Realty One

Sunday, September 11, 2016


WINNIPEG - Matt Nichols ran in for a pair of touchdowns Saturday as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers extended their winning streak to six games with a 17-10 win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The victory in front of a sold-out Banjo Bowl crowd of 33,234 at Investors Group Field was the first time the Bombers (7-4) have won six straight games since 2001.

Saskatchewan (1-10) has now lost seven in a row.

Nichols completed 21-of-32 pass attempts for 247 yards and no interceptions. He's thrown only one interception since taking over for starter Drew Willy and has led the team on its winning streak.

Saskatchewan quarterback Darian Durant was 23-of-36 passing for 283 yards with one TD and no picks.

Bombers kicker Justin Medlock booted one field goal from 34 yards and went wide on attempts from 49 and 48 yards. He was good on his two converts.

(The Canadian Press)


- We're not gonna talk about (trading Durant).  We're gonna watch the film and see where we're at.  It's not something I'm gonna answer.  Darian's our QB.  For me to answer that, especially coming off a loss, that's not something I'd even consider right now.

- We will bounce back.  Don't think this team will ever quit.  I talked to them five minutes ago and they're taking responsibility for the mistakes they made.

- When it came crunch time we failed to execute in all three phases.  We turned the ball over and allowed them to go downfield with a lack of completing plays.  We didn't execute in the kicking game and defensively  on that drive we didn't hit our gaps and they were able to burn more time by getting nine yards on 1st and 10.

- Again, I thought the guys executed fairly well on defense but we need to play our best football in the fourth quarter and we failed to do that.

- The penalties were very evident in tonight's game.  We gotta address that when we start back on Monday.  We can't consistenly play in 1st and 15 and 1st and 20.

- On the field goal fake, we need 2 yards and that play usually gets more than that.  Ottawa and Winnipeg run it.  It usually garners more than 2 yards.  We've been practicing it but we failed to finish the play.

- We played somewhat better in spurts.  We gotta finish drives.  We got it to the 1 early in the game and failed to get it in the endzone.  We have to avoid that if we're going to win football games.  If you're at the 1, you should come out with 7 points.

- When you hold somebody at the 1, defensively, you get a lift.  QB sneak has been a problem all season long and we need to keep coaching it hard and hopefully we'll be able to do it.


-  The guys still got their heads up.  We still got a family and are still one.  But it's still losing, especially a rival game, and with that said, it's going to be a tough couple of days ahead.

- That's football (not scoring on the opening drive).  They got a great defense and we came out with points.  It's not just that one drive.  We got a lot of things to clean up.  They got a really good defense.

- We gotta stay outta the penalties.  Some calls and challenges don't go your way but we gotta fight through.  The refs don't matter to us.  We gotta play football.

- It's definitely frustrating because we never expect to lose.  Coach Jones and the coaches put it into our mind that we're going to win.  We started as a family and we'll end as a family.  I don't know about next year, I can't speak on that.


- We fought hard all game.  We just gotta finish as an offense.  Whether it's penalties or a mess up here or there.  It's on us to get better.

- You gotta keep fighting.  It's like it was last year.  You're still fighting for a job and showing coaches that belong.  We gotta keep playing hard and playing for each other.

- It's our first year.  We're still trying to get to know each other.  We're still trying to get that vine down.  I feel like coach is doing a great job.  We just have to keep moving ahead.

- It hurts when calls aren't going the way that we think should.  But we just gotta go out there and play and that's what Coach tells us.  When fakes like that don't work, we just have to keep fighting and try to get over that hump.

- 2000 yards this year sounds good but winning sounds better.  That's our biggest goal.


Anonymous said...

Durant 3 completions half way through the 2nd Q. Not good enough, but that may be the best he has left.

Anonymous said...

Rider O firing blanks. DD has no answer.

Anonymous said...

The Riders are playing a good D game for once but then become undisciplined…Jones is sure not taking care of that part neither, another loss for the Riders coming

Craig said...

Yet again, apart from one great play by Roosevelt, the offense staggered their way through the first half. Where's the O line? Luckily D and teams is keeping us in the game. We could easily have been down by more than 7.

Hopefully Durant can pull out a second half similar to last week's.

Anonymous said...

