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Friday, September 16, 2016


Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order:

- I am going back to the scene of previous horrors this weekend. Thunderbird Stadium on the campus of the University of British Columbia is a beautiful spot, but it isn't the best spot to do a broadcast from---at least not for this blogger. For whatever reason, it is extremely tough to do a radio broadcast from this venue. I am still emotionally scarred from calling an entire game on my cellphone two years ago, but we will try again tomorrow night as I will bring you the Regina Rams-UBC game on what they say is going to be a very wet night.

Should I be surprised considering my past history there? Nope! Will this mean that some tuba player that has made life even more miserable by playing right underneath my broadcast location will decide not to bother. I can only hope so!  I don't know why UBC always schedules homecoming against the Rams, but this will be the 3rd straight year they have done so.

The T-Birds are Vanier Cup champs, and they have to be considered part of the equation again, but if the defense can make some plays and Noah Picton does to the T-Bird D what he did to the Huskies and Bisons, there could be an upset brewing.  Looking forward to it!!

-- The Riders will try once again for that 2nd win of the season against the Eskimos. The defending Grey Cup champs could miss the playoffs. Hey Edmonton, do you miss Chris Jones?  This team seems to be getting closer and some in CFL circles are saying they don't want any part of the green-and-white right now because they see what is going on. I'd love nothing more than to see the Riders get their 2nd win of the expense of the double E.  If Curtis Steele and Eric Norwood suit up, they become a lot better. Let's see what transpires.

-- While the return of Steele and Norwood are promising, the news Brendon Labatte and Chris Best would not be back is not. There is talk Labatte's concussion may be career-ending. If the big man doesn't want come back, you can't blame him, but you don't want a career like his going out like that.

-- Many were wondering about the CFL and TV numbers once the NFL got started. The NFL won't outdraw the CFL in Canada some say. The numbers say otherwise:

The CFL can spin it any way they want, but the numbers say more Canadians were watching Week 1 of the NFL. That even surprises me. I'm not surprised at the Blue Jays numbers, and I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the World Cup of Hockey numbers even though I'm not interested in the event at this time, but I didn't think both Western games would be behind the late-day NFL contests.  There is obviously excitement with the NFL season starting, but let's see what the numbers tell us this week.

With the Blue Jays wrapping things up, and the World Cup just getting underway, I see a few more tough weeks ahead for the CFL and TSN. The league can't ignore this anymore. The problem is staring them right in the face, and they need to act on it. Is it time for a post Labour Day two Friday and two Saturday schedule? I don't think that would work in all nine markets.

Now, if the CFL had gone head-to-head with the Rams-49ers game on Monday night, it might have won by default. That game may have been one of the worst Monday niters I have ever seen. God-awful is a kind way of describing that tilt.  L-A football fans waited how long to see that? OUCH!

-- Week 2 NFL Lock of the Week ---  Panthers over Niners
   Week 2 NFL Upset of the Week --- Jaguars over Chargers

-- What happened to Chris Schultz? He has vanished off of TSN altogether! If he's been on, I've missed it.

-- Some interesting news out of Saskatoon this week as the U of S Huskies are unveiling an initiative that will see 11 people make up a Huskie athletics board of trustees. Their mandate is to provide advice and guidance while growing the brand.  To my knowledge, the review of the U of R Cougar program is still going on. I would highly endorse a Cougar Athletics board of trustees. I will go one step further and say Dick White should head it up. Dick is very passionate about not only Cougar athletics, but CIS athletics.  If it can be done here, I say do it!

-- Back to the Blue Jays. How much confidence do you have in this team right now? They are flailing their way through September, and as you know, could play themselves right out of a playoff spot. If that happens, what does it do to off-season plans?  This isn't the Blue Jays team of 2015, but this is still a team that should be a playoff team. Without a healthy Josh Donaldson, it may be game, set, match for them.

-- Congratulations to Ivan Gutfriend and Matt Dominguez for being immortalized as one of the Rider all-time greats with their induction into the Plaza of Honor tonight.  It is a weekend both have taken part in many times in one role or another, but they are the center of attention tonight, and it is well deserved.

-- That's all I got. Have a great weekend!  GO RIDERS....GO SEAHAWKS!


Christopher Evans said...

Chris Schultz has been intermittent this season. He lost his dad at the beginning of the season, I believe. Tough times for the big guy!

Anonymous said...

A Rams win at UBC would be huge. They don't have a lot of success on the coast.

PVOYYC said...

What is the injury status of the main guys on the injury list? Probably missing where to look, so would be nice to know the full story behind LaBatte's status and timeline as well as Best.

3RD and 1 said...

