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Friday, August 12, 2016


TORONTO (August 11, 2016) – The Canadian Football League (CFL) released the following statement on Thursday:

The CFL today levied a $60,000 fine against the Saskatchewan Roughriders, as well as a deduction in excess of $26,000 off the Roughriders’ 2016 salary cap.

This decision was made after Commissioner Jeffrey L. Orridge and the CFL completed a thorough investigation, spanning several weeks, of the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ alleged roster violations. The investigation included CFL officials visiting team practices in Regina. After a review of the findings, it has been determined that the Saskatchewan Roughriders were in violation of policies which prohibit practicing with ineligible players, players participating in practice who are on the 6-Game Injured List and having free agents practice with players who are under contact.

Each of these actions constitute a violation of CFL bylaws.

“As Commissioner, I am compelled to make decisions consistent with protecting the competitive balance within our League, the spirit of our rules and the integrity of our game. The recent conduct, behaviour and activities of the Saskatchewan Roughriders have compromised the reputation of the CFL.”

- CFL Commissioner, Jeffrey L. Orridge.


Anonymous said...

Hope Bo Baby enjoys his fame since he's a terrible QB.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted that our team has been reduced to this.

You cannot tell me that after looking at 3,000 players you cannot find anyone, and still have to bring in more.

Our team has been reduced to the laughingstock of the league.

I feel no affinity to anyone on that team, as I don't know anyone, and cannot get used to anyone, as they only play for a game or two.

When will this insanity stop?


Anonymous said...

Good on Bo for rating out the Riders!

Doovy 49 said...

Bo Baby seems to know of what he speaks. Fines to the Riders of $100,000 this year. Mr. Jones needs to have some very good answers.

Anonymous said...

What a joke, another freaking free pass for the criminals. This is beyond ridiculous. It is a slap n the face to all the other teams. Jones is laughing at you cause he knows he got away with it.

Anonymous said...

So they have been cheating ans still giving up 40 points a game? Geez at least cheat better

3RD and 1 said...

Sadly Bo is a great QB but he's an Ass of a human being. Not just because of his tweets. Any CFL QB that tries to be a taddle tail about a common practise in the CFL. Shows just how much of a turd brain he is. Just like his Vancouver Resteraunt introduction a couple years ago to a small group of people who didn't know who he was. HI... ""Bo Levi Mitchell"" Grey Cup MVP... how you doing?
I completely understand why a few LB's and DB's called him some degrading names on the field of play. So much so he ran to the league to tattle tail on those guys as well. I'm not sure how he got to be a good QB as he reminds most people of that kid on the playground that nobody wants to be around.
One week he's dissing his fans for leaving the game early and got in to it with their fans in Twitter. Then the next week states that the Calgary fans have his back. Seriously how does this guy win a football game. He dosent know if he's coming or going.

Anonymous said...

How can the worst team in the league be cheating?

How bad would they be if they weren't cheating?

Maybe there was so many players around that nobody was getting properly coached.

These Riders are getting harder and harder to love.

Anonymous said...

Short on details, who was the player on the six game who practiced? Was it the kicker? Was there more than one? How many free agents under contract participated in a practice? John Murphy has the gift of gab and would seem the guy to hear from in terms of the finer details.

Anyways, too bad about all the distraction before Saturday's game. Hopefully the coaches and players ignore all the noise from the media (whose job it is to make noise).

Curtis said...

Now that the Riders have been fined, all other teams better be prepared to have the CFL make 'surprise' visits to their practices and review their personnel decisions. As was stated in previous days, it is highly unlikely that the Riders are the only team playing fast and loose with the rules, they were just the ones that got caught. I would challenge the CFL to review every other team and let us see what occurs.

Anonymous said...

Now the question is what disciplinary action will Rider Board and Reynolds take against Jones for belligerently bringing the Rider brand into the mud.

Anonymous said...

3rd and 1 pathetic!!!! Maybe cheer for a team that operates within the spirit of the rules.

Anonymous said...

The rules say if you rough the quarterback you get a 15 yard penalty. The rules get broken from time to time. BLM might find that out a time or two on Saturday night.

Christopher Jones said...

