadium but not at the plaza event...tell me how the same result couldn't happen from a fan ruining the event, duh.

Doovy 49 said...

Scruffy do you really think Winnipeg wants to keep Rider nation out of their stadium? Financial suicide.

Dex said...

I think the Bombers/CFL got it right by moving the game to Saturday. Why go up against the NFL's opening weekend? CFL should play only Friday/Saturday until the playoffs after labor day.

Anonymous said...
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Russell Cone said...

Does the commish really want to alienate the Flagship franchise of the CFL?
I think it's pretty chicken-____ to miss this and not answer the tough questions. Cohon would have never missed. I think this guy isn't long for his job. My guess is he quits by year end.

I can understand not wanting to take away from MD and IG's day.

Take care Mitch.

Russ from Saskatoon

JackD83 said...

Go Dolphins!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Rams executive have realized what a mistake it was in hiring Gibson. Someone with Rams culture in their blood has come in and has revitalized this team.

Gibson's time here was a complete disaster. If they would have hired Bryce prior to 2015 season, they would be better off.

Gotta tighten that D though!

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1:

The stadium ceremony was attended by politicians, Rider executive and other dignitaries and "INVITED" guests. There were no fans at that function.

Do ya think Fougere was going to get in Orridge's face? Do ya think Wayne Morsky was going to get in his face?

How stupid are you?

Orridge should have been here for a big day for the Riders AND the CFL that he represents. I also think he should be here for POH, but the optics are high it would not be a good night because of some knuckledragger who devotes way more of his life than he/she should to the daily operations of the football club.

I have the Seahawks beating the Steelers in the SB.

If the Jays get swept at home by the Red Sox, you can forget about the playoffs period.

Have a good weekend gents!


Anonymous said...

Orridge realized he is in way over his head, hes done at the end of his contract if not sooner. C'mon Scruffy you question why the Bomber game is on Saturday, then ask if anyone will be watching the CFL game on Sunda, because your beloved NFL is on. Get real man.

Anonymous said...


Don't give Rider fans a bad name Scruffy.
Orridge would have been safe from the fans.
I don't know of any that have bought the conspiracy garbage you and Rod are peddling.


Anonymous said...

The only people that would cause a distraction if the commissioner showed up are inconsiderate fans who don't know how to act in public. Keep those people away instead as they are the real problem and quit deflecting blame onto the commissioner for what 'might've' happened if he showed up.

Anonymous said...

I will be watching the NFL as the CFL has become unwatchable. Changes to flag football in the off season need to happen.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Phil Andrews in his new job as Phil The Shill for the Regina Pats. Its gonna be a great year to be part of that organization.

Anonymous said...

Richard : How dumb are ya? Nobody would get in his face? other people saying not sure why Rod and Scruffy are starting conspiracies??? It's not a conspiracy anymore when other teams players are talking about it and how obvious and bad it is. If nobody would get in Orridge's face then how come the league AND the Riders MUTUALLY agreed he shouldn't be there?????

Try to keep up there geniuses-

Jeff Orridge

James M. said...

The fact the game is on a Saturday allows Sask fans to be able to stay the night if they choose and not rush back for Monday morning. But sure, if you need another perceived slight, have at it.

Anonymous said...

In addition to avoiding going up against the NFL, the game being played on Saturday actually helps to accommodate Sask fans. They can stay the night and not have to rush back for Monday morning. They did the same last season, but hey, if you want to keep looking for perceived slights, have at it.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping Big Papi has a huge weekend and the Sox sweep the Jays right out of the picture.

Anonymous said...

Trent Cassan is the latest to move from what has become a terrible Junior A league to the WHL. Great hire by Calgary.

Bradford Kruger said...

Regardless of this being opening weekend in the NFL, moving the game in Winnipeg to Saturday gives more fans an opportunity to attend. Don't have to load back up right after the game and drive home.

Anonymous said...

Titans over Vikings?

Anonymous said...

Orridge not being at POH is a good thing.

There would be some idiot wearing a Dressler jersey (because that's what you wear at a formal event like POH) who would get one too many in him and pop off at Jeffy boy thus putting another black mark on Rider Nation and the over-enthusiastic fandom.

Anonymous said...

John Makie had 540 yards in 2002 with the Regina Thunder.

Anonymous said...

Re-upping with Durant must be priority #1 in the off-season. This talk of trading him to T-O is ludicrous. WHo started that rumour?

Anonymous said...

SWC obviously doesn't know very many people

Anonymous said...

All in favour of Banjo Bowl being on a Saturday. The Bombers usually have had their fan day on the Saturday like the Riders do. I guess they are having it some other time or have realized their fans aren't worth it.


T. Brown said...

"CFL fans be honest. When the clock hits 11 AM Sunday morning, are you watching the Alouettes-Argos or the early slate of opening week 1 NFL games."

Neither Scruff... I'll be watching the Argos and Ticats.

Anonymous said...

Dave I'm sure you have a million reasons for not watching the CFL.

Anonymous said...

No, just the one. To repeat, it's unwatchable.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lol at 'Phil the Shill'.

Anonymous said...

I'll say it again this pi and contact penalties are a joke . Get rid of challenges. Review scoring plays I dunno. Johnson can wow u with all the stats in the world . Fact Is it just ain't fun to watch anymore. Every play is a flag.holding is the worst .. no doubt . No such thing as hurry up offence. It's a contact sport. Sure try protect the qbs. . Yes try to get rid of head shots like hockey has tried doing teach at grass roots level. But come on .. let these grown men play a contact sport and make these refs be accountable and not rely on slow MO replay . My opinion .


Anonymous said...

Got news for you Scruff........the Tor/Ham game is not until 2:30 PM!!