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Tuesday, August 9, 2016


QB Brandon Bridge
The Saskatchewan Roughriders could be adding another quarterback to the mix.

TSN's Farhan Lalji reports the team brought in non-import pivot Brandon Bridge for a workout on Monday.

A native of Toronto, Bridge received his release from the Montreal Alouettes on August 1.

The Roughriders (1-5) already have four quarterbacks on their roster in Darian Durant, Mitchell Gale, G.J. Kinne and Vad Lee, as well as B.J. Coleman and Jake Waters on the six-game injured list.

Bridge, 24, was a fourth-round pick in the 2015 Canadian Football League Draft out of South Alabama. He appeared in 15 games in his rookie season, starting one, throwing for 282 yards on 26-for-40 passing and two touchdowns.

With the addition of Vernon Adams, Bridge was relegated to fourth-quarterback status behind Kevin Glenn, Rakeem Cato and Adams. After Adams returned from a concussion in late July, Bridge asked for his release, rather than remain with the team and take a pay cut.

Bridge appeared in four games this season for the Als, all in short-yardage situations and didn't throw a pass.
He rushed for two touchdowns and two yards on three carries.

The Roughriders currently sit in the West Division basement and are coming off of a 35-15 loss to the Calgary Stampeders last Thursday. The team is next in action on Saturday in the back end of a home-and-home with the Stamps.



13th Man said...

Why is Chris Jones being given a free ride? He totally dismantles the team from last year when there were several players of quality that with addition of new players could have made the team competitive. Is he really any different than Chamberlain? It appears that they win a Grey Cup and believe it was totally their expertise, that anything they touch will turn to gold. In the meantime fans are told to be patient while the revolving door keeps turning. How many quarterbacks does it take to find the one you want? Bringing in and exchanging players does a lot for ones confidence. Maybe Jones should consider making wide receivers out of defensive backs. Better yet, how about getting a defensive coach who can apply pressure strategies. Perhaps the GM should exchange head coaches, as this one is not meeting expectations. Just Saying.

willy said...

Why bring in another Bridge when we haven't crossed the 1st one yet?

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the arm chair GM's out there like "13th man". Where would Rider Nation be without them? (Answer: Still in last place)

Anonymous said...

The Chicken Little trolls are back.

tskware said...

I think youre saying not having any critics wouldnt make them a better team, but to be honest that post is confusing to me.

John Knight said...

13th man, maybe you should apply for the GM job. You seem to have all the answers! Let the GM do his job. He is a proven winner and as far as some of the previous good players, you are correct in that assessment however, they were grossly overpaid

Morgan said...

Jones cannot be properly critiqued until after this season. When season 2 rolls around, we should be a playoff team. If not, then maybe he needs to go. So actually, give him two seasons. Then judge him.

Anonymous said...

I honestly dont understand why another quarterback signed when the secondary is a complete disaster.

Anonymous said...

" In Jones We Trust "

Heptiro said...

Why wouldn't you bring in a player like Bridge? If he looks good he stays. If he does not he is gone.He had a decent college career and wanted out of MTL due to no chance. Here he knows after DD there is an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

The difference between Jones and chamblain. that Jones ain't an arrogant a**h*** like Corey was

Anonymous said...

Okay so if you go 3 and 15 again this season lets say, then arent you in the same position as last year and need to dismantle the team once need about 5 to 6 wins before you can say your moving in the right direction with keeping a core group and bringing in from there.