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Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Jones on Wednesday
REGINA - The Roughriders had a beautiful day on Wednesday for their first practice since Saturday's 17-10 loss to Winnipeg in the Banjo Bowl.

Leading receiver Naaman Roosevelt missed the workout.  Riders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones said Roosevelt is "bunged up" and is being evaluated by medical staff to see if he'll be available for Sunday's home game against Edmonton.

Running back Curtis Steele worked with the first team offense and Jones said he's happy to have the prized free agent back for the first time in several weeks.  He said he'll be happier if Steele is able to execute his blocking assignments successfully than he would be for Steele to ignite the team's struggling ground attack.

Defensive end Eric Norwood has also been "cleared to play" in Week 13.  The former Ticat was signed as a free agent on May 9 but has been unable to play until now due to a knee injury.  Jones said although Norwood's medically free to play, it remains to be seen if he's ready for game action.  This week of practice will determine that.

Regarding the Riders' failed field goal fake in the fourth quarter of last week's game, Jones said he doesn't regret any of the club's gambles so far this year.

"No, no," Jones offered.  "From the first quarterback sneak that we fumbled and didn't get over in Edmonton, you can go back and look at all of 'em.  Every decision that we made was an attempt to win the football game and that's it."



John Knight said...

Sounds good. Onward and upward.GO RIDERS

Brian Shepherd said...

Love the attitude....Go Riders!!!

See you Sunday

Anonymous said...

CBS Sports is reporting that Roger Goodell has stated that the next move to come from the NFL will be the elimination of kick-offs to reduce head injuries. Perhaps a better solution would be a wider field like the CFL's.

Anonymous said...

Everything they have done is to try and win football games, and they will. I hope fans realize what we have building here. it was never going to be an overnight success.. I'm willing to wait and watch from the great atmosphere of the new stadium, but first it's time to bid adieu to the old one!

Anonymous said...

Listen I am not an anti Chris Jones pitch fork mob guy, but to say every gamble was the right call is insane. The choice to gamble is the head coach's alone. For him to say every one was the right choice is saying I was right 100% of the time. Of course you regret the ones that didn't work and regret that the one that did work didn't gain even more

Daryl Pratt said...

As a head coach I don't think Chris Jones needs to or wants to live in regret of pass games !!! On to the next game ! Let's Go Riders !!!!!

Anonymous said...

For Jones that is the right answer. He gambled and lost so be it. That is what gambling is all about . If you don't think it will work then why would you try it.

Lyle Pederson said...

Hindsight is wonderful. (Use it all the time) But I am told it doesn't help much in going back and changing what didn't work. As a fan I have always loved trick/risky plays. It's a 'game' and games should be fun. Keep it up coach!

Anonymous said...

Jones has shown us that his coaching, game planning, on field decisions, on field team chemistry and his understanding of "how to win" CFL games has been a colossal failure in 2016. Jones and his self selected (poached) coaching staff should refund some of the money the community owned team has provided them in salary because they have failed miserably in their performance. It is to bad that Rider Nation (the team's owners) do not have performance loaded coaching contracts. If there was, maybe this season would be looking a lot brighter than the dismal outlook at present.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ This guy hear chooses to read and absorb only those facts that make Jones look like a loser... Probably from the "old boys club" and hates anything new. What Jones is creating is a dynasty, not a one and done like so many before *cough* Taman *cough*. This team has faced numerous issues and is finally starting to gel. I'm excited for next season in the new stadium. The good players will stay and a state of the art center will draw even more. I look at the roster and the amount of young talent we have, it can only get better!

Also to all those on the bandwagon not happy, you can get off here and leave more room for the real fans, and those of you season ticket holders I would gladly take your seats.

Anonymous said...

I feel like Jones tries to make decisions based on what he sees in film from whatever team they play. I wonder if he thought Winnipeg might try a trick play so he had one or two of his own. Only the coaches know and they don't need to tell us a darn thing. Isn't it nice to see a little different look once in awhile? I recall in the last couple years when Darian was hurt everything was "too vanilla" why not throw in some trick plays? There you go! I look forward to not knowing what the team will do on every play. It will add some interest to CFL games that are slowly starting to bore me, no matter what two teams are playing.

Anonymous said...

Darian incapable of pulling off trick plays so don't ask. Opposition always easily sees it coming as the Riders too slow off the mark.