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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Durant on Tuesday
The Saskatchewan Roughriders admitted on Tuesday that they do feel somewhat persecuted by the CFL Head Office for the rash of fines the club's been hit with over the past few weeks.

As has been well-documented, the Riders were hit with a $15,000 fine for a ratio violation, $60,000 for roster violations, a $5,000 fine for an intro violation two weeks ago in Calgary and a $26,000 docking of their salary cap for 2016.

Quarterback Darian Durant told reporters after Tuesday's practice that the team has adopted an 'Us Against The World' mentality of late.

"Of course," Durant revealed.  "I got a fine as well.  I really do think that's the mentally we have to take because for whatever reason, they're after us a little bit."

Durant's fine disclosure piqued the interest of the assembled reporters in the Rider locker room and they pressed Darian for more information.  The chat went like this:

REPORTER:  "You got a fine?"

DURANT:  "I don't want to get into it."

REPORTER:  "You brought it up."

DURANT:  "I did.  But I'm not getting into it."

REPORTER:  "It was not a team fine, but a personal fine?"

DURANT: "I'm not going to get into it."

REPORTER:  "This year?"

DURANT:  "This year."

REPORTER:  "Recently?"

DURANT:  "Recently."

Roughriders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones was asked what Durant possibly could have been fined for?

"Yeah you know what, that'll be up to the league," Jones deflected.  "The fines, I know I talked to (CFLPA Executive Director) Brian Ramsay the other day and the fines are about double this year what they were last year at this time.  Again, you'll have to ask the league about all that fine business."

The Leader Post's Rob Vanstone Tweeted on Tuesday afternoon that Durant was fined for a uniform violation.

Jones was further asked if his football team is being more-closely scrutinized by the Commissioner's office than the other eight CFL clubs.

"Some people have brought that to my attention; that some other teams have done some things and maybe it goes unnoticed but the league does what they do," Jones continued.  "I'm not gonna sit here and comment negatively and have them fine us again because that's exactly what'll happen, right?  So you'll have to ask Jeff and find out exactly what's going on in Mayberry."

Jones says his football club has enough to worry about with its current 1-6 record and can't be focused on outside distractions.

"Well actually yeah it has been a shock," Jones continued.  "Because I never expected to lose ball games.  Unfortunately we're sitting here at 1-6 and all I can tell you is our football team is extremely determined.  Our coaching staff is extremely determined and they're still fun to be around."

The Roughriders visit the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Saturday at 5:00 pm Sask Time at Tim Hortons Field.


Anonymous said...

Work through it and stay positive. Sooner or later the wins will come. Darian looks to be regaining his old form and I do believe this team can get things done with the right motivation and hard work. Enough of the drama.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jones; You want to win, fix the friggin' D-line.

Anonymous said...

A #CFL spokesperson told me that Durant was fined for a uniform violation. For context, he said this happens to about 5-10 players a week.

Why make it sound like you are being picked on when you are not and the violation is your fault.
Sounds pretty childess to me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Jeffrey L. Orridge,

I notice that you have a heavy hand when it comes to fining the Saskatchewan Roughriders. As you or your minions read Rod Pedersen’s blog regularly, I thought I could reach you faster this way, rather than sending “snail mail”.

As you are new to the CFL, I just wanted you to know that the Roughriders have the largest fan base. They have the most support of any team in the CFL. Roughrider fans bleed green. We watch other C.F.L. games, but only to size up the competition. We are other fan’s number two team.

I was willing to accept the other fines levied to our team, but when word broke that Darian was recently levied a fine, probably for speaking about the C.F.L., then I realized that you are running the league like a dictatorship.

You are alienating the fans. By doing that, the team owners / organizations will soon follow. Once that happens, Jeffrey, I worry about your position as the commissioner.

Because my team and/or players cannot speak out, I sure will. I do not like the direction you are taking.

The clock is ticking.


Heptiro said...

I think this league now need some transparency before things get out of hand.
A complete list of all fines levied against every CFL team year to date. That will shed some light on this controversy.If there seems to be a disproportionate amount being levied against any team, that team needs to address that situation with the media and fans.

The League needs to come clean as to why the fines are double. Are they just enforcing or looking for minor infractions to show who is boss?

The newest mantra "This is our league" shouldn't mean the CFL head office.

Anonymous said...

Mayberry? I bet Chris Jones will get fined for saying that.

Isn't Mayberry where all the goofy people lived?

Ha ha

Jimywrink said...

I think this is part of a new gate equalization process by the CFL. Fine the most profitable popular teams and give the money to the lowly Argos who cant get 15000 fan to a game. We need to keep the TO team alive for the good of the league but this is the wrong way of doing it.

Anonymous said...

League revenues are down, they can’t pay the bills from advertisers, so they take it out of the teams and players pockets


Anonymous said...

Durant will be fined for us comment. League is out to get him indeed. Hahaha

Reginald of Regina said...

He didn't talk about it. He just mentioned that all the fines that came in and he got one too. Darian did not elaborate or want to talk anymore about it. The friggen media was pressing and got nothing. There is ZERO childish about that. If your going to call Darian Durant childish for something he did not talk about in any fashion. That's just ridiculous. As mentioned earlier. It feels like the league should be flagged with piling on.

Anonymous said...

3RD AND 1 says;
Under Commissioner Jeffrey L. Orridge. The new CFL logo also has a new acronym
C. F. L. = Cash Fines Levied
Especially the Green team as they are the color of money.

