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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced international defensive lineman Willie Jefferson has signed with the team. As per club policy, details of the contract were not released. 

Jefferson (6'6 – 245) will join the Riders after recently attending training camp with the NFL's Washington Redskins where he played three preseason games. 

The 25-year-old signed with Washington in January, 2016 after two standout seasons with the Edmonton Eskimos. The Beaumont, Texas native registered 43 defensive tackles, 10 quarterback sacks and 10 knockdowns in 35 regular season games.

Jefferson won his first career Grey Cup in 2015 with the Edmonton Eskimos.

The Stephen F. Austin product also played six regular season games with the Houston Texans after signing with the team as an undrafted free agent in April, 2013.

"We are excited to add a young player of Willie's caliber and character to our team," stated Riders General Manager and Head Coach Chris Jones. "Having coached Willie for two seasons I am well aware of his tremendous athleticism and work ethic. He is the type of player that can have an impact every play."


Anonymous said...

Excellent signing!! The Riders Big Fix requires a better D-line.

Anonymous said...

Interm this season - one year - two year - three year contract? Young player, good/great aquisition.

"In Jones We Trust"

Anonymous said...

Take that Evil Empire!

Anonymous said...

This guy is a beast and will take care of one side. Now if they can find one for the other side. The building continues and we will be much better real soon.

Anonymous said...

You can have him our D-line is fine, Howard is back even giving us more depth at the line…we weren't going big on anyone except for Grymes which we now know you riders can't afford what we can offer him so enjoy. Also enjoy that you are eliminated from any chance of play-offs with two wins by the Green and Gold…always next year or go by your average for grey cups, so about 22 more years…Loserville haha

Morgan said...

Sour grapes from the city of losers! They win one championship and think they're all that! In riderville we are used to winning. We win with class! Jones is ours and our future is bright! The eskimos have only just begun to circle the drain!!! FLUSH!!!

Anonymous said...

Sour grapes…quit drinking the Green Kool-Aide and think for a second. Your used to winning, really? 4 Grey Cups in 100 years I am proud of you guys. We win one championship? This is our 3rd also since 2000 and I know a certain green and white team that has only won two since 2000. Also on a side note we have 14 Grey Cups in the 100 years. Enjoy Jefferson, he is better then anybody you have there for sure but that doesn't take much…we are very happy with Sewell, Howard, Willis, Hunt, and Steele…that is what you call an excellent D-line

Anonymous said...

From Champs too Chumps...bad ha ha. The Riders are in the way up, The Shmos are on the way down.

Remember Rods prediction, the one that got Reilys panties in a knot. Turns out Rod was wrong about the Riders, but boy did he nail the Eskimos. Sad. Guess that's what happens when you lose your whole coaching staff.

Oh well, at least you have the Oilers...oops, sorry.

City of Mushrooms.

Morgan said...

How many cups do you have since the salary cap was brought in? Better yet, how many division championships do you have since the cap was brought in? Playoff births since the cap was brought in? I rest my case. As usual, the jerk from alberts looks like the clown! You should find your own eskimos blog and stop attempting to troll real football fans... oh wait... do you yahoos even have your own blog?

Daryl Pratt said...

Yeah and what does that say for your D when they could barely beat us twice and we win the last one !!!! And by the way the first game we should have beat you if not for our troubles with getting a yard early on. We will see you next year though and I'm gonna take great pride in our Riders beating the snot out of you scum Eskies ! City of Champions no more !

Anonymous said...

Whatever deadmonton

Anonymous said...

How come your looking at a couple pages of a 100 page book boys, because it is the only chapter that makes your riders llok we go back to 2007 until present because that is when your team has been about we look through every page of the book, as an eskies fan I am not scared but you may be...on a side note be prepared to see the riders have been in 18 championship games in history and won 8, the eskies have 14 grey cups which makes you the chumps. You won one game against us this year...don;t give me this crap we should have won the first one, you didn't so get over it. Talking smack for next year, I will wait till next year because we still have a play-off run to make unlike yourselves and a lot can happen in an off season. Also from champs to chumps comment comes rider fans should know all about it seeing in 2013 you were champs and in 2014 how did you do? tell me please because I know you weren't in the west final that is forsure hahahaha...big mouth uninformed rider fans lmao.

Anonymous said...

also meant you won 4 lol.

Evan Wiome said...

How many Eskimos/Canadiens fans does it take to change a light bulb?


One to change the light bulb and the other to ramble on incoherently about their glory days in order to make themselves feel better about recent failings.

