Realty One

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Saskatchewan Roughriders Head Coach and General Manager Chris Jones has had his conference call with CFL Vice President of Football Glen Johnson regarding some of the Pass Interference penalties the Riders perceived as unjust in Saturday's Labour Day Classic.  Saskatchewan lost the game 28-25 to Winnipeg.

Jones said they basically agreed to disagree.

"We spoke and it's one of those things where anytime you have a controversial call, each side is going to have their opinion on that call," Jones said Thursday. "Again, we're just looking for consistency on this end and we're gonna abide by the CFL rules.  We're gonna worry about what matters and that's coaching them and playing."

I asked Jones if he was happy or angry when he hung up the phone.

"You know what?" Jones answered.  "I'll leave that unbeknown."

Jones was asked if the CFL at least acknowledged that the interpretation of Pass Interference in the league is an issue right now.

"They're trying to work, as a league, we've been trying to for a long time to - I wouldn't even say improve the officiating - just to make it consistent," Jones said.  "A lot of these guys, I mean they're human too, and when errors are made, it's unfortunate.  That's why we have replay.  Then when it goes to the Command Centre, that's when we have the chance to get it right."


Anonymous said...

Get rid of pass interference.

I watch the replays and it seems the calls are never consistent, or I interpret something one way, and the call goes the other way.

What happened to good old fashioned football? It used to be that a receiver had to get open to receive a pass, not rely on a bump or a jersey tug, etc.

Enough is enough already!


Heptiro said...

I think most fans hate the past the 5 yard P.I. or illegal contact rule. Nobody wants a player to be mauled by the DB and unable to make a catch,HOWEVER....these cheesy calls are absolutely ruining the game and making it difficult to enjoy any games. I don't even watch other teams playing anymore. The entertainment factor is going away in order for the Ref's and "Command Centre" to "get it right". Baloney. Football isn't perfect. The players and Ref's make mistakes, but isn't that part of the entertainment? To cheer and swear? If a 50 year fan doesn't want to watch anymore then how does the league expect to attract new ones?

Anonymous said...

Glen Johnson needs to go, I keep hearing of so many people who are turning away from the league more than ever. Look at the numbers of booties in the seats and you can see numbers are down all over.

Anonymous said...

CFLeague has been around how long and still can't get right. How hard can it be in a 9 team sometimes 8 team league?

Happy Dilmore

Anonymous said...

The NFL implemented the no contact after 5 yard rule and the game has never been more entertaining. So the 5 yard rule is the right one. The challenging of a PI is the wrong rule.

Anonymous said...

Happy Dimwit- wtf's the difference, 9 or 30 teams??

But yeah, it is a gong show with Johnson in charge of reviews.

Anonymous said...

Nix the ability to challenge illegal contact. Keep the ability to challenge PI, but apply the same rule that there needs to be indisputable evidence to overturn whatever the call on the field was. The rules as they are now go too far. We should never expect to get every call right in a football game even with the best video replay rules, there's just too much going on, on the field. But you can correct blatantly missed or incorrect calls if you make it simple enough.

Anonymous said...

What you really expect from the most incompetent Head Office the CFL has ever rolled out. Johnson was one of the more incompetent referees who was the subject of numerous bad call over his tenure. Orridge is like Bigfoot. You hear about him but never see him. We have all had the opportunity to watch and re-watch the replay of the Cox call from numerous angles. You would have to assume the CFL had at least the same level of video to look at. There wasn't any contact then and in fact there still hasn't been any. I'm sure Jones told hi, what he thought about the call and I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.

When incompetence is pervasive, there is usually an inordinate attempt to defend indefensible actions. As bad as they have been there is between little and no chance they would ever admit it was wrong. That would be tantamount to admitting what everybody in Saskatchewan and many throughout the CFL already know. The word integrity is not in their vocabulary.

Game officials can make a mistake but on a change of possession the Control Room is supposed to objectively look at the call to see if it was correct. It was not the correct call but it was upheld, which is a travesty of huge proportions. I know it would have nothing to do with the fact that Johnson's home town is .. ahem…Winnipeg!

Anonymous said...

I believe challenges are a good thing but the coaches abused it.

Make it simple. Each team has one challenge per game. If you win the challenge you still have one, but if you lose, it's gone.

That would end all of the fishing trips.

A coach wouldn't throw their flag unless they were positive.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you guys are 1 and 9 due to officials...or maybe it is because you allow 35 points a game, did you ever think of that instead of finger pointing and blaming everything else. Also if we had refs of the NFL which I believe are the best in sports then fine but the CFL refs are not close and two of them shouldn't be even a ref for high school football.

CM said...

Johnson way too much input into the how the game is played. he is a ref! look at the Thursday night game. How many times would the CFL have called helmet to helmet on Cam Newton being hit. Let them play football. and get rid of Johnson, or at least minimize what input he has in how the game should be played. What fans are left will bail when the product is so visually poor. No flow, too many ridiculous unrelated challenges. there is some contact on every play, otherwise its called flag football.

George Porge said...

Actually, CM, if you look at the NFL coverage today, there are a lot of talking heads who are saying that yesterday's game is a good example of the Refs having *too much* lenience in enforcing penalties.

The CFL refs would have probably called all three helmet hits, and they would have been correct in doing so. Your "Let them play football" attitude could very well have cost Cam Newton his career and the Panthers their season yesterday.

If Durant were to take a pounding like that during the game tomorrow without any flags being thrown, you can be sure that all of Rider Nation would be ready to jump down the refs' throats.

Anonymous said...

Johnson actually proposed the quarterbacks wear pink tutu's but the teams voted it down 5 - 4.