Realty One

Sunday, September 18, 2016


REGINA - Darian Durant hasn't tasted victory in nearly two seasons. He felt he and his teammates were due.

Durant rallied the Saskatchewan Roughriders to a 26-23 win in overtime against the Edmonton Eskimos, a victory that snapped a seven-game losing skid.

"It was a long time coming,'' said a smiling Durant after the game.

Durant marched the Riders 65 yards late in the fourth quarter for a game-tying touchdown. Newcomer Armanti Edwards, playing in his first game with the Riders, scored the touchdown on a five-yard end-around sweep to knot the game at 20-20.

In overtime, with the Riders (2-10) trailing 23-20, Durant completed his first two pass attempts before he held on to the ball and scampered six yards for the game-winning touchdown.

It was Durant's first win as a starter since midway through the 2014 season. He tore a ligament in his right elbow in early September that year and missed the final month and a half.

Then last season he ruptured an Achilles tendon in the first half of the first regular season game and did not return.

Saskatchewan's only victory this season came with Durant on the sideline nursing an injury and backup Mitchell Gale filling in under centre.

"In my heart and in my teammates' eyes I'll always be a winner,'' Durant said after he passed for 174 yards and rushed for 61 more. "I'm not going to let tough times define me and who I am in my career.''

Sunday's win also was the first against a divisional opponent this season.

"We've played this team close twice before on the road, the defending Grey Cup champs, and we were this close,'' Durant said, alluding to two losses by a combined 11 points. "Just looking back at those games, I said to myself if I would have taken off in certain situations, could have extended drives or maybe even resulted in a touchdown, so I wasn't going to let this one slip.

"I wasn't going to let us lose this game.''

The loss stings the Eskimos (5-7), who have lost three straight and sit alone in fourth place in the West Division - six points behind both B.C., and Winnipeg and 11 points back of first-place Calgary.

"Any time you lose a game in overtime, if you make the plays offensively the worst that can happen is the game ends in a tie,'' Edmonton QB Mike Reilly said after he passed for 306 yards and one touchdown.

"When you lose you didn't do enough offensively and that was the case tonight.''

The Eskimos snapped a 9-9 halftime tie with their first possession in the second half.

Reilly hooked up with Nate Coehoorn on a short slant route over the middle. Coehoorn broke a tackle and raced 72 yards into the end zone for a touchdown to give his team a 16-9 advantage.

Naaman Roosevelt, who is on pace to break Saskatchewan team records for single-season receptions and receiving yards, missed Sunday's game with a leg injury. His absence was especially felt in the first three quarters.

Saskatchewan's defence produced the team's only touchdown in the first half.

After a short completion from Reilly to Adarius Bowman, Riders halfback Ed Gainey stripped the ball from Bowman's hands as he fought for additional yards. Gainey then raced 51 yards to the end zone for a score that pushed the Riders ahead 9-6 with less than two minutes to go in the half.

However, the two-point convert attempt failed on an incomplete pass attempt.

That allowed the Eskimos to pull even just before the half ended. Sean Whyte's third field of the first half, a 41-yard successful try, knotted the score at 9-9.

Whyte booted four field goals on the day. Bowman led all receivers with nine catches and 152 yards.

For Saskatchewan, Curtis Steele returned to the lineup and led his team in rushing _ 13 carries for 87 yards.

With Reilly's 306 passing yards on Sunday, he remains on pace to eclipse the 6,000-yard mark, which would place him in elite company. Only five times in CFL history has a quarterback compiled more than 6,000 yards passing in a season.

Both teams will play home games next weekend, with the Riders hosting the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (6-6) and Edmonton taking on the B.C. Lions (8-3).

(Canadian Press/Craig Slater)


Anonymous said...

Thank God for your play by play Rod because TSN just doesn't cut it, GOOOO RIDERSSSSS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Should we cover bowman?

Anonymous said...

Rob Bagg I love you but that was a stupid penalty, come on!!

Anonymous said...