Did I see it right when Bartel kicked the ball and bounced it on the side lines in the first quarter? A WPG player ran out of bounce and then back to the ball AND THEN the Riders were called for no yards!

Why so many penalties AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

DD missed Lawrence on the short passes. Lawrence is an athlete but not a running back!

D is playing hard!

C'mon Riders


Craig said...

GpS, I saw that too, but the Bomber that went out of bounds (Fogg I believe) was careful not to touch the ball after he came back in. Still stupid for him to run out in the first place. He had no idea where the ball was.

Anonymous said...

Look no further than Jones. Running impact players like Dressler out of town to save money and bring in guys who have no more of a clue than the coach.

Anonymous said...

I've had it. For 2 years, I have religiously bought my season tickets, hoping to be entertained.

Instead, my money has been taken away by a "snake oil salesman" selling I do not know what. This is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Roosevelt has easily replaced Dressler let it go.

Anonymous said...

Jones refuses to shake hands after the game - another classey move by Jones
Hope he gets fined and oh yes fired as well

Anonymous said...

Good defensive battle but there is always something getting in our way from playing a complete game. Can't blame unfair penalties today but we can blame penalties. It's hard to be a loyal fan when they struggle so much but I will stay with them. Darian didn't look as sharp today but I'm sure it took all his concentration to deal with the crowd noise and Wpg defense. Hats off to both. Unfortunately Dressler had a good game, but I knew he would. It's always hard to see our past players get the opponents fans going but good for him. Sorry to see Ryan Smith hurt again. Like I said, I will stay with the Riders, they are my team, but Bombers are showing lots of grit. Maybe the team floating under the radar this year.

Keith Pottruff said...

Roosevelt and Holley along with Collins are all very good receivers and I think that over time they'll be great receivers for the team. No disrespect to Dressler but he's not the reason the Riders are losing games. The defence gave up 17 points, that should win a game in the CFL.

As for trading DD to Toronto maybe given the state of the franchise they should consider that to get a few players or draft picks. And that doesn't preclude signing him back in the offseason either.

Anonymous said...

Durant has been mediocre this season, and no amount of sugar coating can change that fact. Defense was better but still not great. Cox was brutal and almost zero pass rush. The O-line looked like men against boys.

Jones had better realize that some of the talent he brought in simply IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Anonymous said...

Sorry coach but this was another poor effort on both sides of the ball and from the coaches. Durants best days as a Rider are gone.
Danny Boy

Anonymous said...

Moral victory for Sask

Jimmy G. said...

The best gesture that Rider management can make for the fans is to sign Durant and Roosevelt to long-term contracts.

We do need better talent on the O-line (which in fact we do have two all-stars), but they sit on the injury list. Also, the Riders will pick #1 in 2017 in the Canadian draft and can improve their O-line depth further if necessary.

A consistent running game is needed to power our offense. I did like the effort and running ability of Canadian running back #22 Greg "Mercury" Morris. A fine display of speed and mobility today when given the ball. He is young at 24 years old and if given an opportunity and a decent O-line he could be a star in the CFL and a ratio breaker like an Andrew Harris.

The Riders are a young team in rebuilding mode this season and I still look forward to the upcoming games despite the poor record, as I see the emergence of some young talent that will make this team better. They need to stick with their core and fight for wins to turn the losing culture around that began in the 2014 Banjo Bowl.

Roosevelt heading towards a 2000 yard season is something to pull for, as is the possible emergence of #12 Aramti Edwards in the receiving core going forward.

A big-time returner speedster like Brandon Banks should be out their among the NFL cuts and hopefully the Riders can bring one in.

Anonymous said...

For the last few years since the new regime took over in Winnipeg they were slaughtered year after year. Everybody there is saying what some are saying here. It's time for the morons who never go to game, to get real. Winnipeg had to go through a process so why do we think we're any different. Over that time they lost a lot of close games but were always just shy. They kept adding and building and they have started to play better. They started out this year 1-4 and only after they changed QB's did the team start to progress. And the Bombers are not guaranteed to make the playoffs. Either Winnipeg or Edmonton will miss. The Bombers have won three times in the West and twice was against the Riders.

It is clear that everything begins and ends with a performing QB, and right now DD isn't doing that. Some of the poorer talent should be moved out because they are not good enough to stay.

Anonymous said...

There isn't a QB in the league that would be effective behind that O-line.

13th Man said...

