Realty One

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The Saskatchewan Roughriders returned to the practice field on a windy, cool day Tuesday at Mosaic Stadium.  The Riders are coming off their fourth loss in a row, 53-7 at Hamilton on Saturday night which dropped their record to 1-7.

Roughriders quarterback Darian Durant says it's not a game tape they can take a lot out of.

"It's one you just trash," Durant offered.  "I mean of course there's some learning things throughout the film but we'll bring that up the next time we play those guys.  As for now, it's time to trash it and get ready for Edmonton and a western battle.  It was one of those days."

Several Rider fans have mentioned that the team "wasn't ready to play" in Hamilton, falling down 13-0 after the first quarter and 27-4 at halftime.  However Head Coach & GM Chris Jones took umbrage with that notion.

"I've watched the effort," Jones snorted.  "I've watched it very closely in all three phases.  We played, probably, our best special teams game.  If they don't like it, they can go back and watch the film like I have.  The effort was there, even in the fourth quarter.  The score's not indicative of how hard we played.  Did we play smart at times?  No.  Did we play execution football?  No.  That's the way I'd answer that."

Fans are also concerned at the amount of change the roster has seen through the club's 1-7 start, including 10 changes from Week 9 to 10.  Four more transactions were announced on Tuesday.

"Unfortunately we can't help that (cornerback) Buddy Jackson got hurt so we had to put #45 Kacy Rodgers in the roster and then we've had some injuries on the offensive line and have got some players coming off of 6-Game that we were able to return," Jones answered.  "They were starters coming out of training camp for a reason.  They were the best guys and when we get those guys back, we have to insert them.  As for the cohesion, we're looking for that."

Jones noted that slotback Rob Bagg is "doubtful" for Friday's game at Edmonton after taking a hard hit against the Tiger-Cats.  Offensive tackle Xavier Fulton is scheduled to return from injury and he'll try it out in practice this week.  Newly-acquired defensive back Fred Bennett will be activated for Friday's game.



Anonymous said...

Fans need to be fans and let coaches coach because for the most part fans DO NOT know what they are talking about period.

Anonymous said...

This season has passed us by. I trust CJ and company can continue the rebuild and I look forward to seeing the results next year at training camp.

Glenn said...

I saw the same effort that Coach saw. With all the changes, its tough to get consistency. The effort is there. Better results (i.e. wins) will happen.


Anonymous said...

More Hogwash comments. Let's get a real QB and some real football players and quit all the babbling about nothing. This Football team is a disgrace to the Province. Or should we just change the name to Regina Roughriders?

Anonymous said...

Rome wasn't built in a day. It's not like CJ inherited a strong Grey Cup contending team. Give him time and space to do a job he's been very successful at every where he has been.


Anonymous said...

It's more obvious now than ever. When you rip the heart and soul out of a team and discard them like trash. You get the same in return. No one in SK is saying that players like Chick was a leader. However he has proved this year as he has in the past he does his job and plays his position as well as anybody in the league. This team is just putrid. Right to the bone.
The special teams played their best game?? So they stopped Banks for 1 game. Banks may not have taken one to the house. Yet the Riders were still beat hands down on special teams and that was their best game.
I had nothing but a bubbly good feeling when Reynolds did his speech when he announced Jones to the Province. However the track record Jones has comes from joining teams that were mostly in place. If they did change the defence some they didn't mangle the offence and the same goes the other way around. With the evidence staring us right in the face at 1-7 and the 1 comes from 2 back up QBs duelling it out. With our back up practising the week as a starter and their back up coming in to replace an injured Harris as well as the game In our park. Every other team in the CFL is getting better. Western teams that were struggling have gone on 3 game winning streaks.
We have digressed to the point that it looks like we don't even belong in this league. I have lost all faith in this coaching staff and GM office. I will be surprised if we even match last year's victory total.
Reynolds stated at the beginning of training camp that making the playoffs was his objective. I sure would love to hear what's being said when the board sits down to discuss this mess.
Closing out old Mosaic with what could be the worst season in Rider history with a single victory. Almost seems fitting as the team has pulled out 4 Championships. Then the bad luck bleeds from this season into the new stadium. Good job.

Anonymous said...

finally someone that makes sense and knows what direction things shouldn't be going^^^

Anonymous said...

Chick and Dressler were overpaid and wouldn't take a pay cut. Can we get past them now? They are gone.

John Knight said...

Rod, please stop allowing anonymous posters on your site and to the last poster, no one cares what you think. We all know improvements are needed and if changes were not made you would still be complaining. Stay away from this site or at least have the guts to use your name

Anonymous said...

Not much heart and soul left in a 3 - 15 team. The castle needed to be rebuilt and moving on this year from the three stars from 2015 who were over 30 was part of the longer term reality. A tough task for sure.

Anonymous said...

So fire Jones, is that what your saying. We'll be paying Chamblin and Jones, that makes sense.

Like it or not, Jones is here till the end of next season for sure.

Patience grasshopper, he's had 8 games. We can't keep firing coaches and managers every year. This is frustrating but he will turn it around. He's had success everywhere he has been.

Anonymous said...

Why do you guys jump all over a person who states they have lost faith in this team or the coaching staff? I would say after the last game that is how the majority of this Province is feeling.
The comment above was calling for anyone to be fired.
John Knight your entitled to your opinion. Why is that person not allowed to state his opinion?

Spock Logic

The Dutch Treat said...

We should be looking forward to having the 1st overall pick at next year's draft.

What a disaster of a season. Defense is actually WORSE than last year and it was a trainwreck last year.

We should trade DD now before we get him killed behind our turnstile O-line. We owe it to one of our warriors to have a chance at winning with a real team and not a glorified arena football squad run by a Napolean-wannabe.

eman said...

Hi Rod, Off topic but do you happen to know anything about the status of Armanti Edwards? He was on the 1 week injury list back in week two, then evidently moved to the 6 week injury list. I'm not that familiar with Canadian football and how to find out news on players, but there is absolutely no info available on Armanti or any other injured player that I can find. Thanks! Evan

Anonymous said...

James Franklin a nice addition to the Roughriders roster with a bright future long term.

Anonymous said...

On the Rider app he's still listed on the 6 game.

Anonymous said...

In other words, according to Jones, they tried their best...

...Sean Connery's character in The Rock had a really good quote about that.