Roughriders qb, 37 yds at the half. Huh???? He's a professional starting qb? Huh again! Eskimoes will put the pedal to metal when they finish toying with the sadsacks of the CFL and say enoughs enough, time to git hrr done resulting with a W as they leave the hamlet of regina home of the praire stooge.

Anonymous said...

You can see it... Mike Reilly methodically getting the job done in slow but sure increments.

John Knight said...

Wow, what can we say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dennis said...

A game I thought they had no chance of winning with Roosevelt and Collins out, happy Riders proved me wrong, but fortunate to win with all the bad penalties we took. Bring on Ticats for some revenge next week.

Anonymous said...

Eat crow mister low schmo.
Proves your team ain't nothing.
Funny how Durant ends at 20 of 29 and the Victory
While Reily ends with 28 of 36
Eskimos are just as much at the Bottom as the Riders. The EE will not make the playoffs

Protector of the Prairie

Anonymous said...

Reily did not get it done. Slow or otherwise. The EE are not a contender in 2016. A poor, poor defender of the Grey Cup

Protecter of the Prairie

dom said...

Good analysis. Not. Haha

dom said...

How did that work out for you. How does the crow taste?

Evan Wiome said...

The best part of the game was watching old Dumbo ears lose his mind after he lost the PI challenge.

Riders need to fix the stupid OL penalties, other than that they finally put together a complete game with all three phases contributing.

Now lets see how next week goes before start popping champagne corks.

eman said...

Finally! You guys get to see what Armanti Edwards can do to help your team! But let me say, he is an even better QB. Hope to see him back there for you guys some day.

Anonymous said...

Really hope this a sign of things to come going into next year as there's definitely some kids that can play ball on this team. Only problem is they tend to self-destruct at the worst of times. Impressed with Edwards and King who haven't seen yet.

Darren Muller said...

Really nice to see our team scrap fight and battle today. They never gave up and were finally rewarded with a win. To stick a dagger in Edmonton's playoff chances is always a wonderful thing. Another incredible crowd gave it a playoff atmosphere. Good on all of you. We should never ever give up on this team. Yes it's been a trying and challenging year but we are on the right track. Some really nice looking players that are hitting their stride as these next games will provide experience for next year. Let's enjoy these next games as it will be fun to at least be spoilers like we were today.

Tim from Kansas said...

Hey Evan, come on, let's pop champagne corks now, don't wait till next week. I'm popping something good down south.

But seriously what's supposed to happen is the riders get better over the course of the season. Enjoy it, they've had some hard knocks.

The second half of the season is supposed to be better than the first half. That's what I'm looking for.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at the silly fools in my section who were losing their minds when a Rider player got a 5 yard no-yards penalty on a punt into the endzone. Talk about clueless fans!

Of course the Eskimos declined the penalty each time because they wanted the ball at the 35 yard line. Its all about field position.

The Riders wanted to pin them deep and did not want the single. It was a failure by the punter that resulted in the ball going into the end-zone. The 5 yards no-yards penalty in an endzone is almost NEVER going to be relevant unless it is the final play of the half or the game.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr Curtis Steel for the W! Your fabulous contributing work ethic was the dominating feature on the Roughriders team today.

Anonymous said...

Dom, you have been served

Anonymous said...

Rod, you have some pull with 620. Time to cut this a-hole Michael Ball. He just can't stfu!

Anonymous said...

Go... Esks go!
Go... Esks go!
Its over... who won?

Stupid drunk sk buffoon in regina.

Anonymous said...

Had we not gotten the 5 yards penalty early in the game, that TD would have counted. So that's why they were freaking about. Who's clueless now?

Anonymous said...

Wrong my friend. The yahoos that were going nuts about the no yards flags in the end zone (that was declined - twice) wrongly thought it would help the Eskimos. They were wrong each time and showed ignorance about the specific on filed situation.

Anonymous said...

Rod, I believe (Canadian Press/Craig Slater) forgot so send one sentence when they sent this story to you.
You know, the one that said, "The Riders won in spite of their O-line."