Anonymous said...

Schmos fans,

Coming to a Rider blog to get their CFL, because nobody in Edmonton cares about the CFL. Sad more then anything.

Sounds like you have Lots a free time there Schmos fan...unemployed from the downturn in oil?

Anonymous said...

^^^ To the Schmo's fan up their.

The scales aren't tipped evenly when reading that 100 page book. The Rider's were the first team from the west to even play in a Grey Cup, many of our Grey Cup losses come from this early time in the league (when it was actually 2 leagues) when the East had a dominant presence.

The Schmo's had a golden age where they could and would pay anything for players and it paid off in Grey Cups, the Rider's on the other hand were a poor prairie team, clinging to life. If you take and place a salary cap at that time and they are over every time (Montreal would probably be in the same boat), but that's ok, the Schmo's might make a crossover playoff berth and be taken out rather quickly.

Fast forward a few generations and the Rider's are moving into a brand new stadium, with pretty much a brand new team, with brand new talent! Nothing but good things in the future, the Schmo's will look to rebuild what they had last year in the off season.


Anonymous said...

The Eskimo's have only been blown out in one game but yet have given games back to teams, if this team can play as they did against Calgary without a rb or fb in the second half or against B.C. you may think twice on them being eliminated quite quick from the east. Eskies do have the talent to fight for the chance of the Grey Cup

Reginald of Regina said...

Mr Schmo... Riders 2014 were 8-2 until our QB went down. If not we probably would have gone pretty damn far.
Take Reily out of the Schmo's the rest of the year and see how you do.
Oh wait... he's playing and you still suck.
If your going to troll the ultimate football fans. Then Post your name Tweety bird. Or maybe you hide behind Anonymity because you have about the same size cojones as your teams. Little wee ones

Anonymous said...

You guys always have to cut everything short hey, uh since 2007 is what matters, we were 8 and 2 before Durant was hurt...cry me a river sports injuries happen and good teams make it work. If Reilly did go down and hope he doesn't we do have a very good back up in James Franklin and just so you know he is not a free agent next year so you guys can have fun with Gale. We suck coming from a team that has won like 16 games total in the past three years...Loserville with your 4 grey cups.

Reginald of Regina said...

Hey no name Schmos fan. You brought up 2014 after we won the grey cup. I answered your dumb question. Name calling from a Schmos fan. So Edmontonish... Your team just lost to what you call Loserville. So what does that make you. A notch below for sure, so maybe Craperville.
We still made it to the playoffs in 2014 without our starting QB for half the season. Lets see if you guys make it into the playoffs this year "with" your starter. I doubt it. So suggesting you will be just fine with Franklin just shows your football IQ. Pretty damn low!
Why you trolling here Schmos fan? Are you that lonely back in Edmonton. What? You dont have any EE fans you can converse with?

Anonymous said...

Hey bud we won the Grey cup last year with our Main quarterback gone for the first 10 games so tell me why Durant gone for half a season matters…hold on to all the excuses you rider fans can instead of facing the truth…I admit our team was pretty horrible from 2006 until 2013 hit and you want to talk about how good you are…first year in 2007 with a salary cap that Saskatchewan pretty much cried for and it was implemented you win the Grey Cup but not without cheating and going over the salary cap which you were the only team to do it…CHEATERS straight up and still CHEATERS today. We have you trolls on our blogs too so quit crying again. Also I am fine with Franklin because he is a good QB and know he would still give us a chance. Football IQ, maybe you should actually find out real facts of the CFL history which does matter but all you rider fans seem to think that only from 2007 matters due to the reason that was the only time you were decent much. As I have seen for quite a while that the only facts that matter to the rider fans is when it's in your favour…kind of like a little kid crying for his way…this year it hasn't happened and that's all that has been happening…cry away, cry away

Morgan said...

Cheaters? That's rich coming from an eskimos fans! Campbell was the biggest cheater going when he was running your team! Countless tampering violations and fines for violating the collective bargaining agreements made by the league and CFLPA! You need to do some homework and work on that football iq of yours! Just like everyone else from Edmonton, you watch one game (or maybe even just the highlights) and suddenly you're an expert on the game and know everything! FYI: the riders were over the cap by like $1000... the allouettes were the team that truly abused the cap and they were punished accordingly. You've got some serious growing up to do. You need to lose the jealous jerk Alberta attitude. You boys all hate saskatchewan so much that you can't stop talking about it and are following their local sports blogs... get over yourself you chump!