There is no doubt in my mind that the CFL is not doing so well this 2016 Season. Some may argue the sequence of the importance of each of the following 2 points.
#1) I would suggest the #1 point is the rule changes this year and how much it has slowed down the game. As well as fans getting upset that an offence gets a new set of downs on a challenge that the defender interfered with receiver #83 that was on the left side of the field 60 yards away from the play. Even with the QB rolling right after the snap and never once looking to the left side of the field at #83 as a potential player to throw the ball too.
Even with the strangest mid season adjustment to these over bearing rules. By which a team. loses a time out on their 1st incorrect challenge. Has made very little to no difference. The fan base is not accepting of these new 2016 rules and have quickly grown tired of the seriousness in which the flow of the games have been effected. The delays they have caused while watching a televised game is uncomfortable.
#2) The Riders are at the bottom of the heap "AGAIN" and the effect it has caused for the television viewing audience is clear to see. I don't even need numbers to know how much this is effecting not just Rider games but the whole league in General. Not any of my football buddies or anyone I work with are having Rider Game day Partys. I work for a Home Entertainment Company that loves the Riders. In fact we are corporate Sponsors. When the Riders are a serious contender or even competitive we sell a whole lot of BIG TV's during the season. Last year was sad and this year I haven't had 1 customer tell me he was buying it for the Riders season. Haven't even had 1 customer tell me he needs it hooked up right away as to not miss the Rider game. We are open on many game days and have the TV's on during the games. When the Riders are competitive our business during game time is DEAD!!! That is not the case this year. It's business as usual during Rider games. No one even seems to be asking what the score is. I think most have given into the fact that it will be another loss. As we have become accustomed to 5 times as many losses as victories.
I heard that even the sports bars are suffering business wise during games. No one seems to be going out of their way to get to a Rider TV event. Which is sad as we all know that the Riders drive the league. As Saskatchewanites the rest of the Country has come to dislike us as Rider fans. That also drives CFL viewing ratings up. However if Rider fans are not making that effort to get together to watch the games and then talk about that game and football in general everyday until the next game. Then our competing fans are not doing it as much either.
We have grown from the loveable losers. To the telethon survivors to a competitive team to Grey Cup Champions. 3 of our 4 Championships coming in the last 26 years. 2 of which have come in the last 9 years with 2 other Grey Cup appearances as well. Plus our social media rants where we blast our competitor fans with name calling and in your face comments. Plus the best traveling fans in the league. (Attendance wise, not behaviour) has made us the undesirable group that the rest of the league now hates. Not convinced of my hate remark? Just attend a Bombers game with 1 other person in your Rider gear. You will be sworn at, threatened to some degree. Possible spit at and even alcohol tossed your way. I have experienced all of that 1st hand. When we are competing and showing up everywhere the League is in a much better state. When we are losing the whole League suffers.
Combine Riders consistantly losing and the new 2016 rule changes and you have a concoction that is poisoning the health of the CFL.
As well ... I agree the new CFL Logo or Icon has done nothing for the brand imaging. It is a dud for considered purposes.
Please pay attention Commisioner Orridge (Spelling?) The whole league is speaking to you on the rules this year. I have not met 1 person who likes the changes.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3rd and 1, there are a couple people who think everything's fine, the guys who run the 2 and out podcast. They think the games are more exciting this year. Fake Gainer also seems to think the same thing too and gets upset when people re-iterate the glaring issues the CFL has. And they couldn't be more wrong. To turn a blind eye to the issues is very naïve and it's the reason the league is in the situation it's in. All this could have been avoided if people had been proactive in addressing the issues as they came up but nope, they pulled a Kevin Bacon and screamed out "ALL IS WELL!!!!"

Hopefully the big money owners step up and demand change. Guys like Larry Tannebaum and Murray Edwards aren't going to put up with it. This league has so much potential and to see it underachieving is very painful to this longtime fan.

Wade Boggs' Beard

Anonymous said...

Upstairs or downstairs?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where Shultzie has been as well.

Anonymous said...

Okay I understand that the game has slowed down due to challenges…put a delay game in the loss of a challenge plain and simple and you won't see that challenge flag out often and Jones is one of the worst for it. Also if a defensive player gets contact on a receiver whether a qb looked at him or rolled out opposite it doesn't matter, pass interference is pass interference..if a quarterback has no one to throw to maybe that guy would have had a chance to give him a shot to throw it but we would never know due to interference…it would be called the same way in the NFL. I seen Collaros have to roll out and throw into coverage due to exactly what you said and guess what…interception that was ran back but it was challenged and td was cancelled which it should have been. You honestly believe just because the play wasn't in the direction of that receiver he can be interfered with…that would make the league look like a straight joke and you better have a good running game then if you are allowing to get away with interfering with receivers. another example, if a running back runs to the left but there was a hold on the right of the line why would you call it because the runner went to the left…funny thing is any player on the field matters for any part of a play which could be expected or unexpected…Oh the Quarterback threw the ball away so let's smack him as hard as we can because he isn't part of the play anymore…you look at it one way then you have to look at it the same way for every part of the situations as I just said...EVERY PLAYER HAS THE RIGHT FOR A FAIR GO AT THE PART OF ANY PLAY PLAIN AND SIMPLE>>>IF YOU BREAK THE RULES YOU GET A PENALTY PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Refs need to be better in this league so we can have them battle for the part of the ball but if you interfere with a receiver away or in the area of play it doesn't matter, you don't make exceptions for bending the rules.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy........The NFL viewership is the total number of viewers for all games, if you notice there are 5 teams listed on that CTV line. Each part of the country gets different games.

The CFL viewership is per game. Pretty tough to know if game vs game if the NFL is getting more viewers than the CFL.

Anonymous said...

We stopped missing Chris Jones the day we heard he turfed your best players a week before Christmas!! Thanks for Getzlaf.