I find it very sad and discerning that rider fans cannot accept this... They need to deflect the guilt to all teams... making wild accusations that this is a league wide problem..... not one other team has been accused of doing this. I would have a very difficult time believing that the majority of teams would even dream of doing this. Also to continue your assault on BLM is disgusting... the man was right... you guys are being bullies.... BLM probably should not have done what he did but would we even know if he did not??? The serious question here should be... who owns the houses the riders were using to accommodate these players and how many years has this been going on... that will tell us how deep the rabbit hole goes... instead of defending these cheaters... maybe you shoul dbe working on removing the cancer from your organization... even if it goes all the way to the BoD... be a reporter... investigate.

ReginaRed said...

Obviously the CFL were investigating before Bo Levi made his tweet. Things moved very fast so it was probably the CFL'so worst kept secret and his comments just sped up the process. Some rider fans owe him an apology especially those homophobic slurs

Anonymous said...

Maybe it does go on in other teams, they are just better at hiding what they do.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of schadenfreude going on here! Typical whiners.
Do what you must to find the appropriate players, line 'em up and play. Go Riders!

Rob in Stoon

polkabill504 said...

An absolute must win for the Riders on Saturday night.I don't like the way things are being portrayed in this once proud and respectable franchise. I know and understand every team at one time has played the "hidden players" card but to do it to this extent in today's social media world is beyond crazy. I have no idea of Jone's plan but it seems they are in a state of disarray at present. I will give them until years end to at least show that the program is on the right track because to go into that beautiful new stadium with a huge cloud of uncertainty hanging over this franchise would be a PR nightmare. The ship has to be turned around now and It starts Sat night.Polkabill from the Peg

Heptiro said...

What about other teams spying on the Rider practices? Oh I guess that is wide spread.If I was Jones I would close every practice to the public. Let them pay their dollars to see the Riders.Who has time to sit through practices anyways. People with no life and spies. Glad to hear today they spies had to sign in.
I agree with the person who said all CFL teams must have a secret visit. Let's see who else is guilty. If nobody else then the fines are appropriate. If everyone or most or some then get after them too.
Jeez it just gets better and better doesn't it?

Phil Miller said...

Some very funny comments on here.

Of course it is a league wide thing.

Of course in some years since 2006 this was bigger in SK than other teams who could not afford it... but certainly not even most years.

Of course the Riders are the leagues worst example of it right now as they struggle for legitimacy.

Of course given the situation of the Grey Cup week being tarnished by the media leak, the Riders were under increased scrutiny.

And finally... BLM is a really hard guy to like. Arrogance can come from ability and he has plenty of the former.

Anonymous said...

What the heck happened to Rod's Thursday column?? It was excellent and now it has disappeared. What is going on??

Rudyman said...

If i was to venture a guess. I would bet the league had a conference call about this on the weekend. Somehow blow mitch got it and blabbed.

Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that in Rod's MMQB he posted, "Hopefully training camp is over."

Turns out it was an ongoing training camp.

Anonymous said...

All I got to say is this.... Rider nation better be loud Saturday. Crazy loud.

So much of this happens and all teams are guilty of this... Mark my words.
However because we got Chris Jones from Edmonton everyone elsewhere is pissed.
Well maybe jealous. Everyone is jealous of rider nation, we care win or lose, we pack our stadium rain or shine.

Why does bo Levi say something on Twitter and we get nailed when he's making 320, and other guys in his caliber are making 500k?? Weird!
I hope he gets rocked so hard. Our commissioner ruined Cbc hockey and now he is on his knees again. He's weak.

My point is why don't they investigate all teams and hammer them all? I get it rules are broke get a fine!! Well take it! But cause we are small town sask and our rider pride is better than everyone they want to hit us hard. eff them all, Bo Levi better pay Saturday. Pay good. He's a little rat with no back bone. Gutless. Go riders. Durant is gonna have a hell of a game. We are gonna F--k them
Needless to say. Jamie nye does he know sports... I can't stand his opinions, McCormick ur not to far off either... Who hired these guys... Do they like the riders or do they just cause shit!!!!

Roddy u da man ! I would buy those seats too buddy. Go riders go pats. It's all we got nye better start supporting.

Anonymous said...

Remember to bring your whistles to the game on Saturday rider fans. Three separate times a whistle blew from the stands while the rider offence was on the field in last week's game. Show BLM some love.

@mrt_man said...



Anonymous said...

If you think it was Mitchell that reported this to the league you are crazy. The rat you are seeking wears green and is a dues paying union member not happy with the circumventing of the rules and of non paying players getting a look. Maybe a player rep, maybe not. Riders aren't looking to stop the cheating either, just looking to stop the getting part by not letting happen when someone with a Ontario liscense signs into practices....

