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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Justin Cox
There wasn't a lot of good news coming out of Mosaic Stadium on Tuesday when the Roughriders returned to practice for the first time since Sunday's 28-25 loss to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the Labour Day Classic.

Roughriders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones reported that fullback Spencer Moore suffered a broken lower leg in the loss, and will be out for an extended period.  Jones says it's a huge blow to the club since Moore is one of their better players and a team leader.

Jones said that was the only "significant injury" coming out of the game.

Quarterback Darian Durant was more devastated than normal after Sunday's loss and was asked why he took it much harder than the others on this current six-game losing streak.

"To fight back the way we did (erasing a 19-3 deficit), especially where we are in the standings, it being Labour Day, it being a game we really needed and wanted to have to keep pace in the standings, for it to end on like that with a questionable call in my opinion, it sucks," Durant shrugged.

Durant was alluding to the last-minute Pass Interference penalty on Rider defensive back Justin Cox which negated an interception.  Had the pick stood, the Riders might've had a shot to win the game in regulation or at least force overtime.

"Again that's just one play of many," Jones said.  "If we think that that's the only thing that caused us to lose the game, that's inaccurate.  The things that we can control is how we coach it and how we play it.  That's what we're gonna concentrate on and hopefully things will be balanced up in the future."

Cox called the referee's decision a "bad call" after the game and on Tuesday, the rookie from Mississippi State said he hasn't heard from the CFL regarding a fine for his comment.  He seemed surprised at the question.

Chris Jones was also asked if newly-signed defensive tackle Khalif Mitchell will be ready to play in Saturday's Banjo Bowl at Winnipeg (2:00 pm kickoff Sask Time, TSN, CKRM Radio Network).  Jones said it's too soon to tell.

In an unrelated story, we learned on Tuesday that CFL Commissioner Jeffrey L. Orridge will not be attending the Plaza of Honor induction dinner on September 16. It was a mutual decision between Orridge and the football club.  Orridge was scheduled to be a part of the program that evening.

Orridge has been underfire from the Rider Nation after a barrage of fines from the CFL and perceived officiating injustices in some of the team's recent games.



Darren said...

Good idea for Jeffrey to duck out of this one, there is no way this would have gone well for him or the Riders if he had showed. Not impressed with anything he has done to this point. Ever since the logo launch I have wondered if he knows what he is doing.

His approach to this job has been a 180 from the Cohon's, at least in the public eye. Had this been happening during his tenure he would have addressed the issues (penalty calls, video review, fines, etc.) in a public manner and not let it get to this point. He needs to get things figured out and soon, don't see him having this job for long if he doesn't.

D in YYC

Anonymous said...

I don't blame Orridge for not coming one bit. With the way you and the other local media have been trying to convince everyone that the league is against the Riders I wouldn't show up there either.

Also .... learn to spell HONOUR.

Greg A said...

No hes Ducking out because Rods an idiot. But Rod has never asked a tough question once. Not to Brent Parker, Roy Shivers, Tillman, Taman, Curtis Hunt any troubled rider, so why would he start now?

Rally Driver said...

I agree 100% with Darren, "Jeff" might have been ducking other things had he attended. This might be his first smart decision. I usually only attend the Plaza dinners when a friend is being inducted, but was really thinking about it this year on the off chance I could rip "Jeff" a new one. As for terrible PI calls, there was 1 in each of yesterday's games worse than the phantom call on Cox. The rules seem to allow the receiver to initiate contact resulting in a defensive PI call. I am not enjoying watching CFL games as I have in the past due to the challenges and Mickey Mouse pass interference calls.(Sorry Mickey for dragging you into this.)Chris Jones has brought in some exciting players on both sides of the ball and I see a bright future for the team with a few more additions.

Anonymous said...

Hey you want to know the deal? Don't break the rules, and don't think you're entitled. You of all people would think you'd know that or maybe you're "Club" as you call it isn't holding you to be rigorously honest.

Orridge has a job to do he is doing it. Under Cohan's watch this team went over the cap and ran itself into the ground so because it's the most popular team they get a pass? You want to know who runs this league? Edmonton and what the Riders did in getting Jones and company out of dodge didn't sit right. As for Jones he's burnt the bridge there, and in Calgary and those guys have had it.

