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Monday, August 29, 2016


Durant's last dance?  Photo cred: Canadian Press

1 - My family and I returned home from the City of Champions Sunday evening and in truth, could have stayed a few more days.  It's beautiful up there this time of year and we were treated exceptionally well.

In fact, my girls were adorned in Rider jerseys at Friday's game at Commonwealth Stadium and didn't receive so much as a heckle from Eskimo fans.  "Not one," said 20-year old Caeley, despite the fact the Riders lost 33-25.

Hats off to the fans of the Green & Gold!

2 - Same goes for the Eskimos themselves, who survived a late scare Friday night to hand the Saskatchewan Roughriders their fifth-straight loss and leave the Riders at 1-8.  It's true -- we are halfway through the 2016 season and it hasn't exactly gone by in a blink.  The outlook looks bleak for the Riders who have dug themselves into a remarkably deep hole.  With Edmonton and Winnipeg continuing to win, the mountain has gotten steep.

If a 9-9 record is going to get you into the playoffs this year, the Riders would have to go 8-1 the rest of the way and that prospect looks dim given their lengthy losing streak.  But enough with the "Rider Math" (as Rider fan Chris Pollock labelled it Saturday at West Edmonton Mall).

3 - Saskatchewan can only win one game at a time and it starts with Sunday's Labour Day Classic against Winnipeg.  I've already heard it dozens of times since Friday's game concluded: "The Riders always win on Labour Day Weekend".  The fact is the Roughriders are 33-16 all-time in the L.D.C. and have won the past 11 consecutive games against Winnipeg on September long weekend.  And this Sunday's 50th edition will be the last one at Old Mosaic Stadium.

But we've got a full week to get ready for that one.

4 - Let's reflect for a second on the current situation of the Roughriders who fell down 22-0 to the Eskimos in the second quarter Friday night before trailing 22-3 at halftime.  When the club was walking off the field toward their locker room at the break, it seemed like the vast majority of them had their heads down and were already defeated.  Head Coach & GM Chris Jones sprinted past each and every one of them, swatting them on their butt or backs and appearing to say something to the effect of, "Keep your heads up!  We've got 30 minutes to go!"

I'd love to know what Jones - or quarterback Darian Durant - said during that halftime break because the club came out and scored 16 unanswered points in the third quarter to trail 22-19 going into the final period.

Do you believe in miracles?

Unfortunately the Eskimos took over from there, as you know, with a Mike Reilly touchdown, a Sean Whyte field goal and a Grant Shaw punt single to put the game away.

But there were several encouraging signs.

5 - The Roughriders have won the turnover battle in two of their last three games.  On Friday night, Rider DB Ed Gainey registered the game's lone "takeaway" and the turnover ratio read 1-1 at game's end due to the Riders' late Turnover On Downs.  However the football guys don't count TODs in the category of ball security.

The offense has done some great things with second-, and third-stringers for weeks on end.

It was disturbing that the defense had no answer for Mike Reilly and Shakir Bell on Friday night but if there's one thing I'm not concerned about on a Chris Jones team, it's how the defense will be once he has the guys in there he wants.

Darian Durant did literally everything in his power to will the team to victory at Commonwealth Stadium the other night.  Sadly, he was let down by so many costly drops and the quarterback's angst was evident on the TSN broadcast.  (See: Death Stare).

I actually got nauseous on the Riders' third series Friday night when Durant, feeling he'd have to take matters into his own hands on 2nd-and-10, dove head-first on a 10-yard run to get a first down.  He was briefly shaken up after the hit, and had to come out of the game.

That got the Twitter trolls from the Calgary area filling my Notification Feed, but I replied that Darian can't do it by himself.  But he was trying.

Fortunately the offense got its collective act together in the second half and showed us more than a glimpse of what we've been waiting for for weeks.

Will they roll from here?  We'll know in a week but I'd guess the offensive personnel will remain largely the same except for those coming back from injury (i.e. Rob Bagg and maybe even Chris Best).  They'd make a heckuva difference.

6 - There's a rumbling under-current within the Riders about Darian Durant's status past this season.   Not too many fans have put 2-and-2 together and realized that Durant's contract is up at the end of the 2016 season.  Do the Saskatchewan Roughriders want him back in 2017?  Does Darian even want to come back?

