Realty One

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


An independent arbitrator on Monday upheld the one game suspension imposed by Canadian Football League Commissioner Jeffrey L. Orridge on Montreal Alouettes receiver Duron Carter.

The suspension is effective immediately, making Carter ineligible to play in Montreal's game on Thursday versus the Ottawa REDBLACKS.
On July 4, 2016, the league imposed the suspension arising out of play #98 and an ensuing incident in the bench area of the Ottawa REDBLACKS during Game #14, which was played on June 30, 2016.
Carter and the Canadian Football League Players Association exercised their right to appeal to an arbitrator in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement between the Canadian Football League and the CFLPA. 

Also under the collective bargaining agreement, Carter was allowed to play pending the arbitrator's decision.


Cory. huber said...

What a joke


Anonymous said...

What about Campbell who instigated? Orridge a clown.

Anonymous said...

Wait............. is the next breaking story gonna be that he was traded to the Riders?

Cause aren't they the only team allowed to be suspended??

Sorry, I'm not familiar with CFL regulations but I've been following this season for the first time and it seemed like that was the rule....


Anonymous said...

Off topic but I see where Hamilton signed receiver John Chiles after Jones cut him.

Last week there was 2 guys playing for the Eskimos that had been to Rider camp.

Seems like they are good enough to play on a 5-4 team but don't have enough talent to make a 1-8 team.

They'll be laughing while they cash their playoff cheque.

What's going on?