Wyatt Mercer said...

Enough with YOUR whining Rider Fans!!!! Don't be calling Bo a whiner for calling you on your crap! He was right! And for those who say this kinda thing happens all the time...yea, with 5 or 6 extra guys....not totalling 95!!!!! This is ridiculous and you know it!!
My God how many players do you go through in training camp and still can't figure it out. I think you suffer from an inferiority complex when you compare yourself against Calgary, a LEGITIMATE,PERENNIAL Grey Cup threat.
But I guess only 4 Grey Cups in over a century would make anyone anxious.

Yea Bo is cocky, no doubt about it. But you cannot argue the fact he backs it up all the time. Geez what's his record as a starter now, something like 40-7?? I'd take him over Durant any day. Matter of fact I'd take him over any QB in Rider franchise history. And Rod I think you've over stepped abit when you came on Calgary radio claiming Bo didn't know what he got himself into....hes from TEXAS! There's high school games as packed as Mosaic down there. Although I'm sure it will be fun to watch.
Go Stamps Go!!!

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that just two weeks ago, Rod was asking where the microscope of the Riders ratio issue came from. Now a full day ahead of the CFL announcement, Calgary's Mitchell comes out with a comment that apparently had legs before it was released. Maybe we need to find out who, at Mosaic Stadium is Stamps friendly.

Anonymous said...

It's not Mr Jones fault all free agents want to play in the Land of Living Skys thus making other CFL teams in the West Division envious jealous. Geeze... how low can they get with their pettiness?

Anonymous said...

if there are spies and your asking to see who else is guilty I guess for now that is nobody seeing the riders are the only ones. you poach coaches and gms from other teams first and then they bring in guys unsigned to practise and practise six game injured list guys and you all defend this garbage…be ashamed defending that bs. How can you rider fans even try and put this on all other teams…that is disgusting and thought you had more pride then that. I hope BLM beats the living piss out of you with 500 yards of passing and meesam knocks the piss out of you. At this point you don't deserve to win another game until you want to play an honest game of football. Remember this is just not having guys wrongly practising, this is not playing your National and International guys during the game properly either….the funny part is you only have one win with 30 points against you guys per game…not just cheaters but a straight embarrassment to the CFL, go play high school football somewhere else you losers.

Anonymous said...

Cheating at 1-5 is even more laughable than a guy who thinks he's Darth Vader always dressed in black.

ReginaRed said...

Why are you yelling and no spellchecker?

Wyatt Mercer said...

Spies???!! Hahaha
Wow so delusion really is rampant in those parts. Trust me nobody is out to get you guys.
Your at the bottom where you belong!! And nobody needs help beating you

Wyatt Mercer said...

The patriots of the CFL? Is that what you guys really think?
Buddy atleast they cheat and a 30 team league.
Where as the riders cheat, aaaaand win 4 Grey Cups in over a century of mediocrity in an 8, now 9 team league.
Get over yourselves. This is embarrassing listening to this.

Anonymous said...

I was really looking forward to this year, I thought it has to be better than last year. There was no doubt in my mind that Taman/Chamblin needed replacing and they were.

I was a Chris Jones fan and the Dressler and Chick thing I viewed as inevitable. But the way he gave that game away to the Eskimos got me wondering. The fine for subbing a Yankee for a Canuck didn't really effect me because that could happen with an injury.

But this current mess is nothing but disrespect for the league and everybody in the province.

I believe the Riders could fire the man in black and not owe him a dime. He broke his contract which I'm sure says 'within the rules of the CFL'.

I say 'dump him', Balichick will hire him as a ball boy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Bo is a little jealous of Rider Nation...he's admitted that the Stamps fans are not that loyal already.

Pure sour grapes is all this is.

The league was probably well into his investigation, but can't keep anything to itself, so Bo had to "act" like he was the big man uncovering a huge conspiracy by the Riders.

Just play the game Bo...what U just did was embarrass another team and its players. Things are probably going to get emotional Saturday, and with emotion comes dirty hits. I will be shocked if BLM finishes the game. Not advocating for an injury, just telling it like it is.

Your better then this's called the high road, you should try it sometime.

Anonymous said...

