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Thursday, August 11, 2016


One day after answering questions about accusations of roster improprieties in Riderville, Saskatchewan Roughriders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones would not discuss the situation after Thursday's practice at Mosaic Stadium.

"I will not be answering any questions about our personnel department," Jones began his post-practice media scrum with.  "Understand.  I'll answer questions about our game, and that's it.  Nothing.  Okay?"

And with that, attention turned towards Saturday's home game against the Calgary Stampeders. 

It's the backend of a home-and-home series which saw the Stamps win 35-15 in Calgary last Thursday.  And although Calgary's favoured by 6-points in this game, Rider linebacker Jeff Knox Jr. feels his club will turn the tables in the return engagement.

"I think we will win because we're prepared," the Riders' reigning MVP asserted.  "We came prepared this week, we know what they're going to do.  Obviously we're playing them back-to-back so they know what we're going to do, but with the intensity in here and our crowd, it's going to be hard for them to get a win here.  I can guarantee you that."

Regarding Calgary quarterback Bo-Levi Mitchell's boastful claim that he's dedicating Saturday's "win" to Rider fans, Knox laughed it off.

"We don't pay no attention to that," Knox shrugged.  "We're in-house.  We keep everything in-house.  We'll let our shoulder pads do the talking."

The Rider Nation is understandably antsy with the club's 1-5 start, but Knox asks the fanbase to be patient for a little while longer as the plan comes together.

"For the most part everyone's patient but I understand everyone wants to see us win," Jones advised.  "This team's used to being a dominant organization.  We were winning back in the day but a little patience is all it takes.  We got a whole new team, only five of us returned, and it's hard but we got a good team and a good staff.  If you stick with us, everything's going to come together."

Fellow Rider linebacker Greg Jones echoed Knox's comments that the defense is on the cusp of a breakout game.

"I think we are close but we gotta play the game first," Jones cautioned.  "It's easier said than done so we gotta play the game."

One roster note from Thursday: receiver/returner Nic Demsi was absent after colliding with a sideline advertising board on Wednesday.  Chris Jones told reporters Demski was held out of Thursday's practice as a precaution but he's expected to play on Saturday.

Also fans attending Thursday's practice were asked to sign in and show identification for the first time in club history.  Chris Jones explained that practice info the week of the Ottawa game was leaked to the RedBlacks and this was a move to prevent against that happening again.



Anonymous said...

leaked to Ottawa...nope what was leaked was the extra practise roster guys there so they are trying to push people from catching it lol

Anonymous said...

What about the fake ID's out there? Check Fake Gainer's photo on his ID. I'm telling ya all, it ain't him!

Anonymous said...

Forget about Jone's Mum on the issue! Lets hear from his Dad.

Anonymous said...

Jones is getting to be a real ass

JackD83 said...

Saskatchewan Patriots?

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