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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Several reports Wednesday morning - including one from the CFL's official Twitter account - say the Saskatchewan Roughriders are poised to sign Canadian QB Brandon Bridge.

Mid-morning Wednesday, the Riders made the signing official.

Bridge - a Mississauga, ON product - became the first Canadian quarterback to start a CFL game since BC's Giulio Caravatta in 1996 when he led the Alouettes against Saskatchewan in Week 20 last year.

However Bridge was released by the Als last week reportedly due to salary cap concerns.



John Knight said...


tskware said...

I have nothing against Bridge. He seems like a good CDN QB. But the way the rules are set right now there is little incentive to have any CDN QBs on your roster, unless they are better than any import QBs available (which seems unlikely). Or unless they suspect the league will create an incentive next season. Is he that good of a QB or are they desperatley looking for a backup QB with experience?

Anonymous said...

Why not ???????

Anonymous said...

It remain a very sad comment that the "Canadian" Football League does not give some incentive for team rosters to employ a Canadian QB as part of heir roster.

Lewis Grant said...

Great decision! This guy has as much in-game CFL experience as Mitchell Gale and has tons of physical tools. He's been learning CFL systems for a good whilte. And those are things we need in our backup QBs considering our increasingly fragile 30-something starter.

Bridge was only expendable for Montreal because they had so many qualified backups (Glenn, Cato, Crompton, Bridge, now Vernon Adams). Jones was smart not to trade for Rakeem Cato but instead to wait for one of them to shake loose.

The fact that Bridge is a Canadian is a nice bonus. It's about time we had more Canadian QBs in the league.

Heptiro said...

Want to see why they picked him up? Look at any 3rd down plays where he was the QB. No stopped once. That's why. We need a strong backup now and BB could be it. Who cares if he is National or International?(I still hate those terms) Why not Canadian and American? Not Canadian or American? How about International?
In any event as I said before if he is good he stays if not he goes.