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Friday, August 12, 2016


Saskatchewan Roughriders General Manager and Head Coach Chris Jones read a statement on Friday afternoon regarding the $60,000 fine the club was hit by the CFL on Thursday for roster violations.

"We received notice from the league office a few weeks ago regarding this inquiry.  I was comfortable enough with our process, the way we do things, that was developed through 14 years and four teams in this league, that I'd invited the league representative to a practice, which they did July 25.

"We were found to be in violation of having 6-Game injured players participating in rehabilitation workouts after practice as well as having practice roster players, and players here for evaluation, participate in developmental periods follow our team's practice.

"I accept the League's decision, and am aware of the errors.  We've made the necessary adjustments and we'll be moving forward accordingly.

"I'm only here to speak on the Saskatchewan Roughriders, but I hope the situation results in all nine teams being held in the same regard and to the same standard.  After getting clarity from the CFL, we will continue to bring in players, many of which are Canadian, on an evaluation basis.

"We owe it to our fans to do everything humanly possible to field a winning team.  I'm proud to work for the greatest franchise in the CFL.  We look forward to the continued opportunity to create a winning team that our fans and province can be proud of."

- Chris Jones