Anonymous said...

How is reporting a 4.2 million dollar loss last year profitable?

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Orridge = ruining the integrity of the league

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself about the riders being everyones second favourite if not there favourite…I have better things to do then even be close to a group of fans or organization that feels the need to say we have the biggest fan base…did I mention we have the biggest fan base…once again we have the biggest fan base so now allow us to do what we want even if that means breaking the rules…Sincerely from Canada biggest cry baby club the Saskatchewan fan base.

Anonymous said...

The teams owners should DEMAND a full out 3rd party audit for transparency immediately.

Anonymous said...

It's sad really how Saskatchewan has to keep this league afloat!

Anonymous said...

Sorry its the NFL that helped the league stay afloat…narrow minded sask fans…best average attendance last year was in Edmonton I hope you realize and they are only 2,000 behind right now, they are going to turn the page and you guys will be out of the play-off race within 5 games…good start to the rebuild boys

Anonymous said...

"In Orridge We Don't Trust" "In Jones We Trust"

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a team, or its fans whine so much in my life.
And with Jones, the fines are going to keep coming.

Anonymous said...

Riderville is the financial backbone of the CFL. Anyone who disagrees needs a lesson in finance or is just plain in denial! The lack of fan support in alberta for the stamps and eskimos is embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

The CFL runs a deficit every year and asks member clubs to pick up the shortfall. Orridge has been MIA for the last year he's been in the position. I think the biggest initiative is the League Logo, a pathetic endeavour. Some advertising firm in Toronto was paid a ridiculous amount of money to come up with that, and of course has to be paid for by someone. The management of the league is as poor as it gets and under Orridge it's become even worse. Dunk who is an idiot himself, exposed how pathetic the CFL is operated in relation to it's credibility and confidentiality. The control of information by the CFL is laughable to a fault. Dunk embarrassed them but then again so did Mitchell from Calgary. But then again it was Huffnagel and his buddy Buono who assessed the fine in this last incident, Mitchell would have had inside knowledge.

The Riders financials were a little off last year thanks to the firings of Taman and Chamblin (rightfully so) who were given big contracts by the previous CEO. They will be back strong once those are off the books and the full houses continue, and they will.

The Riders are a good team and may be just on the cusp of going on a big run. The trolls will always be the pathetic people they are. The real fans will watch them emerge and become a great again long term. We were told it would be a rocky year by the coach. He is trying to find out who can play and who can't. He also never figured he have to deal with a makeshift O-line while three starters on on the IR. There are plenty of reasons why this rebuild is a bit off. They will still be better than last year and can still make the playoffs. It's too bad the trolls don't understand the concept.

Lyle Pederson said...

Edmonton attendance will get that 2000 fans back when games are not on work days. It's hard to travel from Saskatchewan to a weeknight game. lol

Anonymous said...

Look at their bank account dude! That was paying out both Chamblin and Taman and Durant. They used it as a loss instead of paying it over the next 2 years. The President is an accountant and understands tax breaks. The Ridets are chipping in $25 Million to the stadium. Which by the way isn't a loan to the Riders bits a one lump payment.
Even the wealthiest Companies show a loss once in a while. Keeps the tax man at bay.

Anonymous said...

Road warrior fans. Open your eyes and clean your ears out. It's not just their own park. Rider fans support other teams parks like no other fans. Wake up boy!

My Dad always said...

Best way to avoid fines, know the rules, respect the rules. When you screw up or get caught, don't whine, pay up and move forward.

Anonymous said...

I love how rider fans forget the telethon they had in the 90's and other teams had to bail them out.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite surprised Kelly McCrimmon isn't getting blamed lol

Anonymous said...

It sure is Nobel for Baby Bo Bo to play for 320 grand when every other starting QB is making 500 grand ish.

How very upstanding of him to give up 150 000 ish dollars a year...


Riders just need to be like every other team in this league....cheat better.

Anonymous said...

Mark Cohon's favourite team was clearly the Riders. I'm sure there were some complaints about that. Orridge takes over and tries to please Cohon's old detractors by showing no favouritism to the Riders and making them his whipping boys. Happens in business all the time. When new management takes over, the golden children of the previous regime are resented by the new crew and new favourites are picked.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised how quickly other teams fans forget the Riders had to support their teams payroll when they couldnt pay their players back in the 90's.

We paid Toronto to kick our ass as one example.

Mike D.

Victor Isted said...

Yes we had a telethon in the 90's. Stamps had issues in the 80'same and had to run to the city for help.

And this other teams helping them out. Not likely. How about the Argo'so paying Flute a million a year and coming to the Riders for help to keep them afloat.

Anonymous said...

Hear ! Hear ! Finally someone with common sense.

Anonymous said...

The past is past, the future is the Riders vs. Hamilton on Saturday at 5 pm.

Time to put to bed the incessant and boring "talk" about the "fines". Good grief, please stop!

I look forward to watching the game despite the poor record of the Riders for one key reason - Durant is the QB and it is interesting to see how or if he can lead this young team to a second victory. The other not key reason is to see how John Chick is performing in the present. We may hear Rod Pederson bark "Down Goes Durant" nine times instead of the past bellows of "Down Goes Collaros", who knows.

Mark Shenderevich said...

Why don't the "CRYders" just start your own league and play Saskatoon every week and then at least a team from Saskatchewan can win every week