What was Marshall's record when he got the boot? He didn't dismantle the team or have a big ego. I bet he is sitting back and chuckling. It will be interesting to see the bottom line (financial) this year with the revolving door. Do you think all the assistant coaches moved to Regina for the same salary they recieved in Edmonton? What about the players?

Unfortunately we are stuck with Jones. The CEO and Board need to be accountable. There needs to be a meeting in the bosses office and the Riot Act read. No more basketball players, no more converting an offensive player into a key defensive position, no more shananigans, etc. Leave your ego at the door and start coaching.

Gerry Fincati said...

What the heck is with the Riders coach? Poor decisions! No wonder it's 1 and 10. Time to give Jones the boot

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe the QBS in BC, Cal, Edm, Hamilton and Ottawa.

Anonymous said...

Do you not remember last weekends game the bombers turned there back on us when we tried to shake hands b4 the game

Mister Winnipeg said...

Edmonton and Winnipeg are making the playoffs because one will cross over. There is only one team in the West that won't be there.

Anonymous said...

DD is carrying the team
Face it the riders have no RB
only 1 good receiver
the 2 off tackles are crap

all this because of jones very poor player assessment and recruiting
Riders are 1- 10 and you need not look any further than Jones for why

Brad from 554 said...

Some of you should be ashamed of yourself to sit there and show lack of respect for DD who has done more then any other qb ever would over 400 yards last game. He has also taken 2 pay cuts to remain a rider if all you nay sayers can't see how important he is to our team you are not a true rider fan so go cheer for someone else or just shut up oh and show some balls and put your name on your comments

Anonymous said...

Get rid of DD? I heard a lot of that in 2011. Had the 2012 final won. Won the '13. (Got us there by himself) We lose for two years without him. Now QBing behind a poor line. (Ever watch our one yard sneaks? Tell you anything? Anything? Think!) What are people smoking?

Anonymous said...

DD isn't the physical specimen that Henry Burris is, and probably more like Ricky Rae. The problem we have is that he can't play forever. He's missed two seasons, hasn't been great this season, and will be wanting at least a 2 or 3 year contract next year. There a lot of thought on the table. He's not seeing the field well and missing open receivers far too often. No doubt our O-line is more like swiss cheese than anything else but there was a time when DD would have just rolled out to buy time or took off running. He no longer does these things very regularly.

There is lots to consider going forward. I must concede however that our O-line is pathetic. Just awful.

We still don't have a pass rusher. Is Capicotti still on this team?

Dean said...

other than the losses I've liked the progression of the last few games. I see a young team that will be better next year.

As for the bombers I think they are lucky they beat the riders the last two games. They won two games in a row because of a total of two plays.

I see them going 1 and 7 the rest of the year. They are okay but not great.

The Riders will be better than the Bombers next year.

Anonymous said...

Without Durant there is zero hope of ever getting back to the Cup before 2020. Unless someone knows of a Mike Reilly or Bo Levi clone sitting at home somewhere waiting to play, then shut your pie-hole!

Anonymous said...

It is bad enough when you have to play the other team, the ref's and on top of that.... Jones himself. Jones is a "Don Matthews Wannabe", without hardly any Head Coaching experience trying to be the hero with not even a shade of talent that Matthews had at his disposal. If that 31(Cox) is not gone on the next plane out of Regina, I will be shocked.First Dressler schools him 2 games in a row., then that Fiolo (back up receiver) makes him look silly and on the missed field goal return , guess who gets the holding call. He leads the Riders in Picks but must get beaten at least 10-15 times/game.I absolutely can't stand him...11 games and you can't find any offensive lineman to try to replace Best and Labatte, 11 games and you have Zero running game(Lawrence is more of a slotback than running back)..11 games and you still can't get a 1 yard gain when you really need it...11 games and the secondary is horrific, D line could use Chick about now..I feel sorry for Durant..Roosevelt was a holdover from the last regime, Holly is starting to look a lot like the infamous Demetrious Bendrops!!The Riders have to at least show some promise . It all starts and finishes with Jones.He seems overwhelmed... in his position. He...HIMSELF has cost us victories by his ME-FIRST attitude.. Sick Rider Fan in St Boniface, manitoba

Anonymous said...