How many other teams have ever been investigated? I doubt none have been. If the league is really concerned about the rules then they should be making sure EVERY player on EVERY team that places a player on the injured list is injured. They also should be going through EVERY play on EVERY team to make the ratio is followed just like they did with the Riders. BC Lions have been pumping noise through their sound system for years and nothing gets done. Edmonton Eskimos were the first CFL Team ever to hide players. Did we break the rules? YES. Should we been fined and penalized? YES I would like to see every CFL team investigated just like the Riders were though.

Darcy from Regina

Evan Wiome said...

If anyone has any doubt that this is not a common practice in the CFL, check the twitter account of former CFL player Dante Luciai.
He tells Dave Naylor that he practiced with Edmonton while on the injured list and practiced with Montreal as a free agent.
That's one former player. How many more current and former players out there can tell the same story?
This proves two things in my eyes.
The first is that the CFL is on a witch hunt to prevent Saskatchewan from having a successful team on the field. The CFL wants Rider fans to pay for this corrupt league and watch a losing team.
The second is that the media are at the very least ignoring any reports of violations with other CFL teams, but are probably complicit with those who wish to humiliate the Riders and their fans. The CFL sources who feed them the info use them as tools for their agenda. Why does Dave Naylor, Justin Dunk or Darrell Davis not report the other information they have about CFL teams? Then the sources of their stories will stop talking to them and find other tools to use to execute their agenda.
If any member of the Rider organization steps down today, I for one will never watch this corrupt league ever again. In no way is what the Riders did right, but neither is a corrupt league scapegoating one team.
I'm a life long Rider fan and I love the CFL with all my heart, but when you see this level of corruption in an organization, you just have to walk away. I encourage other Rider fans to do the same.

3RD and 1 said...

Hilarious; you sir are pathetic. Hide behind your anonymous name while you blast others. Is your name Bo Levi Mitchell.
If you truly think this team is the only one playing fast and loose with the rules. Your a joke! Hell even EE Ed Hervey admitted that all teams cheat. Whether it's talking to players under contract or what ever. They all fricken cheat! Grow up and open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Wyatt Mercer I get it your a stamps fan! Good on you! No doubt a great organization.i am going to assume your from
Calgary... Needless to say what quarterback goes public on Twitter and rats out an organization and has constant arguments with fans.

Don't get me wrong your right he's probably the best right now... But we all know he is a whiny dusty little baby. The way he conducts himself. To me it just seems like your sniffing his ass.

We won 4 grey cups... Yes just 4 a few less than Calgary u got us there Wyatt . But hey it's all we got bucko! And let's face it we are on better pace than the lovely Calgary Flames. 37 years of existence and what? 1 cup? Flames have nothing to
Do with this... And I root for the flames even though I'm not from Calgary. Needles to say we are creeping close to September and Once October hits the stamps will be non existing. So get your chirps in now... Good on you.

It's really too bad people don't respect our rider nation how much pride and now wild and fun games are... U look when riders are visiting other cities game attendance sky rockets, however you come to mosaic and you don't see to many red, green or orange jerseys in the stands... Us rider fans make this league, we really do so why are these loser fans being a bunch of sour dinks about it.

We messed up, hell I got a speeding ticket, a booze ticket drinkin beer hitting signs as a kid in the rural area. We paid it moved on.

But I guess when ur from Alberta everyone's sour right! I feel bad that their stadium project may not work out. That's respect! Would be nice to see some more nice venues. Kudos to Winnipeg. But hey better mentality in Manitoba. Hence the ndp voted out.

Oh wait Alberta ndp?? Yep. Seems like this is ndp like someone ratting on the big guy to make the weak better.

Love the CFL. Love the rivalrys. I rest my case.

Good game last night Edmonton!

Reginald of Regina said...

i see... So it's ok to cheat just a little with 5 or 6 players. Just not as many as SK had.
Give your head a shake! Cheating is cheating. It doesn't matter the level.

Anonymous said...

Firstly Orridge is a POS who has done nothing for the CFL except perhaps be the stooge for Buono and Hufnagel. The acts against BC which caused DD to miss a number of games by a guy who took three roughing the passers was dealt with is a weak manner. If Jennings or Mitchell had been knocked out that way, we would have had a $20,000 fine and suspension. Orridge is an incompetent stidge brought in to do the bidding of a select few.