So tough - one win season and this team isn't going anywhere in the near future.

There's an old saying we have in the the program or "Club" as you call it - Ask, Listen, Do as your Told - adhere to that and life gets easy.

Y'er Welcome

Anonymous said...

Thank god he's not coming. The spotlight has to be on Ivan Gutfriend and Matt Dominguez that night.

Anonymous said...

H o n o r

Please go back to grade school kindergarten and learn how to spell correctly as soon as possible.

Dockby & Digby Granger
Spear Fish,

Anonymous said...

Prediction - There will be a new CFL Commissioner in 2017.


Anonymous said...

Of course Orridge won’t be coming. The guy doesn’t have an answer to any question asked, so why would he come to a place where he’d get asked more questions in one hour than he’s been asked since he became Commissioner?

Orridge comes across as a pompous p.o.s. who thinks he’s too good for everyone in the CFL.

Anonymous said...

I hereby nominate Scruffy as the next CFL Commissioner! A guy who knows his football and will kick butt and take no prisoners.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on that one.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Rod made couple of references to the Commissioner and his attendance, that I believe were inappropriate.

On another note, does anyone have much background on the defensive lineman Henry other than he is a Burlington graduate. What are his credentials? I think it was his first time on the field where he got blown away. I noticed that he tried really hard, but he just didn't seem have an impact. There were no tackles in the stats, were there?

Some of the player additions have really left one to question the scouting and/or coaching. Wide receiver transitioned to defensive back, tight end to defensive end,and basketball player to defensive end. Not sure what the thought process has been.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I guess you have to have the Cfl let you break all the rules to win before he is good in your books hey Sask…win with some class, sorry I forgot you have to be able to win first hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Hey Dockby & Digby Granger, This is the correct spelling in Canada 'Honour' so seeing this is a CFL teams site I guess your incorrect with your USA piss off.

Anonymous said...

Labor Day is over soooo move on. If we rehash every bad penalty every unfair thing that happens to the Riders we will simmer at the bottom of the standings for a long time to come. Focus on the positives and get ready for the Banjo Bowl.

bobd said...

Rod, you are losing control in this comments section again. I thought there were no more "anonymouses"? They are back and hiding behind their gutlessness.

As for Jeff, his name might as well be Anonymous. He has done nothing to date and runs to mommy's skirts if there is potential conflict, especially if he created it.

Dockby and Digby Granger, thank you for helping eradicate the European influence in our language as we use it. Thanks for being CFL fans and participating here. Do you have any friends we can trade a few gutless, anonymous Canucks for?

Anything to improve what passes for commentary here and everywhere.

Pearse Gribbon said...

When a team that is 1-9 is keeping the league afloat you have issues. He has been a terrible replacement.

Anonymous said...

The Riders are 1-9 and Roddy has them as the most talked about team in the CFL.

Now that is truly amazing work!

Tanner in Cgy

Anonymous said...

A bunch of cranky Rider fans with an unlimited amount of alcohol in the same place as the Commissioner - what could possibly go wrong with that - LOL. Good call to have him stay away. That would have been a disaster waiting to happen.

Steve Johnson said...

Orridge belongs in the Plaza of Horrible.

Tim from Kansas said...

Good point Tanner.

BTW there's about a 1000 good players, in shape and on the street right now after NFL final cuts. Hoping some of them show up in Regina real soon.

Anonymous said...

They might already be here, staying at comfort inn... ��

Anonymous said...

A masterful distraction from the fact the Roughriders are 1-9.


Anonymous said...

Rod, isn't it awesome that traffic generates revenue for you? All the trolls are actually donating to your cause!

Win win.

George Porge said...

Dockby & Digby Granger:
- Honour
- Labour
- Colour
- Favour

Unfortunately, most spell checkers default to US spelling for these types of words (along with Cheque which is a form of payment, vs. Check which is a mark on a page), however that doesn't make them any more incorrect on this side of the border (or anywhere else in the world that is not the US of A).

It is unfortunate that your "grade school kindergarten" (redundant? Is there any other kind of kindergarten?) didn't teach you that there is a whole world beyond your borders.

George Porge said...