I have had enough of Jones! Stupid gamble he earned this loss, out coached again!! (it hurts to say it but I am really starting to admire Dinkenson and the that team in Red.)

Anonymous said...

DD got us there in '13 by himself??? I guess we didn't buy a Greg cup with that all star supporting cast. Are you from earth?

Anonymous said...

"In Jones We Trust"

Anonymous said...

Someone said.

"DD got us there in '13 by himself??? I guess we didn't buy a Greg cup with that all star supporting cast. Are you from earth?"

Are you from earth?
That all star supporting cast you speak of was getting their asses handed to them in the Western Final until DD carried the team to the Grey Cup game. I repeat, are you from earth?

Anonymous said...

OK, so I will say what everyone wants to say but won't - Jones has been a embarrassment and a disaster and need to be FIRED RIGHT NOW !!!!!!

that's the only way the riders will be able to move ahead.

Anonymous said...

Bob Dyce easily a better HC than Jones

and O'Day is a way better GM than Jones

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Well, maybe the QBS in BC, Cal, Edm, Hamilton and Ottawa."

September 10, 2016

The QBs in BC, Cal, Edm, Hamilton and Ottawa all have an O-line in front of them. You know, one that can open a hole for a running play or protect for a passing play. Nothing like the Riders.

Anonymous said...

And get who??? for more fired coaches ....give ur head a shake

Evan Wiome said...

You're actually talking about the Western Semi against BC.

The Riders blew out Calgary in the West Final.

Has anyone else realized that the Riders have not won a game DD started since 2014? Not a totally fair comment, but true none the less.

Does anyone actually know what his record is as a starter? I don't either, I'm just wondering. The team is well below .500 since 2010, so I can't see his record being that great.

I'm not saying trade/release him, he is still the best option available, but the Riders do need to look to the future at QB.

Rod Pedersen said...


The Riders don't get to the 2013 WDF without Darian's performance in the WSF.

Evan Wiome said...

I was just pointing out that the game other reader was referring to the WSF, not the WDF.

Any other questions?

Anonymous said...

Coach Jones quit posting on this blog and get back to studying game film!

Anonymous said...

Calgary has had similar injuries on their OLine, they played D-linemen to finish the double OT game yesterday. Look at Jones for why we keep losing!

John Knight said...

One game doesn't make a star

Anonymous said...

Durant is not carrying the team, he is abysmal.

Anonymous said...

Debate the past all you want but the future at QB is not very promising.

Anonymous said...

DD is not the problem with this team.
He looks fine. For those with a minimal football iq please watch the game closer and you will observe that Doubles is almost always under big pressure right from the snap. And that same patchwork o-line gets pushed back every time we try for 1 yard. Meanwhile the opposing qb usually has all day to throw because the riders passrush is awful.

For the last 28 years that I have been cheering for the green and white, I keep hearing the same uneducated bologna from the same fools which is get rid of the qb or get rid of the hc. And get who? We are still paying the last head coach salary. If Jones gets canned we would be paying 3 hc salaries!

Like some said on this thread, it takes time to build a winning team from scratch. I see some good talent and some big holes still to fill, mostly on both sides of the line. But the team has a good attitude and they are starting to become competative. The defense overall has looked better in the last 3 games than in the previous 2 years.

As for DD, he is good qb i have supported since 2008. If the riders punt him, you can tack more years onto this rebuild.

Bart in Regina

Anonymous said...

That was a fake, fake field goal.Very well done.

Dave said...

If not for Durant there is no Grey Cup in 13 plain and simple

Anonymous said...

Can someone ask Glen Johnson at the command ceter how a horse collar tackle on the qb after he grounds the ball is not a penalty? It is getting harder and harder to watch this failed command center experiment. And that goes for All the cfl games.

Bart in Regina

Anonymous said...

A new head coach is not the answer. Mike O'Shea just went through 3 years of hell to get his team to be competitive and people were calling for his head the whole way. I bet he looks like a genius about now. If you seriously thought we were going to have a winning record this year you were dreaming. Right now I see a team that is just starting to play competitive football but they are still making enough mistakes to prevent a win. I would give our head coach at least to the end of next year before judging him. Even then he probably needs one more year. Imagine his frustration taking on the task of rebuild only to have players opt for retirement, players hurt in training camp and early in the year. A quarterback who has been hurt for two years. Promising to bring in the very best available players to make their team has been harder than they would admit I'm sure but they keep looking and keep trying to fit them in. Don't be too quick to judge.

