Realty One

Sunday, August 7, 2016


OTTAWA - The Ottawa Redblacks have their first home win of the season and it came at the expense of the team who beat them in last year's Grey Cup game.

Chris Milo kicked a 25-yard field goal with 1:34 to play to lift Ottawa to a 23-20 win over the Edmonton Eskimos Saturday night, but it was a 48-yard interception return by Robinson that set up the kicker's third field goal of the game and gave the Redblacks the two points on home soil.

Robinson's interception off a Mike Reilly pass came seconds after a Redblacks touchdown that tied the game 20-20 with 2:28 remaining in the fourth quarter.

Prior to that, JC Sherritt intercepted a Henry Burris pass and returned the ball 43 yards for a touchdown.

Burris's pass hit the foot of intended receiver Chris Williams and bounced high into the air before landing in the arms of Sherritt. The two point conversion put the Eskimos ahead 20-13, their first lead of the game.

The Redblacks followed that up with a drive that ended in a six-yard touchdown pass from Burris to Williams that tied the game at 12:32.

"It was a huge swing in emotion. Football is like a car out of control without rearview mirrors,'' Burris said.

"You can't worry about the past. When it happens you have to learn from it and you move on. As crazy as that play was to bounce off the foot, it was good to see the way guys stayed composed and it was really a true championship moment to see us rally and come back.''

Burris went 26-of-39 passing for 341 yards with two TDs and an interception. Reilly was 25-of-41 passing for 255 yards and one pick.

Sean Whyte booted three field goals for the Eskimos, who also got points from a punt single and a safety.

"Any game is a shootout and every point matters. When I go into a game I'm expecting to go for a field goal every series. We have to stay ready for every opportunity,'' said Whyte

The win snapped a two-game losing streak for the Redblacks (4-2-1), who now head into a bye week. The Eskimos (2-4) suffered their third consecutive defeat.

During halftime Burris let off some steam during an interview on TSN where he critiqued the CFL on TSN panel for comments about his poor performance last week in a loss to Toronto after missing five weeks with an injured pinky.

"It was at a point where something had to be said. Those guys can say whatever they want and are not being held accountable,'' Burris said post-game.

"We played Toronto last week, it was my first game back and we had three days of practice and all I got asked was 'am I worried?' Things didn't go right and I said I would be better this week but all the questions all week were 'are you worried?'

"If I'm the defending (Most Outstanding Player) of this league, how come a rookie quarterback from Toronto is getting more positive press than the defending MOP? Do these guys know the game? That's all I'm asking. I know they've been attacking me for years regardless of what I've done in this league and I just had to say something, and I did, but from this point I'm not going to talk about it. I made my point and I'm leaving it at that.''

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Got you back! Ottawa!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow 3 losses in a row, the Eskimos are not at all the same without Jones and his coaching staff. Perhaps the Riders still can edge out Edmonton and Winnipeg for that last play-off spot.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, the Henry Burris love from Rider fans must be off the charts after his big whine tonight! Maybe he should retire and run for the leader of the federal Conservatives.

Reginald of Regina said...

I understand the frustration Burris must be feeling. All the pressure he has at 40 and then the TSN panel pointing out his poor play last week and making it the biggest discussion after the loss to Toronto. Henry still has a lot of passion for the game and his play.
It was good to see Henry play better this week. It would have been much better but he had receivers dropping catchable passes in the first half. Even trusty speedster Chris Williams dropped what would have been at least a 20 yard play. Instead they had to punt the ball away.
The pick six INT off of Chris Williams cleat by Sherritt certainly was what Henry described as a fluke. I'm just glad Ottawa came back and won the game. Keeping the EE with only 2 victories.
As bad as the Green and White are playing in Defence. If they could muster together a couple victories here real quick like. They sure could make it interesting in the West.
Probably dreaming in Green again!

Anonymous said...

Good for you Henry, those clowns on tsn are just that "clowns"

Anonymous said...

Even though we chant "Hennnnrrryyy" when he is playing against our team, we have always known what a good QB he is. Plus, he is still playing even though he is over 40 years old. Yes, it is good to sometimes vent. Everybody take note, and now let's all move on.


willie said...

I wish we still had Henry as he is still one of the elite QB in the CFL. Good on him for spouting off at the Media who at times yap a bit more than they should.

Lyle Pederson said...

Always been a Henry (even Hank) fan. He got a raw deal here and then fans blame him. Has said that some day he will tell the real story of leaving here. Wonder if that will happen. Suspect it has something to do with Roy's stubbornness.

Darren Muller said...

Good on you Henry. You don't need to take unnecessary garbage from those TSN guys. Who by the way are getting long in the tooth and are adding nothing to the telecasts anymore. Glad he played well last night to silence the critics. At 40 yrs he's still playing good football and we'll never see another like him. I once disliked Henry for leaving the Riders but now through the years I have grown to respect and admire all that he has done for the CFL.

Anonymous said...

It is not the part of Cj and his coaching staff that is missing…all our Db's are gone and secondary pretty much new which is why every team is airing it out…lets go through this…McCoil,Grymes, ,Hinds,Foster,Ojo hurt for the season has left the Eskies secondary very rookie just like your riders which sucks also and you have Cj and his staff so that explains that it isn't the coaching staff. The riders are the worst in the league on defence right now and haven't held a team to under 30 points yet this season so keep talking Cj up bud.

Anonymous said...

Nice change to see Ol' Hank crying about TSN instead of a game official. (I hope someone in marketing can get some official Henry Burris crying towels in stores for the next Ottawa road game.)

Morgan said...

Tough times in the evil empire now that chris jones isn't there to save them.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash…Newsflash... to the haters! Even the Grey Cup Champs can struggle out of the gate. Three losses in a row…time to fire Maas and his staff for having a GC calibre team and doing this with them…heaven forbid. I've checked most of Edmonton sites and there is no idiotic responses like we see here in Saskatchewan.

We have a bunch of League All-Stars hurt right now and it's seriously impacting our team. We have some under-performing talent that Jones will take care of. They are building and persevering. Hang on for the ride and see if they can better 3-15. I'm thinking they easily will.

Morgan said...

Good to see that there's some optimism out there. It's so easy to be negative and give up on the team. Hopefully the boys can turn it around and make a run for the playoffs.

John Knight said...

Good to see Henry blasting the idiots on th panel. It gets very sickening listening to them especially Dunigan. These guys are has beens and TSN has not had a good commentator since Ron Lancaster

Anonymous said...

No one in the EE front office or Coaching staff was hired with the fan fare and promises of turning things around this year. Nor is any of them being paid $500K to be the new saviour of the team. Plus Edmonton has been in every game until the final minutes. Big difference between teams.