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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


The Saskatchewan Roughriders returned to the practice field on Tuesday for their first practice since Thursday's 35-15 loss at Calgary.  That game closed the book on the "opening third" of the CFL season, and the Riders posted a 1-5 record during the stretch.

Saskatchewan Head Coach & GM Chris Jones says he's like a lot of CFL coaches in that he too breaks down the 18-game season into thirds.

"You can't look at it like an 18-game season," Jones explained.  "Especially with a lot of young guys because that's probably more football than they've played in their entire life.  If they're from college football, they likely only played 12 or 13 games."

So as far as that opening third went for the Riders, Jones says his club has pretty to work on.

"Well we've gotta improve," Jones asserted.  "We've gotta win football games."

Quarterback Darian Durant was asked what his club learned about itself from their first six games.

"I think the main thing I hope the guys can take from it is just to learn how to win," Durant offered.  "Once you realize that you're good enough to be in every game, now it's about executing down the stretch and knowing that you can win those games.  Belief is a big part of our next step and as a young team, we have to believe that we can take the steps to win.

"I've been through the 7-0, 6-1 starts and I've been through the 0-5, 0-6 so it's about what you do going forward.  Once this team learns how to win, and believes in that, then we'll take that next step."

The Roughriders host those same Stampeders on Saturday at 5:00 at Mosaic Stadium and Chris Jones likes the scheduling.

"You know what, I like the back-to-backs," Jones said cheerfully.  "Because you have familiarity and you can come back and execute on the things you failed to execute on the week prior."

There won't be many roster changes from last week's game however Jones noted that rookie kicker Quinn Van Gylswyk will likely make his CFL debut in place of injured veteran kicker Tyler Crapigna.

Jones wouldn't address the report that the Riders worked out free agent Canadian quarterback Brandon Bridge on Monday, saying they'll only comment on players who are currently on the Rider roster.

The Roughriders will celebrate the decade of the 1980's at Saturday's game as part of the Farewell Season at Mosaic Stadium.  Players and staff who will be in attendance are Dan Rashovich, Lou Claire, John Walker, Bob Poley, Bobby Jurasin, Dave Ridgway, Norm Fong, Brian O'Hara, Ron Cherkas, Glen Suitor and Don Narcisse.

There will be an autograph session at Northgate Mall Friday from 6:00-8:00 pm featuring Poley, Ridgway and Jurasin as well as at Saturday's Fan Fest on the practice field from 3:00-4:00 pm.



Anonymous said...

Have we still got time to sign and dress these guys before the Calgary game ? I'm sure we could use them.
Players and staff who will be in attendance are Dan Rashovich, Lou Claire, John Walker, Bob Poley, Bobby Jurasin, Dave Ridgway, Norm Fong, Brian O'Hara, Ron Cherkas, Glen Suitor and Don Narcisse.

Anonymous said...

Calgary quarterback accuses Riders of cheating
Calgary Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell insinuated that the Saskatchewan Roughriders play fast and loose with CFL roster rules in a series of tweets Tuesday night. Mitchell started it with this Tweet linking to Saskatchewan’s bevy of roster moves earlier in the day…
Mitchell seems to be insinuating that the Riders have players practicing with the club that aren’t on the roster. Teams are limited to a 46-man active roster and a ten player practice roster

Anonymous said...

Well I remember when there was a certain green and white team wanting a salary cap in the Cfl...this happened, guess who was the first to break and go over the salary cap...a certain green and white team...also won a grey cup that year with that, so I guess cheaters do win once in a while.

3RD and 1 said...

Ya it must be the color of Green and White making each new Regime to be bad guys! Give it a reast guy! Taman stepped over by one half of one percent. $17K... Chump change! The only difference between Huffnagel, Buono, Austin, Popp and Taman. Is that Taman wasnt smart enough to cook the books as well as the long time GM's know how too!

tskware said...

Yes cheaters do win. You just have to know which rules you can break without getting caught, which ones you can break AND be caught but have the benefit outweigh the consequences (ask Wall Street) and the rules that simply cannot be broken as the cost is too high.

Anonymous said...

David William Naylor ‏@TSNDaveNaylor 4h4 hours ago Toronto, Ontario

CFL response to @BoLeviMitchell accusations of @sskroughriders roster cheating: "We're aware of it and we're looking into it."