Anonymous said...

Stop living in the past. That was 3 years ago, 3 years. Let's keep this discussion to the present day and the future. The qb present and future is not exciting, at least not now.

Lyle Pederson said...

Rod ... you and Carm do a great job broadcasting the games! Driving home from Calgary ... running late to catch the game at home ... will watch delayed. Wife says "let's listen to Rod and Cam". We were both glad we did. At one point she said "I get more excited listening to these guys than when we watch on TV". Got home ... watched delayed and realized TSN guys do a terrible job keeping fans informed on so much. (Wish radio/TV were synced)

Anonymous said...

After each loss the comments go from dumb to just plain stupid. Did you really think that the Riders would make the playoffs and be a Grey Cup contender this year? If you did I have an NHL franchise in Saskatoon for sale.

Anonymous said...

DD's grit won us the game against BC in 2013, I can still remember it. He took the ball himself and got first downs when no one else could. Oh the good old days.

Can you imagine if you put Gale and Bridge behind our O line now? Sorry that would end their careers - remember Tino in Ottawa last year? Durant is the only QB with savvy and a thick skin to take this punishment AND to train the new receivers until the system is learned by all. We would have way more turnovers with young QB's getting blitzed every play.

O'Shea - well he can thank Ritchie Hall and Paul Lapolice - do you know how many players went to Winnipeg to be coached by them?

Dressler, Smith, Hardrick, Shologan, Hurl, Harris, Tennant - just the former one year.


Anonymous said...

Is CFL football only a team game when we loose. It seems Durant wins us games but the team looses us games. Where are all the comments about Durant starting 8-2 3 years go. Newsflash, he's 0-10 this year.

Anonymous said...

Bonehead of a fake field goal play......EVERYONE could see it coming.....

Anonymous said...

Listen, franchises have moved on from aging hall of faame QB's before the tank was completly empty (Green Bay with Farve, the colts with manning) These guys went on to play well for other teams but both of these franchises have said it was the right thing to do for the franchise. No one is saying run him out of town tonight, just not take it off the table if the deal is right.

Clay said...

What a bunch of LOSER FANS. Rome wasn't built in a day.
Yes Jones has made mistakes & he has readily admitted that. Give the man & his staff some time.
Yes the oline is a sive , but DD thinks he is a pocket passer. Roll out, use his legs & he is more effective.
DD has ALWAYS had trouble picking out 2nd or 3rd receivers WHEN HE HAS HAD TIME.AS some people say he has trouble seeing the complete field. Yes he helped get us to a couple grey cups, but in pro sports, you do not succeed as a player based on what you did in the past. But what are you doing now.
Riders have to find another QB & soon.


Anonymous said...

He's talking about the 13 semi final, which was lost, until DD took control of that game.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bitc* about DD all you want, but in addition to having no One line and no running game, the inexperienced receiving corps is also causing issues. They've got some talent for sure, but at least twice we had two relievers almost side by side while DD was scrambling, and once in the End zone. That should not be happening. Holly has raw talent but the miscues are starting to pile up. No excuse for allowing that ball to be stripped so cleanly out of his grasp, in the red zone no less, while driving to take the lead late in the game.

I feel for DD, he's looked good overall, sure he's still shaking off some rust after sitting for a year and a half and has had some hiccups, but the supporting cast just isn't there.

Anonymous said...

Anyone wanting to gas DD has tunnel vision. They are not seeing what is going on around him.


Anonymous said...

You really think that was a horse collar tackle. Someone better go and ACTUALLY READ the rulebook.

Anonymous said...

Mike Scheper is the coach responsible for the O-line.
Is it his fault or is it lack of talent?
Injuries is not an excuse because other teams have them and just replace guys.
It's either recruitment or coaching.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, you make some good arguments but those players went to Winnipeg because thats where the money was.

Anonymous said...

Favre, the name is Brett Favre.

Anonymous said...

What he is doing now is playing with an inexperienced and truthfully, a bad football team. If you think you can just plug in another QB and this team will suddenly stop making all the mistakes they are making, you are dreaming.

Anonymous said...

Well here we are again, the DD haters have come back out of the woodwork. Most of the comments against him are the same old, ignorant blather, showing little to no football knowledge.