"I could see him signing with Winnipeg," said one CFL-type to me before Friday's game.


Clearly the focus right now is on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Labour Day Classic but somebody in management has to be thinking about what this football club would be like without Durant.

At 34, Durant has gone on record as saying he wants to play 10 more seasons.  That seems like a lot right now, but seven or eight more years seem reasonable and I'd like to think he's still in his prime.  He just set the CFL record for most consecutive pass attempts without an interception and he's currently the club's leading rusher.

To me, it would seem unfathomable that Darian Durant wouldn't be a part of this rebuild and Chris Jones' faith in him has been clear for all to see.

Besides that, who's waiting in the wings?  Several Rider regimes (Taman/Chamblin, O'Day/Dyce, Jones/Jones) have tossed scores of quarterbacks overboard while trying to find "the Next One".

Right now #4 is the best - and only - option.

It pains me to know that all the great things Durant has done for this franchise over the years mean nothing right now compared to what he's expected to do in the future.

7 - Has it got your goat right now that the Roughriders are under the spell of Mike Reilly and the Edmonton Eskimos?  Relax and remember the Eskimos were irrelevant for a decade between 2005 and 2015.

Now may be their time but the Roughriders are reloading and it won't take anything near a decade to complete.

CBC's Glenn Reid wrote on his blog last week that Chris Jones' mood appears to be improving each week despite the fact the losses keep mounting.

I'd have to concur with Glenn, and maybe it's because Jones can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

And it's not a train.

8 - Hats off to the thousands upon thousands of Rider fans who filed into Commonwealth Stadium Friday night despite the fact the Riders were 6-28 in their prior 34 games.  They left that evening with their club 6-29 but they were undaunted.  They came in all shapes and sizes, clad from head-to-toe in Rider green and were a loud and disruptive influence all game long.

It made me secure in the feeling that "the brand" can withstand what we're currently going through.

My gang Friday in EDM
9 - Eskimo fans seated around my wife Friday night were wondering, "Who was behind this conspiracy theory?"  She just smiled and let them go on with their chatter.

Eskimo P.A. announcer Al Stafford came into our booth before the game and asked the same thing, "Who started this whole idea of a conspiracy against the Riders?"

My colour commentator Carm Carteri smiled and pointed at me.

Funny what one little Tweet can do.  It lit a fire from coast to coast.

Hey, it's been fun!  And it proved to be a great distraction while the club was hit with some severe adversity over the past few weeks.  Fans of other teams went ballistic but who cares what they think?

This is sports guys.  Not life and death.

We're in the entertainment business too.

10 - Last week on the SportsCage, my co-host Mitchell Blair wondered aloud if the CFL would look at changing the mechanism for Coaches' Challenges which have been destroying our games.  I scoffed thinking that, for the sake of credibility, there's no way the CFL would change its rules in the middle of the season.

And then they did.  It was on Friday afternoon, after one game in Week 10 had already been played, and with three more to go.

My thoughts on the matter are well-known but Carm Carteri said on Friday's pregame show that the timing of the move "attacks the credibility of the league".  He went on to say that making the move in between games in the middle of a week, "is a lack of respect for the league".

Where have I heard those comments before?  Oh yeah, that's what the Roughriders were accused of by Commissioner Jeffrey L. Orridge a few weeks ago regarding their fines for Roster-Gate.

In Friday's news release about the rule change, Orridge stated "We are listening to our fans".

I immediately wondered if the old football saying, "If you listen to the fans, you will soon be sitting with them", applies to more than just coaches and GMs.

11 - The Johnny Manziel fiasco which broke late last week left more egg on the CFL's face.  ESPN writer Kevin Seifert went to Toronto do a feature on the CFL but apparently misquoted Commissioner Orridge when he wrote that Orridge and the CFL would welcome Manziel - the current baddest boy of the NFL - if he wanted to resurrect his career in Canada.

Orridge took to Twitter on Thursday to clarify his remarks.

After sifting through all the newspaper stories on the situation, it seemed to me that the whole misunderstanding could've been alleviated if Orridge was more clear in his message.

So Seifert now sits in America thinking we're even more of a po-dunk league than before he even came up here.


