Realty One

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


The Saskatchewan Roughriders have acquired international defensive back Fred Bennett and national defensive back Jeff Hecht from the Calgary Stampeders in exchange for two negotiation list players. 

Bennett (6'1 – 197) is currently in his fifth CFL season after originally signing with the Stampeders in May, 2012. In 73 regular season games the 32-year-old South Carolina product has registered 166 defensive tackles, ten interceptions and seven forced fumbles.

Bennett was named a 2014 West Division All-Star before going on to win his first career Grey Cup championship that same season.         

Hecht (5'9 – 205) is currently in his sixth CFL season after originally signing with the Montreal Alouettes as a free agent in 2011. The Edmonton native joined the Stampeders ahead of the 2012 season where he remained through the next five years. 

In 73 career regular season games, the 30-year-old has picked up 50 defensive tackles and 37 special teams tackles. He won his first Grey Cup as a member of the 2014 Calgary Stampeders.


Anonymous said...

I guess the recruiting hasn't gone as planned. More players that were going to be cut from their team.
Starting to become clear that Jones & Murphy weren't responsible for recruiting with the Esks and Stamps.

Cory. huber said...

They probably never left Regina LOL


Keith Pottruff said...

Anything that can help the defense improve is a plus in my book.

Anonymous said...

These players must be thrilled, from first to last - goodbye play-off cheque. But good deal for the Riders to get some veteran mix with their up and coming players. See, I told you, Dickenson and Jones remain pals.

Anonymous said...

Gee - I thought that the stamps and Huff had it in for jones and the riders.
If so why the trade ???
Rider conspiracy fans are idiots !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes good logic because any trade benefits the Riders only!!

w said...

Rider recruiting/signings amount to plugging a leaky, creaky dam. Much ado about nothing. #seasonwriteoff

Anonymous said...

Rod: Graham Kelly wrote in todays Medicine Hat News that the Riders bought two houses to "accommodate what amounts to a pre-practice squad".
While claiming "I've always been proud to be considered a member of Rider nation" I'm guessing he is talking out the Stampeder side of his mouth.
Any thoughts?
Dave from Medicine Hat
Still a Rider Fan

Anonymous said...

Its what the Riders need, more veteran presence.

too many players playing with little to no CFL experience.

You can get away with a handful of inexperienced starters as the vets will be able to help them out and cover for them, but the Riders are deploying too many

Reginald of Regina said...

Fred Bennett is a very good DB. Calgary would not be cutting Fred. Even at 32 he's a great cover guy. Plus he can tackle and man can he lay a good hit. Any team would be happy to have Fred on their team.
As well a veteran Canadian with 5 years of CFL experience is a great pick up.
FYI... At this time of the year there teams have to wait for NFL cuts before there are any players to pick up. With the poor play of the Riders DBs on pass coverage. Plus being gang busted with Canadian Injuries. The Riders heeded these 2 DB's right now.
Also Anon... Last week the Riders had to send several players home as the league said they were cheating. I'm oretty sure that Jones and Murphy are not signing any of the players in camp when the whole fiasco went down.

Anonymous said...

Huffs table scraps will be first course meals for the Riders.

3RD and 1 said...

I don't get it?? Why is it that the roughest, toughest, most in your face, disrespectful, juvenile, ridiculous and lacking substance comments always come from that little girl in the flowery pink dress named Anonymous.