I will be extremely disappointed if DD is not under center to open the new stadium next year and to steer the ship once this rebuild actually starts to come together.

For now, I hope he can continue to weather the shi* storm that always comes his way, from the same old part of the fanbase, when the team isnt doing well.

Anonymous said...

In DD we trust

Anonymous said...

Naaman Roosevelt hits free agency this off season. He will have just about every team stepping up with an offer. If I was Naaman I would take the first train out of Circus town. If Naaman was on a team like Calgary, BC or Edmonton. He would win the most receiving yards the next 3 years in a row.
Also I'm the last guy that wants to see Darian get traded. However with the relentless pushing from all media types to keep this front and Center as well as. GM and Coach who has shown he has ZERO regard for any existing player from last year. Regardless of talent or position. He had no problem releasing a player on defence who is a stud because of his salary. Then turns around and hires others at similar money. Turns one into a back up, trades the other and the rest. Well they haven't even come close.
There is a real "arrogance" coming from the front office of the SK Roughriders. There is no more Rider Pride as that died with this administration. We a
L laughed at the Bombers when they moved into their new stadium with the worst team in the CFL. At least they had won 5 games the last year in their old stadium. By far the Riders will have the worst team in the CFL moving into their new Stadium. If they are lucky they might have a 2 win this season.
I'm not saying fire this guy or release that guy. I'm just stating the obvious. The next Jack ass that calls me a troll for speaking the truth needs to open their eyes and clean out their ears. The Riders have become the laughing stock of the CFL.
There is an old saying. If you can't win... Then cheat! Hell this administration can't even get that right.
Even with the 2016\17 off season and draft. This team will be in last place next season as well. They are just too far away from the next worst team being Montreal.
Quite frankly this is the worst case scenariol going into the new stadium.
How to destroy a franchise.... Just look up Craig Reynolds in the Dictonary.
How to totally embarrass the best and proudset fan base in a Proffessional sports league. Look up Chris Jones

Pissed off in SK.

Anonymous said...

This is effectively like an expansion team with about 80% new players so its going to take some time to gel. We have to be patient here. I think Jones is biting off more than he can chew with about 4 hats. He should give up the d coordinator role and also VP of operations. Look, the team has the money to pay for these two positiions, and gives Jones time to concentrate on the coaching.

Anonymous said...

This fan base may know when to cheer and make noise at a game. However most have no idea hat it takes to be a QB. In fact it's always the Rider Redneck fan base that start to attack. Do your dribbles understand that a receiver has to run a proper route and be at a certain area on the field. As well a QB needs at least 5 seconds and a little room in the pocket to make a proper throw. None of which is happening for Darian Durant. Hell you could have league leader Bo Levi Mitchell in there right now and he wouldn't do any better. In fact he would probably be out for the season by now.
I love cheering for the Ridets. I hate being classified a Rider fan with so many Redneck Retreads that have no idea what the responsibility of a QB is. Darian Durant has gone so far and above the call of duty for a QB.
Just look at Montreal's situation. They have had approx 20 QBs in camp the last 2 years. None of which are good enough to be a starter. So they have to rely on a Kevin Glen. That's the absolute best they can find. This coming from a team who groomed Anthony Calvillo when other teams had given up. Before that Tracy Ham.
Even the so called great QB whisperer Kent Austin in Hamilton had an old QB in Burris and then had to steal a QB from Millinkovich in Toronto. Even Kent couldn't find and groom his own Speaking of which it took 15 years for the Riders to find Kent Austin as their QB. Then it took another 12 years or more to find Joseph as a decent QB. So if you think the Riders stink right now. Try digesting what will happen the next 10 years without Darian. Please wake the frick up people. You are thinking stupidly and sounding moronic by suggesting the Riders get rid of Darian Durant. The last time he had a real team around him. He won a Grey Cup and gave SK the best ever memory in over a 100 years at old Mosaic.

Save Darian from Rider Retreads

Anonymous said...

Trade Darian from Rider Redtreads

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Huh!!!! Whisperer????
"Mr Kent Austin a one and only Sk Football God". He's personally responsible for 2 of the Roughriders 4 franchise GC Championships in their team history. Geeze he was majic when he played, he should come out of retirement and play football again. He's that good, even wearing eyewear glasses.