Realty One

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced the following roster moves:


·       International defensive back Kacy Rodgers


·       National running back Dillon Campbell
·       International running back Michael Ford
·       National defensive lineman Makana Henry
·       International wide receiver Caleb Holley
·       International linebacker Marte Sears


·       National defensive back Joel Brtka
·       International quarterback B.J. Coleman
·       International defensive lineman Cedric McKinley
·       National offensive lineman Aaron Picton
·       National offensive lineman D-Tre Player

·       International defensive back Terrell Maze


Anonymous said...

Why cut these young OL in favour of 32 yr old Jones? I forgot it's because Jones was in Edmontona last yr.

Anonymous said...

Makana Henry hasn't played football since he played for the Burlington Braves in 2009. Lol

w said...

Revolving door roster. If your boss brought in new recruits every few days, wherever you work, it pretty much says they have no idea how to find a good employee.

3RD and 1 said...

Actually W if you look at what Austin has done in Hamilton the last few years. Especially year 2014. You would see that he brought in and released even more players than Jones has done this year. Bono in BC is no different. Until you find players that come to excel at work each and everyday. You continue to look. I would suggest there are barely a handful of players on the Riders that play each play like its their last. I believe that may be part of the problem.

Unknown said...

Actually you are wrong. Check your facts

Anonymous said...

That's not true at all. Check your facts. Don't trust everything you google