That you think the Riders drive the league in any way, shape, or form goes a long way to explain why the Commissioner might think it a waste of time to visit Regina. When you learn a bit of humility and finally get your self-entitled attitudes in check and realize that there's an entire league involved here, you might realize why people have stopped taking anything you complain about seriously anymore.

As for the job Orridge is doing - he was brought in to improve the ratings of the league as a whole and make it more likely that owning a CFL team is more a business investment and less a hobby. So far he's been successful in doing what he's been hired to do.

If you think he's going to lose his job because the loudest fans in the league got a little butthurt because he's actually (gasp) enforcing roster rules that were treated as "guidelines" for so many years by a few teams, you are going to be very, very disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Notice on the weekend Dexter McCluster RB,PR, was released by the Titans. I wonder who has his playing rights in the CFL (Austin coached him in Ole Miss)? He would probably fit well in the this league if available.

CM said...

George P - The game is worse under Orridge. Too much input from Glen Johnston (a ref lol) on how the game should be played. These are dumb rule changes and even the TSN commentators agree on that. TV ratings will be swamped by the Jays and NFL if CFL doesn't clean up its act and return the game to football. It shouldn't be touch or flag football which is how its trending. Forget Glen Johnston's input. Who wants input from a ref on how a game should be played? Hes a ref! Not a builder, Mgt, coach or player. Only the CFL would get input from a guy like that. Brain dead.

Anonymous said...

"bobd" posts a rant about "anonymous" posters while choosing to remain anonymous. Hilarious!


George Porge said...

CM - I do agree with you on the game being worse with many of the changes - but I disagree on the changes that made the game worse. The challenges and replay are not the major cause but rather a symptom of the bigger problem - the implementation of new rules and the "no judgement/no tolerance" position that is being taken (and I agree, this part is Johnston's fault).

The >5yd "illegal contact" rule (which is really what people refer to as the "new DPI" rule) is a terrible rule and should be scrapped immediately. That alone will eliminate over half of the challenges. I get that they want to make big passing plays happen more often, but this rule just makes big passing plays boring.

We also need to get back to the prior punting rule (go back to allowing the interior linemen downfield before the kick) because it is causing more illegal blocks to be thrown on returns and will likely lead to more injury to players (players are having to run full-bore at returners now). It was supposed to make the return game more exciting, and it hasn't.

The new convert rules are good - the convert is actually a decently exciting play to watch now (I personally didn't think it would be a good rule when it was originally announced - now I like it).

Finally, make QBs protect themselves again. Roughing the passer should only happen if a *hard* hit happens high or low (none of this "accidentally rolled on the QB's knees while being tackled" stuff), or if the ball has been out of his hands for longer than about a half-second. Anything else should be a legal hit just as it is on any other player. QBs are taking more chances with plays now because they think they are being "protected" by the rules. If last year taught us anything, it is that the new "protections" afforded the QBs aren't doing anything to prevent injury.

As far as Orridge's part in this goes - he's not the rules committee. He's not the head of officiating. He doesn't make those decisions. He's in charge of marketing the league. And he's doing that.

Anonymous said...

Saskatchewan drives the league? David Braley could go sit on a beach tomorrow and pull up stakes and game over. Rogers could have let Toronto go under, and Bob Young could have gotten tired of losing millinos. Bob Wettenhall might decide it's time to try another hobby.

Braley, Wettenhall, Young decide they've had enough then you tell me how the Riders drive things.

Anonymous said...

It would be an honor.
The Real World

Anonymous said...

Tanner, young man, welcome to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Should the Riders be 9 wins and one loss this time next year, Jeffrey Orridge would be welcome to the Plaza Weekend with open arms and experience all that there is to offer during a fun weekend in Rider Nation. Given the angst around these days, it was a sound decision by all parties that he not attend.

Lewis Grant said...

Bob Wettenhall might decide it's time to try another hobby.

Bob Wetenhall was about to pull the plug on the Als in 1997, but then U2 saved them by forcing their playoff game into Molson Stadium, thereby lining Bob's pockets for years.

Not sure he deserves that much credit.

David Braley, on the other hand, is a CFL hero. If I had $$$$$ I'd take him as one of my models for how to use it for good in the world. He saved 3 CFL teams.