Secondly the idea that Orridge could conduct a comprehensive investigation is laughable. Did the league have any conversation with the Riders about allegations or concerns? Isn't that their job? Did they really send a spy in to monitor practices? Why don't they name that individual? Is he the same one spying for the RedBlacks? Who are these pukes. Shut the practices down to the public as they were warned and I think they abused the privilege. Shut down the fans access to the practices is away to stop this spying. If the League wants to come in for some reason then have them identify themselves and make a request to attend.

Thirdly the Riders should appeal the investigation, decision, and fine. They should have a hearing and force the Commissioner to put his evidence on the table along with any and all witnesses, evidence, and communications from complainants and any aggrieved party. Put this on the table to see what they really have for evidence. Fines are rarely disclosed but for some reason in this instance it was done so just before a home game?? Rally ??. The Riders should hire a battery of Lawyers to go over this matter with a fine tooth comb and I'm sure they would find many illegal irregularities by the league. Time for Reynolds to hit back hard and perhaps file a multi-million dollar Anti-Trust suit. If this has been going on and they knew about it, fining one team might be a violation. This league has no teeth.

Fourthly the Riders should not extend any professional courtesy to any of those involved particularly when it comes to the new facility. Many second rate scribes should be banned but not their agency. Tickets will be hard to get so the morons should not apply. Give the league the required space and only the required space, but provide absolutely nothing more. The Riders keep a lot of teams afloat and that should be taken away. It's time Reynolds and the Riders take a hard stand.

Lastly the idiots who talk about the brand are fools. The CFL in general means little to anyone. Teams routinely stretch the limits of everything. The Esks had two and three squads back in the day when the the Riders couldn't afford cab fare. All anyone talk about is how many Gey Cups the won???????? Fools! We violated the cap on outr Grey Cup of 2013 but all anyone talks about was the win. Bottom line is we don't know what happened and why. We don't know anything. Yet a few a shooting off their faces like this is some big thing and it's not. Once we stood up and said we weren't going to be in the league just to finish fourth or fifth every year, there was resentment particularly after Tillman built a great team here.When our commitment became about winning there were enemies who could no longer kick sand in our face. They didn't like getting pushed back. Belichek will go into the hall of fame and a lot of other coaches won't. He doesn't care about this crap and neither should our people. Those who try to make more out of it i.e. the haters, morons, and spys are a detestable bunch. You're not wanted anywhere including this blog.

Time for Reynolds and the team to kick back hard. Time to strike back at the Buono controlled CFL

Andy Brooks said...

Too funny! Obviously they cheated and it is all on Jones. He has cheated multiple times before. Not the fans, not the players, not BLM but the guy with multiple titles. In most jobs this is behaviour that would lead to termination. The Riders need a stable force at the top who knows what it takes to win without looking for the easy way. Remember this is the guy who refused to shake hands with other coaches. Brutal.

13th Man said...

It all started with the complete dismantling of the team and the control given to one man. It obviously went to his head. Surely the interview process included questions around "what changes do you see with the current roster". If Jones said he would get rid of 85% plus of the players, one would have second thoughts. If it was mentioned that star players would not even be asked to take a salary cut, wouldn't there be red flags? Handing out significant signing bonuses when money was said to be a reason for letting veterans go, raises more flags. I attended a couple of practices and was impressed with the tempo and the usage of players dressed. I even commended the coach to those who would listen. Little did I know that some were practicing outside of the rules. Thus far I have not seen the defensive genius that the press made Jones out to be. There were complaints about the spending by Teman. For starters he did not pay the coach a half a mil. It will be interesting to see how overspent we are this year. Do you think Reynolds is on top of the spending? As a fan whose seats are being moved up into a higher priced section and then hit with a significant increase, I expect professionalism. I agree with the poster who called for transparency of details causing the fine.

Morgan said...

Lol. A stamps fan? Do those actually exist? Judging by your ticket sales I wouldn't think so. You guys are the true losers of the CFL! Wha wha wha! Cry away crybaby! The Whampeders!

@mrt_man said...


Anonymous said...

Well the whampeders are going to beat the all living crap out of you this week once again so enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed that Jones had to break the rules to try to get a competitive team but what bothers me more is the joyful glee that all the fans from the others teams have about it. All these haters are jealous of the fan support the riders have. Without the support of visiting riders fans most CFL teams would lose money. So Riders fans let's shut up these haters by not supporting their teams. Stay away from attending Riders games that are not home games and when all the teams start losing money maybe then they will realize how much the Riders fans are responsible for the success of the league