12 - Did you know that Edmonton is the Festival Capital of Canada?  It's true.  And they also feel that the Oilers will boast the best line in the NHL this season with Milan Lucic, Connor McDavid, and Jordan Eberle.

Optimism is high in Oil Country but I stopped short of making a bet with a Flames fan on Sunday that the Oilers will finish ahead of Calgary in 2016-17.

One other thing I loved about Edmonton: the Scotiabank Theatre in West Edmonton Mall with its Ulta AVX screens!  We caught the movie War Dogs Saturday night and have to give the movie, and the theatre experience, two thumbs wayyyyy up.

13 - Had to miss the first two days of Regina Pats training camp over the weekend but I'll be in attendance at Monday night's annual Blue & White Intrasquad Game at 7:00 at the Cooperators Arena.

If the Pats do what they're expected to do this season, Head Coach & GM John Paddock is going to be a rock star in this town.




Anonymous said...

It's not just sour Rider fans furious about the PI challenges in the CFL this season. I listened to the entire after game show on Stamps radio 770 am Sunday night and everyone was PO'd at the challenges. That from a fanbase of a 7-1-1 team. Perhaps the Stamps fans are speaking with their wallets, as Sunday's game was their lowest attendance of the year (26,200) - pretty bad for a possible Grey Cup preview.

Anonymous said...

I get so tired of the negative talk about Jones and how he should be fired. If anyone thought with this much change that we would be good had their hEads in the sand. I believe in Jones and he will turn it around. Will be cheering loud abd proud in the stands Sun afternoon. Roddy if you like football shows you should watch Last Chance U on Netflix. Great show and Go Riders!

Anonymous said...

Hey Stamps fans,

Instead of trolling Rod why don't u get off your ass and go to games. 26 000 for last nights game against what could be your Grey Cup opponent is embarrassing, being that your 7-1 and all.

I wonder if Shmo Levi will attack you guys on Twitter again.

Brutal crowd.

Rod Pedersen said...

To Anonymous #1: And that's after the P-I rule was amended ... Imagine how Stamps fans would've felt prior to last Friday.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful family, Rod ... you are a lucky man!

CM said...

League needs to get rid of these challenges on plays away from the ball. Glen Johnson or whoever suggested this out to lunch. Wrecks the game. As for Riders, they are improving and aren't as bad as 1-8 record suggests. IMO looks like they need to improve the d-line, Cdns on the o-line and get a tailback. The other pieces are much improved over last year for sure.

Anonymous said...

After this past week's Tony Romo injury, among other key injuries, and with Jim Harbaugh calling for an end to pre-season games, it would appear likely that the NFL will soon move to a similar schedule like the CFL - 18 regular season games and 2 pre-season games.

Anonymous said...

Great MMG Rod! Lots of great points here and some humility for opposing fans. Let's hope the detractors lay off you for a while. The hate is all too real but as you said, "it's just sports".
— Kelly Bale —

Ryan said...

While I agree that challenges for things away from the ball should not be overturned, the problem with that is that it adds another layer of judgement which adds to inconsistency of calls. Best suggestion I have heard is to leave PI as challengeable but remove illegal contact. If you don't see it at full speed at the focus of the play, it shouldn't be called on review

Anonymous said...

Was watching an NFL game this weekend, albeit pre-season action, but if they had the CFL officials and rules there would have been a ton of flags for PI. There was a bunch of bumping and contact going on but they let them play and fight for the ball. This PI stuff is so stupid now it just isn't fun anymore seeing them contest for a ball.

Anonymous said...

Well I kind of disagree about the instant replay away from where the ball goes, was watching the stamps game and one of the receivers was cut off and bumped to a stop in his tracks which led Collaros to move out of the pocket and throw on the run which led to an Int so I do agree with something on instant replay for this because that bump totally pushed Collaros into a bad situation.

tskware said...

I submit Hamilton 2013 and Edmonton 2014 as two recent examples of quick rebuilds.

tskware said...

Thanks for a reasoned and well thought out contribution this week Rod. I think you got it about right this time.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment by Peter King in his MMQB column today - how remarkable it is that NFL Commish Roger Goodell has been MIA in public so far this pre-season. Maybe he has taken a page from the CFL Commish play-book...

Anonymous said...

