Realty One

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Montreal receiver Duron Carter will be allowed to play when the Alouettes visit the Ottawa Redblacks on Friday night.

Carter had a hearing on Wednesday into his appeal of a one-game suspension for his behaviour in a June 30 game against the Redblacks, but the arbitrator elected to put off announcing the decision.

"The arbitrator has heard the Duron Carter case and is reserving his decision to be released at a later date,'' the league said on Twitter. "Until that time, Duron Carter will be eligible to play.''

Carter was suspended following his ejection from the game, in which he bowled over Ottawa coach Rick Campbell while celebrating a third-quarter touchdown. He was also fined by his team and the league.

Carter had made a spectacular grab in the end zone while being nailed with a hit to the head by a defensive back. He walked back to his team's bench close to Ottawa's area and bumped into Campbell, who fell over, then walked through the Redblacks players, receiving shoves and at least one punch along the way.

Ottawa's Jerrell Gavins was also ejected.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Carter should have bowled over all the REDBLACKS team on the sidelines while he was at it. Also, Campbell had no damn business on the field of play and deserved what Carter gave him. Case closed, no future penalty disapline needed. Duron Carter good for the CFLeague.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break. That was nothing but a belligerent SOB being a dink. He should be out forever. These players unions (Both CFL and NHL) only protect the idiots.


Anonymous said...

As much as I love the CFL. On top of all of the other shenanigans that have gone on with the fines etc. this season. You can add this to the list of reasons why the CFL is considered a "Mickey Mouse" league. How can it seriously take 6 weeks to have a disciplinary/meeting with an arbitrator? Now the arbitrator reserves his decision to a later date. Which means at least another week or 2 for Carter to serve his suspension.

What a joke.

C in the 780

Anonymous said...

If the indicisive Canadian Football League is handing out fines for breaking the rules, Campbell should be included. That issue still dragging on without finality decision.

Anonymous said...

Heres what I think, if players and coaches aren't supposed to be on the field of play at certain times, then enforce it at all times to all teams then.

Buono comes to mind immediately. Seems they only enforce the rule(s) in the league when an infraction occurs and people complain about it. Suddenly everyone is up in arms over it.

Then start being proactive.

Mike D.

Anonymous said...

Personally I can't stand this whole scenario. Carter is a head case and should just let his play do the talking. There's no way the NFL would want a goof like this parading around the sidelines. His head and his mouth are his worst enemy.
Then there's Campbell. If he would have just stayed behind the line like he is suppose to. Then none of this would have happened. I might even give him a bit of space on the field of play until he stuck his chest out at the last second like a Rooster in a hen house. Followed by his imbelished roll back after intentionally meeting Carter chest to chest.
The whole thing looked like the old WWF with Campbell portraying Jerry the King Lawler and Carter playing Zues the tall lazy eyed crazy dude. It was as corny as it gets.
Carter should be fined and suspended a game or 2 and Campbell should be fined as he was. Just make it go away. The sooner the better as it looks so cheesy for the league!
Note to Mintreal... Get Carter under Control or suspend him yourselves. You can see the guy is one spark away from his wick igniting a whole lot worse.