Collaros just getting warmed up after a one year injury hiatus unlike some who just don't have that mojo. Wait till he hits his full playing stride, he'll have the Hamilton Tiger Cats hoisting the Grey Cup in victory this year no doubt about it. You read it here first at RODPEDERSEN.COM via MMG.


Anonymous said...

Collaros vs Reilly - hands down Collaros. Collaros the real deal overall package player both physical, intellect.

Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you old Oskee, but the Stamps are not horsing around this year and will be hoisting the Grey Cup in November, and probably for the next two Novembers or more. Hamilton will always be second best.

Anonymous said...

Agreed the CFL needs to do away with these silly PI rules. There were a couple in our game against Edmonton that never should have been called. I compare it to hockey; there's always a ton of bumps, hacks, elbows and slashes that don't get called because the game is moving so fast. If they were to police every tiny little thing on the ice the game would grind to a halt. Same thing going on here with the CFL and pass interference. If the boys are battling for the ball and there's no blatant interference on the part of either player, let em play! I agree with the previous poster saying that attendance is a real reflection of that. The stands at McMahon should have been packed for such a marquee matchup.

CFL office needs to wake up. It's not fancy gimmicks or open mics that will bring the fans back, it's good solid football with consistent action and flow. That's all we ask. There's no problem in admitting that bringing in the new PI rules was a big mistake. If Rogers can admit they were wrong to get rid of Ron Maclean and brought him back, the CFL can eat some humble pie too and change it back to what it was.


Anonymous said...

re point 6 about Darian - I believe what he said when they re-did his contract this yr & I believe that he wants to continue his career w/the RIDERS & retire as a Rider. The team wld be crazy not to re-sign him to a long term contract & the sooner the better! He's proven that he has come back fr his injury.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the beautiful family comments. How the heck did a greasy ranch hand from Milestone snag a Greek Goddess like Mrs. Sportscage? It's like asking how the pyramids got built, it defies all logic. Not that Rod's complaining...

Lyle Pederson said...

Do you cheer for the big play or wait for challenge flag and/or head office review. Sponanaity is a huge part of the sports fans' experience. Trying to be 100% correct through technology is not achievable and certainly not practical. And confining it to some infractions and not others makes no sense. Invest in the referees and scrap the technology.

gary said...

I was glad to finally see the riders lining up on the defensive line with more than 3 players for a change to at least confuse the qb with how many they are rushing, but I would still like to see them blitz more often as pressure on qbs around the league seems to be forcing more turnovers and winning games.

Soup said...

Edmonton fans suck! We were at the game and the idiots that were near us were real a-holes. If it wasn't for the PA announcer those dimwits wouldn't even cheer.

Anonymous said...

Sorry bubs, but Saskatchewan will take care of those Stumps and Boh Levi Mitchell rendering them moot for any championship soon out of the west division. Hamilton just warming up for the GC with their one two qb punch, this is the year of the Tiger. Take that to the bank.

Anonymous said...

yeah let's judge a teams fans by one group…I can tell you I have met some pretty ignorant a-hole sask fans also but have met some good ones to so quit being so judgmental…there are bad groups in every fan base so quit crying

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Family Rod. But what happened to you ? (:

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Brandon Browner will end up with the Riders soon.... Scruffy may or may not have inside knowledge on this.

w said...

There must be other ways to increase scoring other than ricky tack touching penalties on a receiver after yards. Really? But then Orridge is in charge. Expect nothing to happen.

Anonymous said...

Rod Pedersen said...

That's a great website. Tough info to swallow though.

@mrt_man said...



tskware said...

PI rules are ridiculous. That call against Cox on Bowman was just a ridiculous call even if it WAS following the new rule. The defender isn't entitled to the ground hes on anymore? Just stupid.

Anonymous said...

Brandon Browner sign with the Riders? Is he planning to retire?

Anonymous said...

"Saskatchewan will take care of those Stumps and Boh Levi Mitchell rendering them moot for any championship soon out of the west division."

You have some kind of time machine? Because last I saw, the Riders already lost their games against the Stamps this year. And it's pretty well a given that there will be no post-season games for the Regina Green this year.

Anonymous said...

Just reality Rod, statistics from that great website clearly show the Riders have a less than 1% chance of making the playoffs. Truth hurts but this season is over.